Quiz: Should You Start Over?

Life changes come in seasons. We all go through transitions.

For many, it’s the big milestones in life that trigger change: getting married or divorced, moving to a new city, becoming engaged to a partner, buying a house, starting a family, or leaving an empty nest. It can be the loss of a loved one or a friend. It can be a global crisis (like the pandemic) or a traumatic experience.

For some, change comes from other significant changes we all experience, such as maturation in our emotional health or the end of a relationship. It could be aging, retirement, or just who you want to spend your time with. It could be a new career, relocating from a state or country, or some other life-changing event that makes a big difference.

Change is inevitable. It often causes us to review our values ​​or reevaluate our priorities. And sometimes that leads us to this question: What should I do with my life? Should I start over in life? Where do I go from here?

How many times in your life has this happened to you…start again?

For this reason we have decided to offer you the following test! Start again!.

To carry out this test, we ask you to observe the image we have proposed for a few moments. Your attention will surely be drawn to one of its components: try to record which element caught your eye above all others, and we will tell you whether it is better to give up everything and give yourself a fresh start.

Quiz: Should You Start Over?

If you have seen…


It is an element that certainly speaks to us of tiredness, but also of goals and achievements. We could say that you might need a fresh start, but before you get there you have a long way to go. You begin to understand that your life doesn’t have to be just one path and each of those steps represents something that you have to conquer and let go of in order not to stand still in one place. This is not an easy path; You have to decide step by step to get started, you have to make difficult decisions and there is certainly a lot to do. So at the end of this effort another will begin: and I think with excitement what a beautiful new beginning awaits me!

The woman

The woman is a very powerful symbol that speaks to us of strength and individuality. You are certainly a very independent person who has no problem telling others what you want and how you want to achieve it. You still don’t need a fresh start for one simple reason: you are strong, very strong, and that is why you have built or are building the life you desire. It doesn’t matter how slow or how fast you drive! Your only problem is the people you surround yourself with.


You saw the microphone: we really have to congratulate you. It’s really not easy just seeing the microphone as the first picture! It is certainly an element that speaks of the desire for knowledge, of knowledge, and embodies wisdom and history. You are a person who has a decidedly controversial relationship with yourself and with your environment. We would say you need a fresh start! We don’t mean that you are in conflict with everything and everyone, just that you are a person who tends to need space around you, who wants to reflect on your past and build a better future. You have all the tools to do it: come on!

what did you see first

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⚠️ warning: ⚠️ The test is for recreational purposes only and has no scientific basis and cannot replace a psychological analysis of the subject. These evaluations, even if they were created according to statistical criteria, have a curious and entertaining character.

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