Review of Hyper Front Lite, the Latest 5v5 FPS Game Similar to Valorant!

Hyper Front Lite Review

NetEase has officially released the Lite version of the Hyper Front game which is lighter and compatible for low specification smartphones. You can download this 5v5 FPS mobile game which is similar to Valorant on Google Play.

The difference between Hyper Front Lite and the regular version is only in the use of less RAM and storage. While for gameplay and components in the game there are no significant changes.

Well, for those of you who are still unsure about this game, please refer to the following Hyper Front Lite review. Admin will explain what it’s like gameplay and various features in it.

About Game Hyper Front Lite

Hyper Front Lite is a 5v5 FPS game with gameplay and a very similar look to Valorant. Previously this game was already present on PC and on June 27, 2022 it was officially released for mobile devices.

Hyper Front is developed by NTES Games (still under NetEase). This mobile game developer has given birth to many popular games, such as Rules of Survival, Life After, to Cyber ​​Hunter.

Overall, the Hyper Front game is quite good and fun to play. But the identical resemblance to Valorant might bother some people.

But whatever it is, what is clear is that Hyper Front Lite can be an alternative for gamers who are bored with monotonous battle royale or FPS games. Moreover, Valorant is not yet available for mobile devices.

The cellphone specifications for playing Hyper Front Lite are quite low, namely Android 5.0 Lollipop. But, for a more exciting playing experience, use a cellphone with 4GB of RAM and large storage space.

Hyper Front Lite Gameplay

In-game visuals

Hyper Front Lite looks pretty good and promising at first glance. If you’ve ever played Valorant, you’ll immediately notice that Hyper Front is a clone of the very popular Riot game.

Nevertheless, gameplayIt’s quite challenging and gives a fun experience with various obstacles. The map is very well designed although it needs a bit of polish to make it perfect.

Hyper Front has several modes, namely Classic, Arms Race, Deathmatch, and SND Mode. In addition, there is also a Ranked Mode that allows players to increase their rank in the game.

However, there are some things that the admin thinks are lacking. Weapons in Hyper Front Lite are less kicking in terms of damage. Especially Snipers who don’t do damage “one shot kill”.

In addition, there may be players who experience errors or delays when playing. This is fair because the game is still new and NTES is preparing a better server.

Hero Characters with Unique Abilities

Choice of weapons in the game Hyper Front Lite

Like Valorant, in Hyper Front Lite we can choose a hero character to use in battle. Each character has a cool look with two special skills and one ultimate skill.

The hero’s skills seem to be inspired (or copied) from Valorant. Especially the special arrows that can display enemy locations, healing, walls, and more.

In addition, the Hyper Front game also has a colorful and futuristic graphic display. It actually looks good, although it’s very similar to Valorant.

As for weapons in Hyper Front Lite, players can buy them in the battle arena. There are Pistols, Snipers, SMGs, LMGs, and Assault Rifles.

Speaking of weapon skins, some of the skins actually look pretty cool and even have animations. You can buy it with the currency you get in the battle arena.

Pretty Detailed Maps and Graphics with Smooth Control

Graphically this game looks beautiful. Players can adjust the visual settings to make the game better. As previously explained, Hyper Front’s visual style is heavily inspired by Valorant.

The map is quite detailed. However, the audio balance when the enemy moves is sometimes not audible. It is difficult for us to know where the shootout is, near or very far.

As for the control, according to the admin, it’s quite good and doesn’t pile up too much. You can adjust the location of each button in the Settings menu.


Even though it’s very clearly imitating other games, Hyper Front is still worth playing. Some considerations, gameplay so solid, visuals are good, and the graphics in the battle arena are very smooth and clean.

Thus the Hyper Front Lite review that might be a consideration before deciding to download. The size of this game is only 750MB, not too heavy to play on Android devices with 2GB RAM.

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