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Rise of Eros . Review – Recently, the Rise of Eros game has become a topic of discussion on many social media, including Youtube. Reportedly, this game is quite fun and has an interesting synopsis. Moreover, we will be spoiled with high-level graphics.

But the problem is, the Rise of Eros game is not available on Playstore because it displays adult scenes. So if you want to play this game, you must be 18+ or at least 21 years old.

In addition, the size of Rise of Eros is also quite large, only compatible with high specification devices. In full, enjoy the presentation about gameplay, features, and reviews and the following Rise of Eros download link.

What is Game Rise of Eros?

Rise of Eros is a Turn-based RPG game developed by The Shadow Studio. If you’re looking for info about this game, you probably already know that Rise of Eros presents images of adult-themed characters.

Overall, Rise of Eros doesn’t just focus on the ehem-ehem scenes. Players must have a strong character and strategy to defeat the enemy.

Based on the synopsis, the main character in Rise of Eros is Inase, where he tries to bring his lover, Hunter, from the dead to life.

But unfortunately, after trying hard, he accidentally awakens the God of Lust Eros with a stature that closely resembles his lover.

As a result of this incident, Inase had to become Eros’s concubine until her powers as a god returned. But in return, Eros would resurrect the Hunter.

This storyline will later become the Rise of Eros gameplay. If you don’t know, concubine means a relationship between a man and a woman outside of marriage. In another sense, the woman must obey all the wishes of the man.

Features and Gameplay of Rise of Eros

Although it is better known as an adult game, Rise of Eros is quite worth playing for lovers of turn-based games. Because there are lots of fun obstacles with strong enemies.

When you just start playing, you have to improve your character’s skills to become the strongest. Because later you just use the Auto button to attack the enemy.

But what is no less important is strategy. All games with turn-based themes definitely emphasize players to develop the best strategy so as not to lose the battle.

So, why is Rise of Eros labeled as an “unlawful” game, especially for small children? Yes because this game features very vulgar nudity. Even in character selection, they don’t wear a single piece of clothing.

Later when you have passed certain levels, the character you use can perform intimate scenes through the Boudoir feature. The point is that the Rise of Eros game is quite balanced in terms of turn-based and wadidaw scenes.

Here are some of the features that can be enjoyed in the game:

Characters – Choose the character you want to use, upgrade your gear and abilities to face huge obstacles.

Skills – Take advantage of skill features to dominate the battlefield by combining the best combo effects. Don’t forget, choose skills according to the function and purpose of the character.

Relics – A feature to unleash the power of ancient Gods by excavating thousands of years old artifacts.

Gear – You can collect various items to increase your abilities and comfort while playing.

Boudoir – This is a feature that allows you to open hidden doors. It contains a lot of passionate scenes. Remember, small children are not allowed in!

Rise of Eros Minimum Specifications on Android & iOS

To be able to play Rise of Eros smoothly, you must use a cellphone with high specifications. Because like the initial review, the high graphics make the size of this game quite heavy. So it’s impossible to play on a potato cellphone.

Well, here are the system requirements for Rise of Eros on Android and iOS:

Rise of Eros Android Rise of Eros iOS
Android 9 iOS 11
Free Storage 3GB 3GB
Snapdragon 730 Chipset, Exynos 8895 Apple Bionic A10 Chipset

For the recommended brand or type of cellphone, the admin tried to play on the Infinix HOT 10S and the results were pretty smooth. But, to enjoy the best graphics, you have to be on an iPhone 7, POCO X3 Pro or an Android gaming phone that is flat right.

In addition to the recommendations above, the quality of the graphics is definitely decreasing. Besides that, the gameplay is less than optimal and experiences lag/breaks when carrying out missions.

Link and How to Download Rise of Eros

At the beginning, the admin explained that this game is specifically for 18 years and over. Because even though it’s a turn-based RPG genre, in the game there are features that feature wadidaw scenes.

Therefore, Rise of Eros is not available on Google Play or App Store. To download this game can only be done through the official website.

Well, if you are 18 and over and are interested in experiencing the gameplay and appearance in the game, here’s the link and how to download Rise of Eros.

  • First, open the Rise of Eros official website at the URL: https://www.riseoferos.com/
  • Then scroll down until you find the “Download” button.
  • It’s better to download this game in the room, lots of wadidaw pictures
  • After that click “Download”
  • Then follow the guide until the download process is complete

Until this stage, the way to download Rise of Eros has been completed. Then you just create an account and enter the game. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose a character before starting to play.


Graphically, Rise of Eros is very beautiful. Players will be spoiled with various interesting scenes and effects resulting from battles with enemies. But the gameplay is no less exciting, especially for those who like idle turn-based strategy games.

That’s a complete explanation of the Rise of Eros review starting from the synopsis, gameplay, and features in the game. If you are interested in playing it, you can directly click the download link or open the official Rise of Eros website. Good luck!

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