Share the ID of the house in Sakura School Simulator (In the room there is a baby’s room)


Assalamualaikum warahmatulallahi wabarakatuh

Hello friends, meet again with nthreefamily, this time nthreefamily will share this again which according to the title, share the house id in the room there is a baby room, isn’t it cool, friends?????

For those who are using a laptop or PC so they don’t miss their ID numbers, prepare the notes, friends, and don’t forget those who use cellphones, don’t forget to screenshot the ID, friends,

okay, let’s just go to the building, friends, this is the building

the first building is a two-story luxury wooden house here in the house there is a baby’s room, my curious friends and their ID number 36162418875344

we have the second awakening, friends. The minimalist house here has a shop, friends and there is also a baby room for those who like their house, along with the ID number 33162658711723

Next, we will wake up the third Modern aesthetic house, friends, which is located near the swimming pool, friends, for the ID as follows, don’t forget to save it, friends 26162476598322

The fourth building, a minimalist house for families, is located near a restaurant, my friends, here the living room is black and white, friends, and don’t forget that what makes it interesting is the room or baby’s room, friends.

OK, here’s the ID, friends, 82162582671330, the fifth building, for friends, this is a unique building, friends, and here there is also a baby room, friends, for the name of the building, Baby Fotoshop, you know or not, friends, so here
those who want to take pictures with babies in the sakura school simulator game, friends, you can come here, this is the perfect place for photos of their babies, friends, who like to wake up and their ID number 85162777268815,

okay, let’s continue with the sixth awakening, here we go to the building that also has a baby room, there are lots of friends, friends, once again nthreefamily just reminding friends, don’t forget to save it, friends,

which building are we going to, friends?????

Yes, that’s right, my friends, we went to the seventh building, this building also has a baby room, friends, modern luxury homes, okay, let’s go straight, friends, the ID number is 90162536982234

okay, let’s go to the eighth building, this time the building, the building for momo, my friends are curious????, okay, let’s just type the ID, the following is the ID number, my friends 10162764577422,

our last awakening, friends, the house is two floors and minimalist and here is the baby’s room, friends, okay, let’s just type in the ID, here is the ID number, friends, 11162779287639

So, those of you who were able to nthreefamily convey to your friends some of the house IDs in the sakura school simulator game, which house has a baby’s room, how do you like it or not?????

leave a comment in the column below, friends, if you like it and don’t forget to click on the follower and don’t forget to share it with your friends, right?????

I hope it’s useful for friends and don’t forget to activate the network first, before opening the Sakura school simulator, friends, don’t forget to activate the wifi, for friends who use the package, don’t forget to activate the package.

see you next time and don’t forget to follow this blog, friends, so you don’t miss the news once again, thank you friends, pha phay

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

“Sharing is beautiful”
“The most beautiful thing in life is when we can share and do good”

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