Shopee Cannot Checkout or Failed to Order, This is the Cause!

Shopee Can't Checkout

Shopee Can’t Checkout – Have you ever made an order on Shopee but failed for some reason? Usually, this problem is caused by an incorrect payment method or a problem with your account.

As we know, Shopee is one of the best e-commerce sites alongside Tokopedia. Every day there are hundreds or even thousands of orders from users spread throughout Indonesia.

Even though the service and system are good, it is not uncommon for users to fail to place an order. Well, for that, this time Normanardik will explain some of the causes and how to deal with failed Shopee checkouts. Listen, yes!

Cause Shopee Can’t Checkout

Shopping online seems to be commonplace in the digital era. No matter the distance and price, the items we want are just added to the cart, then checkout and pay using digital payment methods, such as e-wallet or Virtual Account.

Although it looks easy, not infrequently there are problems that are quite annoying. Shopee failing to checkout or not being able to place an order is a problem that most users have experienced.

Before explaining the solution for how to deal with Shopee unable to checkout, Normanardik will first discuss some of the causes so that this problem can be solved easily.

1. Wrong Payment Method

At Shopee we can pay with several methods, there are via Shopeepay, bank transfer, or Paylater. If you want to pay using Shopeepay, make sure the balance is sufficient according to the nominal stated in the Checkout menu.

If the balance is low and there are no other method options, for example, if you haven’t activated Paylater, the order will fail or you can’t checkout.

Solution: choose the correct payment method, or top up Shopeepay balance

2. Excess Weight

The reason Shopee can’t checkout can also be because the weight of the ordered item exceeds the limit of the expedition. For example, you buy a 50 kg barbell or gaming chair, but the delivery service uses Gojek or Regular.

If this is the case, the system will immediately reject the order. So, what’s the solution? For ordering heavy goods or large dimensions, you must use Kargo, either from JNE or the options available in the application.

Solution: Adjust the shipping service according to the weight of the goods, if it exceeds the limit use Kargo

3. Incomplete Account Data

Some users also get a “complete mobile number” notification when they want to make an order. This problem is also one of the causes of not being able to checkout Shopee, especially for new users.

So if you find a notification like this, the first step is to complete the account data. Not only the cellphone number, but also the recipient’s address to make it easier for shipping services to deliver orders.

Solution: complete account information, especially mobile number and shipping address

4. Invalid Voucher (D07)

Furthermore, the cause of Shopee failing to checkout is the use of the wrong voucher. This is indicated by failing D07 after clicking the “Create Order” button.

For this reason, make sure the voucher/promo code used is still available and meets the criteria. Do not use expired or previously used vouchers for previous orders.

Solution: use a valid voucher/promo code

5. Problem With Delivery Address

Although Shopee’s coverage covers the entire territory of Indonesia, there are still areas that are not covered by the delivery service. Therefore, when checkout, a notification appears stating that the delivery address is out of reach.

To overcome Shopee’s inability to checkout in this case, the best solution is to choose another expedition service with a wider coverage area.

6. Different Products for One Delivery Service

Shopee checkout failed, possibly because you bought a different product for one delivery service. The reason is, it is possible that Anteraja, Shopee Express, or other expeditions are not available for all shops/products.

So so that checkout does not fail, you should choose the same product and delivery service. For example, buying clothes using SiCepat expeditions, buying pants at different stores must also use SiCepat.

7. Exceeded Checkout Limit

Can’t make Shopee orders also because the number of products exceeds the limit. Users can only order a maximum of 50 types of products at a time. Products in large quantities should be separated into multiple checkouts.

Although the ease of transactions is in sight, you should not overdo it. The consumptive nature must be restrained, moreover, it is said that in 2023 there will be a recession or the world will enter a dark year.

8. Account Restrictions (F01)

Lastly, being unable to place a Shopee order could be due to an account problem marked by the appearance of a F01 failed notification. If it is like this, orders, payments, or other activities cannot be carried out.

Shopee account restrictions are usually caused because the user violates the terms and conditions of the application. To fix this, you can file an appeal and the account can be recovered and proven innocent.

In addition to the 8 reasons above, the reason why Shopee can’t checkout is also related to network problems. All online applications can only work if you have a good internet connection.

Therefore, before making a Shopee order, make sure your cellphone uses the best provider whose network is always smooth. If you feel there are problems, before checkout, wait until the internet is normal.


The presence of e-commerce is certainly very positive and provides convenience for the community. With a cellphone, we don’t need to bother leaving the house to buy something. In addition, there are also business actors who are assisted in marketing products.

Through the review on how to deal with Shopee unable to checkout above, you don’t have to worry anymore if there are problems in the ordering process. The most important thing is to make sure the payment method is right so you can set it up!

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