Terms and How to Open a BSI Syariah Account Online, Practical and Fast!

Terms and How to Open a BSI Syariah Online Account

BSI Syariah provides digital services that are able to facilitate the activities of its customers. One of them is to open an account online. How to open a BSI Syariah account using the application is very easy and fast.

With this service, prospective BSI Syariah bank customers do not need to go to the bank to create an account.

In addition to opening an account online, BSI Syariah bank customers have other advantages such as cardless cash withdrawals at ATMs. To get all these services, see the terms and how to open a BSI Syariah account below.

Terms of Opening a BSI Syariah Bank Account

The requirements for opening an account at a BSI Syariah bank are not complicated. Just prepare some documents and also a smartphone that will be used to register a bank account online. What are the conditions? Consider the following points:

  • Have an ID card
  • Have a TIN (optional)
  • Setting up a signature photo
  • Paying initial deposit IDR 100,000
  • Have internet quota to do the registration process
  • Smartphone to register can be used to make video calls

How to Open a BSI Syariah Account Online

With the online service from the BSI Syariah bank, now creating a bank account can be done anywhere. Prospective customers only need to use their smartphone.

After successful registration, users can immediately have a bank account without needing to confirm again at the bank office. To open a BSI Syariah bank account online, here are the steps:

1. Download the BSI Mobile App

To open a BSI Syariah bank account online, prospective customers only need to download the BSI Mobile application via their respective devices, both Android and iPhone.

After that install the application to start using it. The BSI Mobile application can be used by customers for free.

2. Open an Account and Select a Savings Type

Then, prospective customers will be directed to choose the type of savings to be used. There are Mudharabah savings and Wadi’ah savings.

For prospective customers who are not familiar with the term, there is no need to worry. Because each option has explained the meaning and differences so that prospective customers can choose according to their needs.

The advantage of this type of savings is that it is free of usury, where usury itself is haram and must be avoided by Muslims.

3. Upload Document

If the prospective customer has chosen the desired type of savings, the next step is to upload the required documents.

How to open a BSI Syariah online account is very easy, prospective customers only need to upload documents online. First, upload a photo of the ID card, then the prospective customer uploads a selfie photo with the ID card.

Then also upload the TIN (if any) and a photo of the signature. After that, fill in the customer’s personal data according to the data listed on the ID card. If everything is complete then do the verification.

4. Verify

The next step is to verify with Customer Service from the BSI Syariah bank. This verification will be done online by means of a video call.

So make sure that the prospective customer still has enough internet quota to make video calls. CS will verify and wait for the account to be approved.

If the account opening is approved, the customer will get a BSI Syariah bank account number. This account can later be used for initial deposit transfers.

5. Initial Deposit Transfer

To complete the process of creating an account, a prospective customer must prepare an initial deposit. The initial deposit is a minimum of Rp. 100,000 and can be transferred using another account to the newly created BSI account.

After the initial deposit comes in, the customer will get an activation number to make transactions using the account.

That was how to open a BSI Syariah account online through the BSI Mobile application. Very easy and fast right? Making this kind of account is certainly more efficient, especially for those who don’t have much time to queue at the bank.

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