The Longest Parkour ID in the Newest Sakura School Simulator 2022


In addition to completing missions, in the Sakura School Simulator game we can also visit unique and interesting places. One of the newest is the longest Parkour obstacle course with an aesthetic and colorful look.

Different from real world Parkour, of course Parkour at Sakura School is made simpler, but it doesn’t reduce the fun. Moreover, there are many difficult obstacles that are quite challenging and increase your adrenaline.

Well, for those of you who want to know what is the longest Parkour ID in Sakura School Simulator, the admin will give you some of the best IDs that can be saved. Make sure to read the article to the end, OK!

What is Parkour in Sakura School Simulator?

If you want something different, the Parkour obstacle course in Sakura School Simulator can be the solution. The reason is, besides being unique, this obstacle is also difficult and not all Sakubers can pass it.

The Parkour ID that the admin will give later can certainly add variety and reduce boredom when playing the best simulation game, Sakura School Simulator.

Parkour in Sakura School Simulator is a building created by the creators with the intention that other players can enjoy the same amount of fun. However, because the obstacles were quite difficult, not a few Sakubers were annoyed.

But calm down, in addition to passing obstacles by running, you can also use motorbikes, bicycles, or cars. But still, many are in the midst of obstacles, so they have to start over from the beginning.

Actually there are a lot of Parkour IDs in Sakura School Simulator, but the admin only chooses a few that have extreme obstacles and are difficult to conquer.

ID Parkour in Sakura School Simulator

If you can’t wait to try the Parkour arena at Sakura School, below are some of the longest and most difficult obstacles to overcome. Just copy and copy to ID Props!

  • Rainbow Color Parkour by Khanza Arrifda 9916 2407 8075 15
  • Parkour Pastel by Aan Farhan 9616 2401 5231 21
  • Tower of Hell Roblox by Talitha Sadira 7416 1832 1331 48
  • Parkour Aesthetic Lilac White by Ms Celeb 2316 3495 5151 36 (must wear Lilac & White clothes)

There are at least 3 Parkour IDs in Sakura School Simulator which I see as having the most attractive building forms and the longest light weight. So, please try all three to make it more challenging, yes!

Eits, don’t know how to enter Parkour ID in Sakura School Simulator? It’s easy, you just click “Menu”, then select “Props”, after that click “Search ID by Props”.

If so, enter the ID that the admin gave above, then click OK. Then click “Download”, and finally follow the direction of the arrow shown on the screen.

Well, that’s the longest collection of Parkour IDs in Sakura School Simulator that can be saved. Hopefully this article can be useful for those of you who want to add to the fun of playing. Good luck, yes!

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