This is the name of the Viral Crying Filter on TikTok 2022 [Real 100%]


TikTok Cry Filter – Lately, TikTok residents have been shocked by content that invites laughter. That is a filter that can make your face sad or even look like you are crying.

I myself saw a lot of content entering TikTok’s FYP this afternoon and mostly used filters that made a sad face. But strangely no filter button appears above the username.

Because as we know, when people create TikTok content using filters, above the username, the name of the filter used must appear.

After searching, it turns out that the filter is not from TikTok. Finally I saw on Instagram, what appeared instead was a red-eye crying filter.

What is the TikTok Cry Filter?

The crying filter is currently in the spotlight everywhere, especially on TikTok. Every time I refresh FYP, there will always be a VT with a crying filter. I myself was bored to see it, but it’s strangely funny.

If you often open TikTok, you will understand how this filter looks. Even Mbak Ashanty also uses a crying filter for Mas Anang. Which looks funny and of course it’s FYP.

Well, if you can’t wait to try this filter to prank your friends or family, it’s good to see the following explanation.

Crying Filter Names on TikTok

The name of the crying filter that went viral on TikTok is “Crying”. But, you won’t find it on TikTok or Instagram.

Because, the filter is only available in Snapchat. So if you want to use it, please download Snapchat first, create an account, and look for a filter with the name “Crying”.

On IG itself, there are indeed many filters with the name “Crying”. But not like what we saw on TikTok FYP. On IG, it only shows crying filters with red eyes, black eyes, and only tears.

UPDATE: Now on TikTok there is a viral crying filter available. To use it, you just click the + menu to make a video, then select “Effect”.

In the search field type “Crying”. Now, just use the filter so that your VT can FYP.

How to Get a Viral Crying Filter on TikTok

So it’s clear, huh? The name of the viral crying filter on TikTok is Crying which you can only find on Snapchat. Not on TikTok or Instagram.

Meanwhile, how to get the crying filter is very easy. Please follow the steps below:

  • First download Snapchat, then create an account
  • If so, please click the Filter logo (smile emoji)
  • Then click the “Browse” menu
  • In the search field type “Crying”
  • After that click the filter
  • Then record people or yourself
  • Finally save the video to the phone gallery

Once the video is saved, you can share it on other social media. Because this viral crying filter is still relatively new, it is guaranteed that the videos you publish will go straight to FYP or go viral on Instagram Reels.

So, that’s the full review of the crying filter name that went viral on TikTok. Please take advantage of this moment if you always want to enter FYP. If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends, OK!

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