How Long Do People Live

How Long Do People Live – Why do the Japanese live so long? Can we learn something from them? How long do people live in Japan? What is the average life expectancy in Japan?

Japanese women live 87.3 years, second only to Hong Kong in the world, while Japanese men have the third longest life expectancy internationally, ahead of the US and the UK.

How Long Do People Live

How Long Do People Live

In this article, we look at some of the reasons why Japan has a much higher life expectancy than many other countries.

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A 2016 study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that Japanese adults who followed government dietary advice had a 15% lower death rate than those who did not. The diet itself contains certain carbohydrates (such as rice and vegetables), fruit, fish and meat, as well as low-fat, processed foods.

How Long Do People Live

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How Long Do People Live

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Performed by actress Irene Kara, includes the line “I will live forever”. Of course, Cara was singing about the long life after death that fame can provide. But the true reflection of this arrogance is felt in other corners of the world, especially in the technology sector. In Silicon Valley, immortality is sometimes elevated to the level of a carnal goal. Many of the big names in big tech have funded businesses to tackle the same dying problem of upgrading your smartphone operating system.

How Long Do People Live

But what if death can’t be cheated and longevity always has a roof no matter what we do? Researchers are now debating how long we can live unless we die of cancer, heart disease, or being hit by a bus by a combination of frostbite and genetics. They report that when we give up the things that normally kill us, our body’s ability to restore balance to its structural and metabolic processes after disruption continues over time. And even if we live less stressful lives, this trend sets the average human lifespan at 120 to 150 years. Ultimately, unless obvious risks take over our lives, this fundamental loss of resilience will occur, the researchers concluded in findings published in May 2021.

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“They asked a question. “What would be the longest possible lifespan of a complex human system, if everything else went well, in a stress-free environment,” said Heather Whitson, director of the center at Duke University. Study of Aging and Human Development Who Was Not Involved in Labor. The team’s findings point to a “speed of aging” that defines the limit of life, he said.

How Long Do People Live

In this study, Timothy Pirkow, a researcher at a Singapore-based company called Gero, and his colleagues examined this “speed of aging” in three large cohorts in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United States. and in Russia. To assess deviations from stable health, they assessed changes in blood cell count and daily step count and analyzed them by age group.

The pattern of both blood cells and blood count was the same; with age, something other than disease causes a predictable decline and gradual increase in the body’s ability to regenerate blood cells or to return to a stable level after a disorder. When Pirkov and his colleagues in Moscow and Buffalo, New York, used this estimated rate of decline to determine when fitness would end leading to death, they found 120 to 150 years. (In 1997, Jeanne Calmain, the oldest person ever to live, died in France at the age of 122.)

How Long Do People Live

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Researchers have found that with age, the body’s response to insults can increase compared to a more stable routine, requiring more time to recover. Whitson says this effect makes sense. a healthy young person can mount a rapid immune response to adapt to fluctuations and restore human normality. But in an older person, he says, “everything slows down a little bit, reacts a little bit slowly, and you can have a lot of seizures,” as when the disease causes a big change in blood pressure.

Measurements such as blood pressure and blood cell count have a known healthy range, however, Whitson notes, while numerical values ​​are subjective. The fact that Pirkov and his colleagues chose very different variables for the blood count and yet found similar declines over time may be indicative of true rates of aging in different areas.

How Long Do People Live

Pyotr Fedichev, a physicist trained and founded by Gero, says that while most biologists consider blood cell and step counts to be “very different,” the fact that both sources “paint the exact same future” is suggestive. if this aging rate is true.

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The authors cite social factors characterizing the results. Pirkov says: “Over the course of about 35-40 years, we saw a sharp swing, which really surprised us. For example, he says, this period is often when athletic performance ends, “which suggests that there’s something in the physiology that changes at this age.”

How Long Do People Live

The desire to discover the secrets of immortality has probably been around for as long as humans have known about death. But a long life is not the same as a long life, says S. Jay Olshansky, a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who was not involved in the work. “The goal should not be to live long, but to live long and healthy,” he said.

“Death is not the only thing that matters,” Whitson said. “Some things like quality of life become more important as people lose them.” The death in this study, he says, is “permanent death.” And the question is, can we extend life without increasing the time people live in a vulnerable state?”

How Long Do People Live

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The researchers’ “final conclusion is interesting to see,” Olshansky said. He describes it like this. “Hey, guess what? Over time, treating diseases will not have the effect you want them to have. These basic biological processes of aging will still continue.”

The idea of ​​slowing the aging process has attracted attention not only from Silicon Valley types who dream of downloading their memories into computers, but also from a group of researchers who see such interventions as a way to “suppress the disease” to reduce disease. and weakness at the end of life to increase the length of health. The question is whether this will have any effect on the upper bounds of said base

How Long Do People Live

The paper is often very predictable. But other studies are underway, such as testing the diabetes drug metformin to reduce the symptoms of aging.

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Likewise, Fedichev and his team did not give up on their estimates of human lifespans. His view is that their research marks the beginning of a long journey. “Measuring something is the first step before intervening,” Fedichev said. The next steps, now that the group is measuring this independent rate of aging, will be to find ways to “prevent the loss of flexibility,” he says.

How Long Do People Live

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“Gder Die Gap”, the gap in the lives of women worldwide in countries and regions of birth, as defined by the WHO in 2019. Launch the original svg file and hover over the bubble to display its data. The square of the balloons is equal to the population of the country based on UN estimates.

How Long Do People Live

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Life expectancy is a statistical measure of life expectancy. It is sometimes used to refer to inanimate objects, ie buildings, but is used more generally

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