How Long Do You Live With Ms

How Long Do You Live With Ms – Sclerosis causes the protective covering around your nerves to break down. Symptoms can affect many areas of the body, causing problems with thinking, seeing, feeling, moving, and more.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological and inflammatory autoimmune disease that causes problems throughout the body. It is caused by a breakdown of the protective sheath (myelin sheath) that surrounds the nerves. This makes it difficult for the brain to communicate with the rest of the body.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

How Long Do You Live With Ms

The exact cause of MS is still unknown, but doctors understand the long-term effects and symptoms of MS. Read on to learn more about the effects of MS on your body.

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Early symptoms of multiple sclerosis usually appear in adults between the ages of 20 and 40. Women are also diagnosed with MS at least twice as often as men. MS is considered an autoimmune disease and a progressive neurodegenerative condition. However, the exact cause is unknown and there is currently no cure, only treatment to manage the symptoms.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

What we do know is that it affects the nervous system and gradually affects the whole body. Over time, the body’s immune cells attack healthy nerve cells, influencing the body’s internal mechanisms to respond in a healthy way.

Most of the problems described above are primary symptoms associated with MS. That is, they directly cause nerve damage by attacking the myelin sheath. Some of the primary symptoms can be directly treated in an effort to reduce nerve damage and prevent MS attacks.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

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However, once you feel the injury, secondary symptoms may appear. Secondary MS symptoms are common complications of primary MS symptoms. Examples include UTIs from weakened bladder muscles or loss of muscle tone when walking.

Secondary symptoms can often be treated effectively, but treating the source of the problem can prevent it altogether. As the disease progresses, MS inevitably causes secondary symptoms. Secondary symptoms are often best managed with medication, physical therapy, therapy, and creativity.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

When someone has MS, their immune system gradually attacks the myelin sheath, which is the tissue that surrounds and protects the nervous system, including the spinal cord and brain. When these cells are damaged, nerves are damaged and the brain has trouble sending signals to the rest of the body.

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Separation of the brain and the organs, muscles, tissues and cells served by damaged nerves causes symptoms such as:

How Long Do You Live With Ms

Depression and other psychological changes can be a direct result of MS or an indirect result of difficulty managing the condition.

In rare or severe cases, nerve damage can cause tremors, seizures, and cognitive problems that closely resemble other neurological conditions such as dementia.

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Vision problems are often the first symptom of MS for many people. Double vision, confusion, pain, and problems seeing contrast can start suddenly and affect one or both eyes. In many cases, vision problems are temporary or self-limiting and are likely the result of nerve inflammation or eye muscle fatigue.

Although some people with MS have permanent vision problems, most cases are mild and can be effectively treated with steroids and other short-term treatments.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

In rare cases, people with MS may experience hearing loss or deafness caused by damage to the bones of the brain. These types of hearing problems usually resolve on their own, but in some cases they can be permanent.

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According to the National MS Society (NMSS), up to 40 percent of people with MS have speech problems. These include:

How Long Do You Live With Ms

Such effects often occur during recovery or during periods of fatigue. Other speech problems may include changes in voice tone or quality, nasal congestion, and hoarseness or wheezing.

Speech problems can be caused by breathing difficulties caused by weak or damaged nerves that control the chest muscles. Difficulty controlling the muscles involved in breathing can begin early in the disease and worsen as MS progresses. This is a serious and rare complication of MS that can often be improved by working with a respiratory therapist.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

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Swallowing problems are less common than speech problems, but they can be more severe. They can occur when nerve damage weakens the muscles and prevents the body’s ability to control the muscles involved in swallowing. When proper swallowing is impaired, food or drink can be breathed into the lungs and increase the risk of infections such as pneumonia.

Coughing and wheezing while eating or drinking can be a sign of swallowing problems and should be evaluated immediately. Speech and language therapists can often help with speech and swallowing problems.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

Many people with MS experience effects on their limbs. Damage to the myelin sheath often causes pain, tingling, and numbness in the hands and feet. Problems with hand-eye coordination, muscle weakness, balance, and walking can occur when the brain has trouble sending signals to the nerves and muscles.

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These effects may start slowly and then worsen as nerve damage progresses. Many people with MS initially feel “pins and needles” and have problems with coordination or fine motor skills. Limb control and easy walking can become worse over time. In these cases, canes, wheelchairs, and other assistive technology can help with muscle control and strength.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

People with MS are at higher risk of developing osteoporosis due to standard MS treatment (steroids) and inactivity. Weakened bones can make individuals with MS more prone to fractures and breaks. Although conditions like osteoporosis can be prevented or slowed with physical activity, diet, or supplements, weak bones can make the balance and coordination problems of MS even more dangerous.

A growing body of evidence suggests that vitamin D deficiency may play an important role in the development of MS. Although its exact effects on individuals with MS are not yet well understood, vitamin D is important for bone health and immune system health.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

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MS is considered an immune-mediated disease. This means that the body’s immune system attacks healthy nerve cells, causing nerve damage throughout the body. Activation of the immune system appears to cause the inflammation responsible for many of the symptoms of MS. Some symptoms may appear during the active phase of the immune system and then disappear when the episode or “attack” is over.

Some studies are investigating whether suppressing the immune system with drugs will slow the progression of MS. Other drugs try to target specific immune cells to prevent them from attacking nerves. However, drugs that suppress the immune system can make people more susceptible to infection.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

Certain nutritional deficiencies can affect immune health and worsen MS symptoms. However, most doctors recommend certain foods only when specific nutritional deficiencies are present. One of the common recommendations is vitamin D supplementation – this also helps prevent osteoporosis.

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In some cases, diet and physical therapy or self-care strategies can reduce the impact of these problems on daily life. Other times, medication or more aggressive interventions may be necessary.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

Sometimes the use of a catheter may be necessary. This is because nerve damage affects how much urine people with MS can comfortably hold in their bladder. This can lead to spastic bladder infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs) or kidney infections. These problems can make urination painful and frequent, even at night or when there is little urine in the bladder.

Most people manage bladder and bowel problems effectively and avoid complications. However, if these problems are not treated or treated, serious infections or hygiene problems can develop. Talk to your doctor about any bladder or bowel problems and treatment.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

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MS does not directly affect the reproductive system or fertility. In fact, many women find that pregnancy provides good relief from MS symptoms. However, the NMSS reports that 2-4 out of 10 women will experience a recurrence during the postpartum period.

However, sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction, is common in people with MS. This can be caused by nerve damage or emotional problems associated with MS, such as depression or low self-esteem.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

Fatigue, pain, and other symptoms of MS can make intercourse uncomfortable or unattractive. However, in many cases, sexual problems can be successfully treated with medication, over-the-counter products (such as lubricants), or a more advanced plan.

How To Deal With Ms Naturally

Circulatory problems are rarely caused by MS, although weakened chest muscles can cause shallow breathing and less oxygen supply. However, inactivity due to depression, difficulty using muscles, and preoccupation with treating other problems can prevent people with MS from focusing on their heart disease risk.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

Found that women with MS have a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular complications such as heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. However, physical therapy and regular physical activity can help relieve MS symptoms and reduce cardiovascular risk.

Although there is no cure for multiple sclerosis, various medications, herbal preparations, and dietary supplements can help relieve symptoms. Treatment can also reverse the disease by preventing its progression and overall effects on your body.

How Long Do You Live With Ms

Vision Problems And Ms

MS affects everyone differently. Each person experiences unique symptoms and responds differently to treatment. Therefore, you and your doctor should adjust your treatment plan to address MS symptoms on an individual basis and as the disease progresses or returns. A carefully designed treatment plan can help manage MS better.

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How Long Do You Live With Ms

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