Sai Ram Images With Quotes

Sai Ram Images With Quotes – Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sairam, I want to remain anonymous. Dear Om Sairam, Thank you so much for taking the opportunity to share this experience. I want to thank everyone who works for this blog.

Today I want to share another miracle of Baba. I live in the United States. One day I called my mom and she told me about my best friend. I saw him and I know about him, he has two daughters. Suddenly he told me that his head hurt a lot and he didn’t want to talk anymore. So they went to check but there was nothing wrong with his health at that time. But the next day it was the same. So the family members took him to the hospital.

Sai Ram Images With Quotes

Sai Ram Images With Quotes

I heard that he was almost in a coma. I was so worried about his health and I thought about his family if something happened to him I can’t imagine what his family would be like in this society. And I was sad.

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I prayed to Baba for his health and chanted “Om Sai Rakashaka Sharanam”, I named his name as the group jaap that we do every day for health purpose. So I have his name and explain his situation and all the devotees pray for him on Thursday. I promised Baba that if he succeeds then I will share the experience. See Baba’s miracles. The following Thursday, he was released from the hospital. Thank you so much Baba.

Sai Ram Images With Quotes

Today I found out that he is suffering from cerebral malaria. The doctors said that 99% of us could not talk about his life, otherwise he would go into a coma. But Baba listened to all the prayers of the devotees and he was saved. Thank you Baba, Koti Koti Pranam Tandri. Om Sairam, Baba, save this world from this disease.

Shirdi Sai devotee from USA says: Hello, I am Shirdi Sai devotee living in USA. Hi, This incident happened in July. My father is a laborer working as a supervisor. Most of them got fever in his office and my father also got fever. At first we thought it was just a fever and chills, but our doctor insisted that Dad get tested for RC-PTR. The result came out and he said that my father is infected with corona. My doctor kept saying that they can’t just rely on the RC-PTR test and have to take the orphan test. I am staying in USA and I started praying all night and read Satcharitra to get good results. It’s been 2 days and I’m sure the result will be bad. But it was Baba’s time to test me and the result was good. I was very shocked and saddened by how this turned out as I had put all my trust in Baba. I cried but deep down I knew he would get better and Baba tested our faith. I did not lose hope, I started Parayana and listened to aarti every morning at 5 am and prayed hard. Because my father has diabetes, I was very worried when I heard that his diabetes was getting worse. I found out from my sister that my father didn’t sleep all night, he didn’t sleep that time, that’s why I woke up. I wanted to get confirmation from Baba and opened Shirdi Sai’s answer website and asked him about Baba’s condition. Baba replied that within 4 days the patient started to recover. I had complete faith in Baba and waited patiently. We found out that Dad recovered on the fourth day and started to get better. After the fourth day I opened the Shirdi Sai website and by chance Baba asked me to send tobacco and oil for 3 Thursdays. On the first Thursday I sent a tobacco and oil, I was very surprised when I saw Baba’s picture with tobacco in his mouth on my Facebook wall right after I finished my kut. Within 10 days he had completely recovered and I was overjoyed. After he passed away, I asked Baba to make my father a devotee and protect him. To my surprise, Baba gave my father darshan in his office on the wall with Lord Shiva by his side. Since then my parents used to wake up at 4 am for morning aarti live on Shirdi Sai channels and have become devotees. I ask everyone to believe in him and wait patiently for our prayers to be answered. For Sairam!

Sai Ram Images With Quotes

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Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a Sai Baba devotee from India currently living in USA. Thank you team for maintaining this site that answers so many of our prayers.

I changed my Indian SIM plan to International roaming Plan when I went to US 3 years ago. This SIM works in US but when I come to India the SIM is disabled. Every time I came for 2 or 3 weeks I didn’t really think about it.

Sai Ram Images With Quotes

I recently went to India and my stay is for 2~3 months and I really want my sim card to be active as I have received a financial notification for that number. I went to a nearby store to activate it. He said it will be activated in the next 30 minutes. I waited all day without success. The next day I called customer support several times and spoke to several people to confirm that the SIM card was activated and each time they resolved a minor issue and then activated it. I was very sad about what was happening. Finally I hung up the phone and told Baba to help me fix it.

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After I prayed to Baba, I just tried to reset all possible settings and finally activated my SIM. I tried to do that before but it didn’t work. At this time I remember Baba to solve the problem and that’s when we realized his miracles.

Sai Ram Images With Quotes

Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I had a dream where my best friend from school was sitting next to me. Although they are in contact with each other on the phone, they rarely talk to each other. I told him about Sai Satcharitra in the dream and asked him if he reads it. He said no. Then I said, “You are my good friend, how can you not know Satcharitra? Do you want to read?” Then I don’t remember what else was there, unless the dream stopped. So when I woke up I thought I should call him and tell him. But he didn’t know how he would respond? Didn’t know if he would believe? Didn’t know if he had a spiritual heart as we were friends in school days and almost 20 years since 20 years we didn’t really meet or talk about our own likes or dislikes. or he didn’t see .I tried. Although I didn’t see Baba in my dream, I remembered I still have a sign from Baba to know Sai satcharitra. I also prayed to Baba that if he approves then I will post here. When I called him he immediately agreed and said that he has already posted about the Lord Datta. I also told him about Mahaparayan and he agreed to participate in that too. Baba has different ways to attract his sparrows. Thank you Baba for sending me your tools. to reach him. Jai Sairam!

Indian saint Shirdi Sai says: It was a small miracle that Baba saved me from my husband’s anger. My husband’s old phone isn’t working well so I’m about to force him to buy a new one from Amazon. He didn’t really want to buy online but I said because you don’t want to go from store to store because of the epidemic, buy it here. So he left his new phone with a different SIM card at home and took his old phone to his office without completing the data transfer.

Sai Ram Images With Quotes

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That evening he was unable to unlock his new phone with the provided pattern. He was angry with me because I took his phone but I didn’t touch it. I kept holding the phone and saying “Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam” because my husband was very angry. I tried searching on Google and kept chanting Baba. After some time I connected the phone to the laptop using the software to help unlock the phone. It was amazing because the computer didn’t work

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