Stop The Violence Quotes Images

Stop The Violence Quotes Images – Every day, more than 110 Americans are killed by guns – and more than 200 more are killed or injured.

We’ve collected the best quotes about ending gun violence once and for all. We hope these words help inspire you and others to create the change we need to see.

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

Change can only come with protests, phone calls to our elected officials, voting out disengaged politicians, and a general culture shift of people who are ready to step out of line. .

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Read and share these words, take part in ending gun violence and create a better future for our country.

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

“Don’t let anyone tell you that these bad things happen and then everyone goes back to “normal”. …You don’t have to be ‘everyone’. Stay with the sadness. Stay with the anger. Stay confused about it all. Be open to those who are depressed. Keep up with those who are working for change.”

“We can choose to be optimistic, try and probably fail or not to be optimistic, give up and surely fail.”

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

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“It is only with gun violence that we respond to tragedies by saying that mourning is accepted, but there is no consideration of how to prevent more tragedies. But this is inappropriate. As others have noted, it is not “too early” to talk about how to stop mass shootings after a series of mass shootings. It’s far too late.”

“I want more politicians to lose their jobs to do the right thing. Maybe your service is not about always winning elections, but about winning the right one so that you can make a brave choice once in your life.”

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

“We are so sure that we know what freedom is in America that we cannot imagine a world in which true freedom can come after the sacrifice of personal rights. Freedom is sending your children to school with confidence that they will come home at the end of the day.”

Martin Luther King Quotes To Remember

“I don’t have many words today except to say that a serious effort has now been made to convince you that “nothing can be done.” It is designed to make you comply the frustration of this time. Believe it is not. lie. We have power if we move it.”

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

“We can decide that we are no longer willing to accept the violence. We can turn our pain into action. What you decide to do today can save a life – maybe your child’s, maybe yours.”

“Gun violence feels too big, too powerful to stop. But it’s not too much for you to take real, meaningful action. You are in control of what you decide you can live with, and what you can’t. You can choose whether you do something, or do nothing. You are not powerless.”

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

Chris Rock Quote: “stop The Violence! Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

“I want to live in a country where some people do not see my presence as a threat to existence. But it feels like a fantasy. I want to walk past the school where my son will attend kindergarten next year and see a place that will keep him safe. But that is impossible. We live in a country that has failed us. Where legislation was written – and deleted – by the gun lobby. Where the manipulation and distortion of Second Amendment rights prevents politicians from enacting any sensible laws that would at least attempt to curb them. Where there were claims about what our founders wanted to replace the meat we see right before us. Where the cocktail of easily accessible firearms and the normalization of extremist attitudes makes any place feel safe. There is no other country in the world where this happens. And the fact that it happens, and happens so often, reflects the choice that was made. But just because a choice is made doesn’t mean different options aren’t possible. Different options are possible.”

“As a nun I am expected to offer thoughts and prayers, and indeed I do. But that is not enough. We must stand up and act together to stop this violence. No it can continue it’s not happening.”

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

“It must be a monster killing children. But to watch monsters kill children over and over and do nothing is not just madness – it’s inhumanity.”

Johnny Depp Quotes

“Despair is not difficult. Desperation is a profession – a luxury that people could have if their children were not sacrificed on the altar of profits and power. Despair is not the way people do difficult things. Hope can make difficult things happen.”

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

“Only in America can you be pro-death penalty, pro-war, pro-drone bombs, pro-nuclear weapons, pro-guns, pro-torture, pro-land mines, and still call yourself ‘ pro-life.'”

“Gun control? We need bullet control! I think if each bullet cost five thousand dollars, we wouldn’t have innocent bystanders.”

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

Of The Most Brilliant Winston Churchill Quotes

“If guns don’t kill people, why do we give people guns when they go to war? Why don’t you just send the people?”

“This bickering among ourselves is wasting our energy and destroying our unity. This is my message to those involved in this battle of brother against brother: Take your guns, your knives… and throw them into the sea!” – Nelson Mandela

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

“I do not accept that we cannot find a sensible way to preserve our traditions, including our basic Second Amendment freedoms and the rights of law-abiding gun owners, and at while reducing the gun violence that so often spreads. chaos coin.” Barack Obama

A Different Look At Domestic Violence–stop The Violence

“When the Second Amendment was written, guns fired 1 round per minute. Now they can shoot more than 100. Guns have evolved over the years. So should our gun laws.”

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

“There are people who say we don’t have a gun problem, we have a heart problem. We understand that we have both a gun problem and a heart problem. God heals hearts and people change laws and we have to We think of it as both.”

“It is not disputed that many people think differently, but experiences and stories move us, especially when we have the humility to listen and see the world from a different lens, from someone else’s eyes. “

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

Wizard Of The Pigeons Quotes & Sayings With Wallpapers & Posters

“We need a new approach to reducing gun violence. Instead of denigrating gun owners, maybe we should focus on cutting off funding from gun dealers. Instead of focusing on a rights issue, maybe we should approach it as a conscience issue.”

“This is our main starting point, with guns and everything else: What are the policies that help us live well together? What is better for most? What is good for the common good? What policies are necessary for people to succeed? We think not just personally, but as a ‘polis’ as a people – less about ‘me’ and ‘my’ and more about ‘we’ and ‘us’. There is something that unites us that is deeper and deeper than all of them. the things that divide us. Something unites us across party lines and blows all labels and divisions out of the water: our common humanity. “

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

“If arming more people meant we would be safer, we would be the safest country in the world.” “

Domestic Violence Quotes · National Centre For Domestic Violence

“These terrorists are afraid that their guns will be taken away – we are afraid that our children will be taken away,”

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

“A mother fighting to protect her children was far more powerful than a gun lobbyist fighting to protect the profits of gun manufacturers.”

– Shannon Watts, Fight Like a Mother: How a Grassroots Movement Took the Gun Lobby and Why Women Will Change the World

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

Non Violence Leads To The Highest Ethics, Which Is The Goal Of All Evolution. Until We Stop Harming All Other Living Beings, We Are Still Savages.

“If so… Amazing. It’s coming to your community. No one is going to get out of this unconscious. We all have a part to play in changing this dynamic.” — Shannon Watts, on MSNBC

Whether you’re a seasoned environmentalist or someone just starting to understand the severity of the climate crisis, these quotes will inspire you to take action for the future of our planet .

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

Whether you’re already a dedicated volunteer looking for more inspiration, or someone considering taking the first step into volunteering, these quotes will provide a powerful insight. on its value.

If You Are Established In Non Violence, In Your Very… Quote By Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mandala Coloring Page

Between 2009 and 2018, the US had 57 times more school shootings than the rest of the G7 countries combined. Here’s how you can help end school shootings.

Stop The Violence Quotes Images

On February 14, 2018, high school students in Parkland, Florida suffered the worst tragedies of their lives. They moved quickly in their fight against gun violence. Four years later, the momentum of their movement lives on. These past few weeks have been difficult. From political figures inciting hate, to social events that have left us helpless. This past weekend, a violent incident took the life of one of my son’s classmates, at the hands of a group of teenagers from our same community. This was an event in my hometown, one of the safest cities around. So what happens? I know there has been violence for centuries. There is good and bad in the world…but I believe there is more good than bad. We need to stop ignoring what is happening in today’s society, we need to start understanding, educating, and working for a better future and a step towards change .

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Stop The Violence Quotes Images

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