How Do Ms Patients Die

How Do Ms Patients Die – Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disorder caused by the body’s immune system mistakenly attacking myelin, the fat that covers nerve fibers. The resulting neurological damage can cause a variety of MS symptoms, including fatigue, muscle spasms, balance problems and vision problems.

Depression, problems with bladder or bowel control, and difficulties with sexual health are also common in people with this disease.

How Do Ms Patients Die

How Do Ms Patients Die

MS itself is usually not fatal. However, the disorder can increase the risk of life-threatening complications, such as severe infections or difficulty swallowing, which can set the stage for pneumonia.

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On average, life expectancy for people with MS is about five to 10 years shorter than the general population, but this gap is closing as treatment and care continue to improve.

How Do Ms Patients Die

Most people with MS experience two phases of the disease. The first phase is relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS), characterized by episodes of new or worsening symptoms (relapses), interspersed with periods of partial or complete recovery from symptoms (remission).

Most patients with RRMS will gradually enter a progressive phase of the disease, called secondary progressive MS (SPMS), where symptoms get worse over time, even if no relapses occur.

How Do Ms Patients Die

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The time it takes to progress from RRMS to SPMS often varies significantly from person to person and is potentially affected by the use of disease modifying therapy (DMT). If left untreated, approximately half of patients with RRMS will progress to SPMS within 10 years of disease onset. But when most patients receive treatment, only about 10% turn into SPMS, and do so for an average of 32 years.

In about 15% of MS patients, the disease will soon enter a progressive phase, with symptoms worsening over time. This form of the disease is called primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS).

How Do Ms Patients Die

In general, symptoms worsen more quickly in progressive forms of MS (SPMS or PPMS) than in relapsing-remitting disease.

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Although MS is often categorized as “relapsing” or “progressive”, these categories are far from absolute and may overlap. People with progressive MS may experience relapses and periods of relative remission, while people with relapsing-remitting disease may experience some progression of symptoms between relapses.

How Do Ms Patients Die

The progression of disability in people with MS is most often tracked using a standardized measure called the Expanded Disability Status Scale, or EDSS. This scale ranges from 0, indicating no disability, to 10, for death. Scores increase in 0.5 increments as disability progresses.

From a score of 0 to 4.5 on the EDSS, individuals can function without any assistance, and their disability is measured based on the impairment of functional systems. These systems represent groups of nerves responsible for specific tasks. Each is rated on a scale from 0 (no disability) to 5 or 6 (severe disability).

How Do Ms Patients Die

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From a score of 5 to 9.5, the EDSS is evaluated primarily based on an individual’s ability to walk.

Moderate impairment in one functional system or mild impairment in three or four systems, without any difficulty walking

How Do Ms Patients Die

Moderate defects in one working system, with more than minimal defects in several others, but no difficulty running

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Significant disability, but most can function independently in daily life. Can walk 500 meters (about a third of a mile) without assistance or rest

How Do Ms Patients Die

A significant disability that may require less assistance in daily living. Can walk 300 meters (about one-fifth of a mile) without assistance or rest

Severe disability that causes significant impairment in daily life, requiring accommodation. He can walk 200 meters (about a tenth of a mile) without assistance or rest

How Do Ms Patients Die

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A disability so severe that some activities that are part of normal daily life can no longer be performed independently. Can walk 100 meters (about 330 feet) without assistance or rest

Walking 100 meters (about 330 feet) with or without rest stops requires a walking aid, such as a cane or cane

How Do Ms Patients Die

Two walking aids, such as canes or crutches, are required to walk 100 meters (about 330 feet) without stopping to rest

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He can’t walk more than a few feet, even with help. He needs a wheelchair to get around, but is still mobile throughout the day and can move himself in and out of the chair

How Do Ms Patients Die

He can’t take more than a few steps and needs help getting in and out of his wheelchair and moving around

He can’t stand and usually relies on a motorized wheelchair or is pushed to get around, but he still moves throughout the day. In general, he still has function in his hands and can still take care of most personal care activities

How Do Ms Patients Die

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Remaining in bed all day, with slight impairment of hand function and ability to cope with self-care functions

No two people with MS have the same symptoms or disease progression pattern. Just as there are risk factors for developing MS, there are various components that can also influence the course of the disease. This includes:

How Do Ms Patients Die

Perhaps the most important factor influencing the trajectory of MS today is treatment. Disease-modifying therapy, known as DMT, is now approved in the US and several other countries for all major types of MS.

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For MS patients, it is recommended to start treatment as early as possible. Long-term outcomes are usually better for patients who start treatment early in the course of their disease.

How Do Ms Patients Die

All currently approved DMTs work by reducing the inflammatory attacks that trigger MS. These drugs have been proven in clinical trials to reduce disease activity – by reducing the risk of relapse, preventing new brain damage and/or slowing the formation of defects.

Each available treatment has its own safety and efficacy profile, and patients are advised to discuss with their healthcare team whether a particular medication may benefit them.

How Do Ms Patients Die

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Several lifestyle factors can influence the development of MS. For example, more physical exercise is associated with better physical and cognitive outcomes over time. Depending on the type and duration of exercise, patients may also experience less degeneration of brain tissue and fewer relapses.

People with MS should also consider smoking, as many studies have shown that the disease tends to be worse in people who smoke cigarettes. MS patients who smoke are usually advised to try to stop or reduce smoking.

How Do Ms Patients Die

Dietary habits also have a significant impact on MS, although the nuances are not yet fully understood. Although there is no “optimal diet” for people with MS, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, a variety of lean proteins, and less processed foods or refined sugars is usually recommended. 3 Pcs Stickers Ms Awareness Multiple Sclerosis Sclerosi 3×4 Inch Die Cut Vinyl Decals For Laptop Window Car Bumper Helmet Water Bottle

Chronic stress has also been noted as a potential contributor to MS relapse and disability progression. Stressful events that contribute to routine disruption are associated with the development of new inflammatory brain lesions.

How Do Ms Patients Die

An individual’s age at the onset of MS symptoms has been shown to be a major factor in determining the course of MS. In general, the older the age at onset, the faster the disease progresses. However, lifetime recurrence rates tend to be higher in people diagnosed at a younger age.

The early course of MS also provides prognostic information about how the disease may progress. Experiencing more relapses or significant increases in disability early in the disease course is associated with a greater risk for severe disease progression and cumulative disability.

How Do Ms Patients Die

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Measuring inflammation and damage in the nervous system through MRI scans can also help provide prognostic information about the likely course of the disease. Typically, greater damage on such scans is strongly associated with more severe symptoms and disability.

Obesity – a body mass index of more than 30 – is associated with a more severe disease course. This is most likely because more adipose tissue, or body fat, leads to chronic inflammation in the body, which contributes to further nerve damage in MS.

How Do Ms Patients Die

Race and ethnicity have also been shown to influence the severity of MS. In the US, MS patients who are black or Hispanic tend to have more severe disability and higher death rates. These disparate outcomes are thought to be driven by interrelated factors including genetic differences, geographic location and socioeconomic disparities.

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Although the disease is less common in men than women, men have a worse prognosis than women. Men typically experience poorer recovery after relapse, have higher rates of brain damage and cognitive impairment, and are more likely to develop progressive forms of MS and become significantly disabled.

How Do Ms Patients Die

In women, recurrences and brain lesions are more common than in men, but women tend to have fewer brain lesions with permanent nerve damage. Some symptoms of MS also differ by gender. For example, motor symptoms are usually more common in men, while vision problems are more common in women.

After a diagnosis of MS, patients and their health care team will usually work together to develop a care plan that is appropriate for the individual. These often include:

How Do Ms Patients Die

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Certain lifestyle changes can also help some MS patients better manage their disease. This may include:

Multiple sclerosis is a lifelong disease, and the manifestations of the disease vary significantly from person to person. For some people with MS, the disease causes significant disability soon after

How Do Ms Patients Die

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