How To Make My Office Chair More Comfortable

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When you spend hours at your desk every day, even the smallest aspects of your workspace – such as the placement of your monitor or the height of your chair – can take a toll, affecting your productivity and even your health. Here’s what science says about the best way to set up your office for ergonomics and productivity.

How To Make My Office Chair More Comfortable

Your office doesn’t have to be boring every day, but a bad chair, bad desk and bad lighting do – even if you don’t see these things every day. But with a few changes, you can improve your workplace and prevent your desk from killing you.

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The examples below provide a bird’s eye view of some of the most important factors in a healthy and successful business. Continue reading below for more information, reviews and tips. And feel free to share this image with others, on your website or in your social networks. Download or view the full image.

Don’t underestimate how much your environment can affect your productivity. A study by Herman Miller found that workplace design has a “small but consistent and positive effect” on employee performance – increasing productivity by 16% and job satisfaction by 9%. Consider organizing your desk according to the five guidelines below to get more done throughout the day without effort.

The quality of the lighting in your office can affect your mood and well-being. Poor lighting – whether it’s dim lighting or bright light from fluorescent lights – can cause eye strain, stress and fatigue. On the other hand, the best type of light you can find in your office is natural light (also good for support).

Around 1979, researchers suggested that mindfulness and creative thinking reduce stress, improve mood and spirit, reduce stress, and help focus. In a 2014 study, researchers at Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that workers with more light from office windows slept better and had longer nights. They also get more exercise compared to their counterparts without windows.

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Why is it important to always be exposed to daylight? Sunlight helps our bodies maintain our internal “clock” or circadian rhythm—which affects our sleep and energy—and releases serotonin to do so. food, a hormone that helps us feel relaxed.

If you can manage your office space, choose a room with windows to get this boost from the sun. If you can’t control the lighting in your office and you’re not lucky enough to sit by the window (much less in the corner of the office surrounded by windows), try going outside for your break. can get a table. lamp to illuminate the day.

Another thing to consider when it comes to lighting: The location of the light source. You want the perfect amount of light so you can work without glare, but also make sure the light doesn’t shine into your eyes. For this reason, you should not sit with your back to the window unless you can cover it and not face the window because it makes reading difficult. In addition, if you use a work light on your desk, you must set it so that the bottom of the screen is the same for the height of your color when it is lit, this Old House recommends.

Finally, you know those Edison bulbs that are all the rage these days? Seeing a bulb like this (or other types of bulbs) can help you a lot.

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Can plants help you do your job? It might sound silly, but yes, a plant or two in your office can improve your productivity and happiness. Scientists know that indoor plants prevent fatigue during hard work. Even just having a window view of greenery can bring us back and focus. If you can’t see a tree from your desk, you could be missing out on 15 percent of productivity gains, according to psychologists at the University of Exeter.

So nature is good for you, but what if you’re not good at taking care of plants? Do not worry; I am in the same boat and somehow managed to save a tree. Secret: Buy a peace lily. This forgiving plant needs some sunlight to thrive and should be watered when the soil is dry. But the best thing about this plant is that you can water it when you need it by falling the wrong way – and when you water it, the plant will get it right again. . Reviewing your results each week can give you a small sense of accomplishment.

According to NASA, like many other plants, peace lilies are also good for air purification, so you can work in a new environment and get a lift at the same time. Cacti and aloe are other low energy plants to consider. If you have a green thumb, however, any plant will improve your job prospects.

In some companies, employees are still fighting for heat control. If this describes the environment you work in, here are some tips to help you end the war immediately—at least from where you often feel cold. Researchers at Cornell University found that increasing the office temperature from 68 to 77 degrees Fahreinheit (20° to 25° Celcius), reduced the error rate by 44 percent, typing workers, and they were able to type 150 percent more.

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Perhaps this plays a role in why many people feel less productive in the summer. Is it the air conditioner?

Even if temperature probes don’t count for your preference, try checking the temperature in your office when you can see what’s going on. If you cannot control the temperature in your office, there are often options to “put on a sweater” or a small fan if your work area is hot.

The sounds are good to listen to while they are working, then they are noisy. Most of the time we deal with the latter. In the office – especially in an open office – other conversations and even keys can be a constant distraction. When you work from home, you may have to contend with the sound of your neighbor’s dog, noise from construction workers, and maybe even the constant traffic noise outside your door. Then there are messages that you can receive from your cell phone to stop what you are doing.

It’s hard to absorb those things when you’re trying to work. A good pair of noise-canceling headphones can help. Join live music from Jazz in the Rain, a playlist of your favorite YouTube video games, or a backyard chat from Coffitivity. The latter looks at research that suggests that noise may increase.

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Color research is an interesting area of ​​research. McDonald’s uses red and yellow because colors stimulate hunger (read: let’s eat chicken). Starbucks uses green to promote a sense of relaxation (read: relax at the coffee shop). And the color of your office can also have a positive effect on your working day.

Keep these color tips in mind when choosing colors for your home office and even when buying furniture. Whiteboards and colorful images can help you focus instead of being distracted by your desk.

When it comes to ergonomics, one size does not fit all, as recommended by many offices as above.

In addition to office decisions, another important aspect is the ergonomics of your workplace – how you can work efficiently and safely at your desk and computer. It’s about organizing your environment to improve your health and avoid problems like repetitive strain injuries (RSI), back pain or weakness.

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Companies often hire ergonomic experts to design a work environment that reduces the risk of worker injury and increases their productivity. But what if your company doesn’t care about ergonomics, or you work overtime (as we all do)? You must think ergonomically for yourself. Here’s what you need to know.

Your posture should allow you to type on the keyboard with your hands and arms parallel to the floor, your feet flat on the floor and your feet flat under the chair when sitting (you should cross your legs well under the seat). over). Like this:

Visit Ergotron’s Workspace Planner (shown above) and enter your size to find the right chair for you.

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