Chair That You Can Sit Cross Legged

Chair That You Can Sit Cross Legged – Until recently, office chairs were cumbersome, dangerous and extremely uncomfortable to sit on. Now, there are office chairs that let you lie down and sleep while you work, robots that can recline or sit at will, and even office chairs that look like them. The dinosaur. What if I don't want to sit in an office chair with my legs extended as all chairs require? Well, someone has created an incredible office chair that allows you to sit cross-legged while you work.

It's called the Soul Seat and it's designed in two different levels, an upper seat for your buttocks and a lower seat for your feet. You can then sit in a variety of positions, including cross-legged with one leg down and up, and other positions such as feet up and knees in the air.

Chair That You Can Sit Cross Legged

Standard office chairs do not allow you to sit more than normal and may have one leg crossed over the other. With the back and armrests of a regular chair, you don't have much room to move. Since this cross chair has no back or armrests, it gives you the freedom to sit in a variety of positions that you wouldn't normally be able to, making your daily activities easier and more comfortable. You sit in front of a computer for hours together.

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Both the lower and upper parts of the Soul Chair are height adjustable so you can sit perfectly regardless of your height. Low level height can be adjusted from 15-20 inches, and bass height can be increased from low level to 8 inches.

The Soul Seat Yoga Chair is perfect for yoga enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, people with back or leg pain, etc. and comes in two different sizes to accommodate larger people. Many, including a small 25″ wide platform perfect for people 5'9″ tall and smaller and a large platform with a 31″ wide platform perfect for people taller than 5'9″ or someone who prefers more space.

A specific yoga chair is available in a variety of colors, some in aPrimera (polyurethane) and others in wool. The cross-legged chair has a 25-pound weight capacity, 325-pound weight capacity, and 5 wheels that allow you to move around easily. Even with other expensive options, you can mount it on a four-legged bamboo base.

The Soul chair reclines like a regular office chair, but that's the comparison. Everything about Soul Seat represents a revolution in ergonomic thinking, bringing together personal care and creative thinking.

You Can Get An Office Chair That Lets You Sit Cross Legged At Your Desk

From cross-legged to kneeling, the Soul Chair is designed to give you countless ergonomic seating options.

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Replace it with different seats. The Soul Seat allows you to sit cross-legged, which combined with other positions can make 8 hours of sitting even more relaxing.

This office chair has two platforms: one for the butt and the other for the legs. Both platforms are adjustable so you can get the working height. The larger Soul Seat model has a 25″ wide platform, perfect for those 5'9″ or shorter. The queen size has a 31-inch wide platform for taller people or those who need more legroom.

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You can get Primera (reinforced leather) fabric in black, chalk, merlot and gray or Pendleton wool fabric in grey, doe (beige) or ocean (blue).

“The Soul Seat can swivel like a conference table, but that's where the play stops,” the description explains. “Everything else about the Soul Seat represents a revolution in ergonomic thinking, bringing personal care and confidence building together.”

Buying one will cost you a fortune – $875 to be exact. However, the offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, so at least you can try it out and see if you like it. High ratings indicate that it lives up to the hype.

“I always sit in a regular office chair with one leg under the desk because I'm comfortable,” one buyer wrote. “This chair is perfect – so simple to sit on, I love it!”

How Can I Stop Crossing My Legs?

If you're going to spend a third of your day in the office, you're probably comfortable, right?

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As a result, many of us end up in awkward sitting positions, some with our legs crossed on chairs, like we're back at elementary school assemblies.

If you're one of those people who likes to sit in these awkward positions, you understand the difficulty of trying to keep your legs and buttocks in the same seat.

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An extra cushion is placed under the small table so that you can bend your legs in different positions when you find the best sitting position.

If you choose to do so, you can change the sofa legs to fit your preferred aesthetic—even if it's wood.

Prices range from S$779 (US$575) to S$1,625 (US$1,200) for pre-booked seats. That's an insane price considering it doesn't include shipping.

Because of the uniqueness of these seats, the price of a seat is as high as one thousand Singapore dollars. The cheapest chair is around S$779 ($575), but it's already sold out.

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So the next one is about S$1,185 (US$875). If you're feeling broke, you have the option to purchase a seat under their paid plan.

With this payment plan, you can choose to pay in 3, 6 or 12 monthly installments starting at S$98 (US$73) per month.

This chair is expensive but with a chair, you can finally sit comfortably.

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