Best Gpu For 1080p Ultra Wide

Best Gpu For 1080p Ultra Wide – Until something changes, we will assume the worst about the current supply and demand aspects of the graphics card market. The smallest signs of what is to come unfortunately come from the GPU manufacturers themselves, as both Nvidia and AMD have started pricing new models a little more in line with market reality.

January has already seen some serious GPU launches. The slightly tweaked RTX 3080, now with 12GB of VRAM instead of 10GB, arrived earlier this month at an MSRP of around $1,200 – a 42 percent jump over the launch price of the well-reviewed model. At the other end of the price spectrum, AMD RX 6500XT last week, at an MSRP of $199, has proven weak so far in reviews. Between the 64-bit memory, 4GB VRAM, and its implementation in the PCIe 3.0 system, the performance of the card is not great even compared to the $199 RX 5500XT … launched in 2019.

Best Gpu For 1080p Ultra Wide

The RTX 3050’s specs are significantly scaled down from its RTX siblings – and they’re the same compared to 2016’s GTX 1070.

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Not wanting to be left out of the latest headlines, Nvidia this week came out with the RTX 3050, continuing the long-standing practice in the GPU industry of bringing back “binned” GPUs. The card’s $249 MSRP is the lowest so far in the desktop RTX lineup, below the $329 MSRP attached to the nearly year-old RTX 3060, but above the $229 MSRP of the 2019 GTX 1660 Super. I feel like this GPU is the advice of the PC gaming monkeys when we cry like “Please make more graphics cards!”

Will you find an RTX 3050 card in the wild, let alone at a price 25 percent less than the 3060? We are not optimistic. But if you do, be warned: even with proprietary technologies such as Nvidia DLSS in your pocket, the RTX 3050 will still leave you with the settings menus to receive modern games running at 60 frames per second … in resolution 1080p. This is a card that in most cases is superior at 1080p for reasonable PC performance, not just for the latest games, but for some of the best games of the last seven years.

Zoom / 3DMark switches between 1080p and 4K tests and includes a ray tracing test (Port Royal). As you can see here, at a good level in synthetic tests, the previous years GTX 1070 and the new business RTX 3050 for the most part (analysis of rails not removed).

If your PC’s GPU is particularly long in the tooth and you’re happy to run your favorite PC games at 1080p resolution, you might – in desperation – want to head to a brick-and-mortar store when the RTX 3050 goes on sale. . . The retail market has historically done better with “one GPU per customer” limits and other reasonable metrics than online.

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In addition, I would recommend setting the price limit somewhere around the $329 mark, as OEMs can choose Nvidia’s MSRP pad with extras such as enthusiasts and overclocking promises – and at least we know that the sealed RTX 3050 model will be launched at a price $ 329. But this decision is more about market concerns than this GPU being a bargain in every sense of the word.

Depending on the game or benchmark in question, the RTX 3050’s closest competitor on the market is the Nvidia GTX 1070, which was launched for around $379 back in June 2016. If we trust a battery of regular tests by Ars Technica, which analyzed the performance. in the game the results are very close to the old card:

Unlike the RTX 2060 Super, which offered performance improvements across the board compared to the GTX 1070, the RTX 3050 simply cannot achieve that same improvement so many years later. For some displays, the RTX 3050’s silicon damage is well known.

But the parameters above and below highlight something important in any benchmarking card test: how the GPU handles the execution environment with the highest resolution so that the performance given is unique to the GPU and can be compared through the cards. This old situation unfortunately assumes that you have many options on the market. Here and now, though, it is not necessarily useful to see that the RTX 3050 has in all settings-maxed conditions 1440p; You can’t expect to buy a competitor’s card that is either cheap or future proof.

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If you’re still reading this review, you’re probably interested in getting a graphics card that works with 1080p performance as a baseline. Does the RTX 3050 cut it? In a word: mostly. I found that its streams drop out on a case-by-case basis, but there are some decent 1440p apps out there. We may earn a commission when you purchase through our links. Here’s why you can trust us.

Graphics card prices keep falling, so how do we look at which GPUs are the best value for money right now? This is sort of an improvement on the GPU price update from last week. We ran a similar “Price per frame” feature back in April, but since then there have been many price changes, with GPUs hovering around MSRP and in some cases even below it.

Of course, this information will only be relevant if you’re looking to buy a GPU right now, which might not make sense depending on your situation and what kind of GPU you’re looking for. As we have discussed for a long time now, it might be a good idea to buy a new high-end graphics card today if these models will be replaced by newer, faster GPUs later this year.

But for those of you looking for something smaller, something in the middle of the range, it may take a while before these cards are updated. It might also make sense to buy if you don’t want to wait for the price of new GPUs to stabilize. To be honest, the price will probably increase a little during the launch and the availability may be poor for several months.

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Today’s price per frame analysis is based on data collected by Steve for a previous version of this article, including most GPUs but not the latest ones from AMD, such as the 6750 XT and 6650 XT. However, these cards don’t qualify for purchases, so it’s not a big loss.

As before, the six games for this comparison were carefully selected from our sample of 50 games to represent how each card performed. The games are: Red Dead Redemption 2 with medium setting, Rainbow Six Siege with medium setting, Far Cry 6 medium, Hitman 3 medium, Falling Light 2 medium and Shadow of the Tomb Raider with high quality setting. We will not go through each matchup, but instead use the average data calculated using geomean, which gives us a summary of the performance of each card, which we can use for the price of each frame.

The reason we use the medium quality setting is so that we can show entry level and advanced products on the same chart. Today’s entry level cards – think RX 6500 XT – are not designed for gaming in high quality environments, so average is the limit for these cards. Now, the higher models usually run directly on Medium, although many will choose to play with Ultra. We also have some 4K data that will be more useful for high-end cards.

All tests were performed with Ryzen 7 5800X3D with DDR4-3600 CL16 memory and Resizable BAR enabled, which is a setting that reduces the CPU load as much as possible, especially when testing at 1080p. Also note that the price information discussed here is taken from our price update article from last week, so prices may have moved a bit in the past few days. Now let’s get into it…

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As we saw in April, the most affordable GPU for 1080p gaming is the AMD Radeon RX 6600, which finished with a 7% better price per frame than the second place Radeon 6600 XT. The 6500 XT comes in third, although given its low performance and limited feature set, it should offer better fps value to compensate. While the price has dropped to just $180, less than its MSRP, to match the price per frame of the 6600 it will need to cost less than $160, which is the current asking price of the RX 6400.

As we said for a while, the price should start at less than $ 150, and around $ 100 is better.

Also important in this entry-level card battle is the RTX 3050, which at $330 sits between the RX 6600 and RX 6600 XT right now. However, the GeForce model costs 43 percent more per frame than the 6600, and 33 percent more than the 6600 XT, which we find impossible to justify. The RTX 3050 is still a bad value despite all the price increases in recent months.


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