Gaming Chairs That Are Good For Your Back

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Gaming Chairs That Are Good For Your Back

The AKRacing Core EX has almost all the adjustment options you need to find a comfortable fit. read more

Best Chairs For Neck And Shoulders Pain Relief In 2022

The Homall gaming chair is comfortable, with many of the adjustable options found in some of the higher priced gaming chairs. read more

With its heavy frame and lumbar support cushions and plush neck, the SecretLab Omega Gaming Chair has a lot to offer. read more

The Razer Iskur 2022 is a well-built gaming and office chair with a wide range of adjustment options and comfortable, integrated lumbar support. read more

The quality is often top-notch, and if that premium is in your budget, then the Vertagear VG-SL5000 is a great option for any gaming room. read more Remaxe Gaming Chair With Footrest, High Back Ergonomic Chair, Load Bearing 300lbs,adjustable Armrests Office Computer Chair With Headrest And Usb Lumbar Support, Rocking Mode(black)

Whether for work or play, many of us spend a good portion of our lives in front of a computer screen. The best gaming chairs should provide long-lasting comfort and support to make work and play more enjoyable.

Your needs may vary, but if you want to spend a few hours gaming after a long day, the right gaming chair will bring you comfort and style.

We've spent hours researching and testing the best gaming chairs on the market for a variety of factors including comfort, fit, ease of assembly and adaptability to find out which ones can support you playing and working for hours at a time. . We're sure the AKRacing Core EX Gaming Chair (available on Amazon for $359.00) is the first choice thanks to its adaptability and long-term comfort.

If you want a premium experience, we recommend the SecretLab Omega 2020 (available at SecretLab), and if you're looking for a more budget-friendly gaming chair, we recommend the Homall PC Gaming Chair (available at Amazon). There are many other great chairs on our list, so you can find the perfect option for every setting and budget.

Gaming Chairs: Go For Comfort And Ergonomic Aesthetics While You Score At Your Favourite Game

It's all in the name. The AKRacing Core EX gaming chair looks like a bucket in a racing car, not something you'd see behind an IKEA desk. But unlike some of the other gaming chairs we've tested, the quality doesn't just stop at aesthetics. This was the most comfortable seat we tested, and one of two our tester was considering purchasing.

The AKRacing Core EX has almost all the adjustment options you need to find a comfortable fit. Lumbar support pillows and height-adjustable and removable lumbar support pillows keep your spine aligned with enough gentleness to support your body instead of pushing it.

The separate recline and recline functions give a much wider range of seating options than either can alone. For those who work leaning forward, this chair provides quality lumbar and neck support as it comes at 90 degrees.

When it's time to play, you can bend over a little. When the football game starts, you can lean even further and lean back enough to comfortably place your feet on the desk.

Need Better Posture? It's All About Your Chair.

The armrests are also adjustable in almost any direction. They move forward and backward, up and down, and can rotate in and out. The chair also has locks on the bottom that allow it to slide left and right to stretch your body.

The only real issue with this chair was the fabric that came with the base model. There is nothing wrong with it as it is of good quality and almost as easy to clean as PU or PVC leather chairs.

However, it definitely started going down while I was sitting in it. It retains more of your body heat than full leather upholstery. On a 90+ degree day, it can get uncomfortable quickly.

However, AKRacing makes a lot of seats with breathable PU leather upholstery. So if it's in the budget and you like everything else about the AKRacing chair, it might be worth the upgrade. The size chart available on their website will help you make sure you have a chair that is right for your body type.

Best Gaming Chairs For 2023 By Money

The AKRacing Core EX is a high-quality, comfortable top-of-the-line seat that our tester continued to use long after testing.

As the second least expensive option we tested, the Homall PC Gaming Chair was a pleasant surprise. While it wasn't perfect, it was comfortable, with plenty of adjustable options that some of the more expensive gaming chairs offer.

The recline was deep and stable, with the added benefit of a recline function. The tilt reaches 90 degrees, supporting the user even when leaning forward with the back of the neck and lumbar supports. The lumbar and neck support pillows deflated for about an hour and settled into a fairly comfortable position.

The biggest knock against this chair is that the arms are not adjustable at all. And unfortunately, they're just not well-placed, preventing our tester from resting his elbows on them in a natural typing position. At natural height for the chair, the armrests hit the top of the test table and couldn't really slide under the table without dropping to a less-than-optimal height.

Heads Up: Gaming Chairs Suck. Here's Why

For the price, this is a solid choice. Overall, it was quite comfortable. There are only a few minor flaws that keep it away from the top.

With its heavy steel frame and memory foam cushions, the SecretLab Omega Gaming Chair has a lot to offer.

As the most expensive chair we've tested, the SecretLab Omega 2020 stands out from the start with its packaging. Unboxing is a carefully curated branded experience, complete with welcome letters, a massive 2'x3′ instruction card and an extended warranty offer if buyers post a photo on social media. Even the foam padding in the box is higher than any other chair on this list.

When the components of the actual chair arrived, it was clear that we were on a different level than most of the other chairs we tried.

Matchspel Gaming Chair, Bomstad Black

The steel frame is heavy duty, with casters and standard arms that are fully adjustable in four directions: up and down, side to side, sliding in and out and fishing in and out. There are no plastic parts or mechanisms that fail over time – every hinge of the chair seems to be of solid, long-lasting and sits firmly in place.

In a pure head-to-head comfort test, the AKRacing Seat has a slight edge. Combined with the price difference, AKRaciung easily takes the top spot. That said, the SecretLab Omega is very comfortable.

The seat itself is firm but supportive, with separate tilt and recline functions. It only took a few seconds to set up the chair, and minor tweaks made over the next few hours made it look like it had been owned for years.

The crown jewel of comfort for this chair is the of the lumbar support and head cushions. They are soft memory foam wrapped in suede. The cushions are of high enough quality that they could improve the comfort of any other chair.

How To Sit In A Gaming Chair Properly: Full Guide

SecretLab also stands out aesthetically. We tested the Omega Stealth model, which is one of their more underrated designs. It's black with tasteful red stitching on the seams and a gold Omega symbol stitched into the back. If you have room in the budget, they have a wide variety of design upgrades to choose from, including many licensed from video games or television. There are many design options to choose from so this chair will reflect your personality and interests.

If you have the budget for it and love its aesthetics, this is a great upgrade. It's one of those products that was hard to go back to when the test was over.

Lumbar support is one of the most important comfort features of any chair, and the Razer Iskur has one of the best systems we've tested.

The integrated, adjustable system pushes in and out about 6 inches with the pull of a lever. This changes the pressure on your back, allowing you to adjust as needed to find the most supportive position for you. For long days in front of your computer, whether you're working or playing, this adjustable lumbar support will keep your posture straight and back pain away. Marvel Eternals Gaming Chair Desk Office Computer Racing Chairs

The Razer Iskur also features all the other customization options you'd expect from a $400-$500 chair. The armrests move in and out, up and down, and tilt horizontally to fall wherever you need your elbows. The chair also tilts and reclines, essential features in a good gaming chair.

However, there are some surprising quality-of-life features missing, especially around the assembly, which can be frustrating. We gave up on installing one of the hinge covers because it was very difficult to line up the screw

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