Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair Review

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair Review – Interest in the humble office chair has grown exponentially since 2020. This is not surprising. As more and more people are forced to turn their homes into home offices, office chairs provide the comfort needed to work from home, stay productive and prevent future chiropractor appointments.

However, not all office chairs are created equal, and they range from very cheap to very expensive—and we don't like either end of the spectrum. The Steelcase Series 1 Office Chair is the only office chair that meets all the requirements and doesn't go toward your 401(k).

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair Review

Admittedly, this sub $500 office chair isn't cheap. But compared to double, triple or quadruple the price, the 1 Series looks like a steal. What makes this office chair so amazing? Read on.

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Any office chair with its own weight must be comfortable for its users. The Steelcase Series 1 has all the standard adjustments for arm height and seat height, but exceeds the standard for chairs under $500. The Series 1 comes standard with adjustable seat depth, lumbar support and recline control. The mesh lining is called 3D Mesh Knit and adapts perfectly to your body for optimal support.

Seat adjustment controls – such as tilt or recline – are readily available and easy to use.

Except for the adjustable arm length, the Series 1's armrests function like a chair. The arms are 4D, meaning they move with you as you work. Each armrest is smooth and soft in plain leather, moves back and forth, side to side, and rotates 40 degrees. If you keep moving your mouse, you'll experience a range of motion.

Series 1 is good. Unlike other ergonomic office chairs with aggressively sharp lines and sides, the Series 1 is more gentle compared to its rounded sides and compact form. Whether you want to create a bold office chair or keep it understated and subtle, the chair comes in a rainbow of colors.

Steelcase Series 1 Review

I'm 5'9″ tall, which means I'm in the middle of what people consider “average height”. The back is 21.5 inches, which gives me the back support I need, but I think taller people will find it lacking. Also, a headrest doesn't come with the seat, but you can add one for $80 on the Steelcase website. .

While we love the armrests' range of motion, the plastic under the armrest can scratch if you're not careful.

Well, I originally appreciated the accommodations for their mobility – but they are a bit annoying. Although they move better with the user, they can move quite a bit

A lot. You can't adjust the armrests to one position, and even the slightest pressure can move them. Also, the plastic under the armrests has a sharp edge that occasionally scratched my hand. Some may find the armrests not soft enough, but I don't see that as a problem.

Steelcase Series 1

Lumbar support is a bit flimsy and not the best we've ever used. It is smooth and soft.

We appreciate Steelcase's inclusion of adjustable lumbar support. It's good, but not great. At first, adjusting is annoying and it doesn't go well. The plastic is noticeable with the lumbar support, and several reviewers reported that their lumbar support broke. I've had no issues with breaking in over the past few years of testing, but I've also been a bit soft on the seat when adjusting the lumbar support.

Like many people at the beginning of this pandemic, I was skeptical about getting an office chair. I realized that this would be the single most important thing I could do for my productivity and prevent future pain. The Steelcase Series 1 isn't the cheapest office chair, but compared to the Herman Miller Sale we used in the office, the Series 1 provided comparable, if not better, support and comfort. What's great about the Series 1 is how you can adjust it to fit your body (although people over six feet will prefer the headrest), giving you the feeling of a custom-made seat. The Series 1 gives you essential ergonomics and quality at a great price. This high-performance chair features space efficiency, weight-activated controls and a more stable option.

Series 1 lets you express your 's brand and culture with 11 color weaves, pleats and waists, and a variety of panel and finish options.

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There is no time to honor the commitment to the people and planet we share. The CarbonNeutral®-certified Series 1 is the first high-performance, carbon-neutral office chair to help you meet your Scope 3 emissions targets. Emissions are fully addressed through best-in-class projects from Climate Impact Partners, a global leader in voluntary climate action.

At, we create products that benefit people and our planet at every stage of the process – design, sourcing and manufacturing – unlocking opportunities to do things better; And Series 1 office chairs are no different in that:

It protects 156,000 hectares of boreal forest in British Columbia, Canada for biodiversity conservation, research, sustainable harvesting and carbon sequestration.

It supports electrified rail systems that will reduce pollution and provide safe, efficient and cost-effective transportation in India with its high population and pollution-related deaths.

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The 1 Series is beautifully designed with built-in LiveBack technology, adaptive bracing and 4D adjustable arms, delivering the powerful performance you've come to expect from Steelca.

Series 1 is strong enough to withstand loads up to 400 lbs. And backed by a limited lifetime warranty

If you would like to purchase an item that is not available in your area, please contact your local retailer for purchasing options.

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