Office Chair For Cross Leg Sitting

Office Chair For Cross Leg Sitting – Until recently, office chairs were boring, scary and uncomfortable to sit on. Now there are office chairs that let you lie flat at work to sleep, use robots to lie or sit in any position, and office chairs that look like dinosaurs. What if I don't want to sit in my office chair with my feet down like all chairs that are made? Well, someone has created this unique office chair that allows you to sit cross-legged while you work.

It's called the Spirit Chair, and it's designed with two different levels, a higher level where your keys go, and a lower level where your feet go. You can sit in different positions, including cross-legged, one leg down and one leg up, or different positions such as putting your legs up and kneeling in the air.

Office Chair For Cross Leg Sitting

Traditional office chairs do not allow you to sit more than a normal chair, or cross one leg over the other. With the back and armrests on standard seats, you don't have much room to do anything. Since this office chair has no back or arms, it gives you the freedom to sit in different positions that you wouldn't be able to otherwise, so you can relax and enjoy your work day. You sit in front of the computer for many hours in a row.

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The spirit seat can be adjusted in height to the lower and upper rod level, so you can sit comfortably for your height. The lower level can be adjusted from 15 to 20 centimeters high, while the upper rod level rises up to an additional 8 centimeters from the lower level.

Perfect for yoga lovers, exercisers, those with back or leg pain, and more, the Soul Seat Yoga Position Office Chair comes in two different options to accommodate the super crowd, with a small 25 inch wide platform suitable for people 5 feet 9 inches and smaller, plus a large version with a 31 inch wide platform suitable for people taller than 5′ 9″, or simply because you want more space.

The special yoga chair comes in several color options to choose from, including some in a Primera (polyurethane) material, and others in a wool material. The office cross chair weighs 25 lbs, has a weight limit of 325 lbs, and comes on 5 castor wheels that allow you to move it easily. Although a better option is that you can get it on a 4-legged bamboo base.

This ghost chair looks like a regular office chair, but that's where the similarities end. Other things about the Soul Seat represent a paradigm shift in ergonomic thinking, combining self-care and sustainable design thinking.

Don't Cross Your Legs While Seated On Office Chair

From sitting cross-legged to squatting to kneeling, the Soul Seat is designed to give you multiple ergonomic options.

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Replace it with a simple chair. The spiritual chair allows you to sit cross-legged, and in other positions, so that 8 hours at the desk is more relaxed.

This office chair has two platforms: one for your thighs and one for your feet. Both platforms are adjustable, so you can find the right height for you. A 25-inch-wide baseboard is the standard size for people 5 feet, 9 inches tall and short. The large size has a 31-inch-wide platform for those who are taller, or those who just want more legroom.

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You can get the Soul seat in Primera (another leather) in black fabric, salt, merlot in design colors or Pendleton wool fabric in grey, dove (light beige) or ocean (blue).

“The Soul Seat rotates like a normal office chair, but that's where the similarities end,” the description says. “In addition to the fact that the Soul Seat represents a paradigm shift in ergonomic thinking, it combines self-care and sustainable design thinking.”

It's a pretty penny to get your hands on anywhere – $875 to be exact. However, the guarantees a full refund for up to 90 days, so you can try it out to see if you really like it. High-quality reviews show that it lives up to expectations.

“I always change my position in a normal office chair, pushing one leg under my seat because it's more comfortable for me,” wrote one customer. “The seat is great – so many comfortable ways to sit, I love it!”

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If you spend 1/3 of your day in the office, you must be happy, right?

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