How To Measure Computer Monitor Screen

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Want to know if your screen size is right for you? Need your screen size to order the right eye protection filter?

How To Measure Computer Monitor Screen

If you are currently using a monitor you can easily find your monitor size without waking up The easiest way is to search online You can check from your manual, look at the monitor’s packaging, check the model number or by measuring the monitor.

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The most obvious way to determine your monitor’s screen size is to check your manual If you can’t find it, you can use a measuring tape to determine the size of your screen from the bottom right corner to the top left corner – in addition to monitor size, you should be sure to read more about it. The technology used to make it and its features, as described in our comprehensive guide to computer monitors.

Without a measuring device nearby, you can still determine the size of your computer monitor using the following simple method

Check the model number of your laptop or desktop Typically, you’ll find your monitor size included in your computer’s model number For example, you may have a VIOTEK GFV24CB monitor The first two numbers after the letter indicate the size of your screen in inches, meaning that this VIOTEK monitor is a 24-inch machine.

You can read books on your computer to measure information Apart from other specifications included, one of the key features is the display size

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Another easy way to determine your screen size is to look it up online Search engines like Google will provide you with many online tools that you can use to determine the screen size of your monitor.

A second way to quickly set a monitor size online is to go to your computer brand’s website.

Visit the official website of the monitor brand you are using, as it has the correct model information. Type the monitor model number into the search bar or check the website for monitor size information

On the back of your laptop, you will find a sticker with screen size information A laptop may have a size number

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Most monitors have an aspect ratio of 16:9 although some still use a 14:9 aspect ratio (see Aspect Ratio Guide).

Desktop monitors come in many sizes, typically between 13 inches and 43 inches, with some extending over 50 inches. Laptop screens are usually between 11.11.6 inches and 17 inches

Calibrating your monitor should be your last resort, as you can introduce errors into your measurements.

When determining the size of your monitor, it’s important to keep in mind the type of filter you want to use A framed screen filter, for example, fits differently than a frameless screen filter.

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Measuring the size of your computer screen When you adjust the measuring tape or ruler in the upper left corner, remember to exclude the frame of the computer and only determine the screen size.

The size of your diagonal measurements should match the diagonal measurements of your bezel-less screen.

Measure the apparent height and width of your screen excluding the bezel The filter you are going to install on the computer monitor should also match the computer screen dimensions

You can measure your laptop screen the same way you measure a computer monitor to better understand the area of ​​your screen.

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Check from the top left corner (inside its panel) to the bottom right corner (inside the panel) of your laptop screen to find the correct laptop screen size.

Laptop screens fall between 11 inches and 17 inches But if you want to have a filter to protect the screen, you need to set the width and height

Most laptops include a frame Because of this, you have to measure between them to get the correct screen size

Measure the height of the screen from top to bottom (within its frame) and determine the dimensions for the width of your screen.

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Generally, laptop screens are measured in inches, so you’ll want to determine screen dimensions using those units.

Just like determining the size of a computer, you can go online to determine the screen size of your laptop

Typing the model and name of your laptop into a search engine will give you various websites that can give you accurate information about screen size among other laptop specifications.

Checking the manufacturer’s website should provide information about your screen size If the manufacturer’s website has a search box, type in your laptop’s model number to see its various features, including screen size.

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Be sure to write down the model number carefully because different laptop manufacturers have different ways of specifying their laptop models.

In general, e-commerce sites, for example, are also screen sizes for most laptops, especially if you’re using an older machine.

The easiest way to determine your screen size is to check your model’s specifications using the review method above

You can measure it by hand or online, or you can view it on the back of your computer to get measurement information

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Screen size refers to the physical size of the monitor excluding the bezel On the other hand, screen resolution includes pixels that cover the screen You can change the screen resolution regardless of your monitor size

So how do you set your screen size? The process is as simple as an online search on the manufacturer’s website or other reputable websites You can also check the packaging or the back of your computer You can determine the screen size by manually measuring the display from the lower right corner to the upper left corner

Perhaps, the purpose of sizing your monitor is as a way to determine the best display or the correct size of filter for your application. When it comes to computer monitor body size, the ideal range to consider is about 24″ to 30″ – check out ‘What’s the best chest size?’ The post office

These screen sizes are most suitable for working from home and are also popular among online gamers

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Larger screen sizes favor better screen resolution and color clarity Along with key features, you should expect support for multiple applications, formats and working simultaneously

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How To Measure A Computer Screen

There are several ways to measure the size of your computer monitor, depending on whether you want to know the image

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