Can T Remove Cylinder From Chair

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If you’ve ever collected an office chair, you’ve undoubtedly seen one of these cylinders. The bottom fits into the wheel, the top goes under the seat, and you can raise or lower the seat to the desired height by simply swinging the lever, the handle, or rowing.

Can T Remove Cylinder From Chair

Most modern ergonomic office chairs come with this pneumatic cylinder. “Gas” is compressed air. And for the most part, it works well. Especially if you bought your seat from a reputable company.

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But if you want to know more about how a height-adjustable seat works, or what to do if your airbag is damaged and needs to be replaced, this guide might be useful for you.

Should office chair air cylinders be replaced? Office Owl is here to help! Their cylinders come with everything you need for a successful cylinder replacement, including the tools you need to remove and replace your old cylinder. Their easy-to-understand tips will guide you through the process and you’ll have that “new finger” in no time.

An air cylinder, also known as a pneumatic lift or air lift, is a unit that allows you to raise or lower your office chair using a lever under the side of the chair.

Unlike older model chairs that used a pivot lift, where you had to turn the crank to raise and lower the crank, air lift chairs use a chamber and compressed air to rotate at seat height.

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Also called spring loaded, the chair can be easily and quickly adjusted to the height of your desk, making it easy to find a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position.

When the strap on your seat is activated, the cylinder is activated. If you activate the lever and remove the weight from the seat, the air in the cylinder will compress and push the piston out of the air chamber and lift your seat.

As the piston is pushed out, the air in the chamber expands and the seat can be lowered when you activate the lever and press down on the seat with your weight.

Standpipe (outer post): This is the 2 inch diameter main post that connects to the five-star base of the seat. The lower part of the column is cut. This is the point you place in the wheel area when assembling the office chair. Stem length and taper length may vary from model to model, but a 2″ diameter for the main stem is standard for most cylinders.

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Piston (aka Inner Column): A 1.1 inch diameter piston that attaches to the seat base and raises or lowers to adjust the seat height. The end of this part is added to fit the hole in the seat base (known as the swivel). The top of the piston in a new cylinder has a plastic cover. You remove it during installation to reveal the buttons on it (aka actuators).

Switch: A button on the top of the piston that is pressed and activates the cylinder to raise or lower the seat.

Retaining Clip: A small clip on the underside of the piston rod that prevents it from sliding off the main rod.

If you’re reading an article about air cylinders, chances are you’re here because you really need to replace them.

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Fortunately, whether your seat came with a faulty cylinder and you need more “travel” and height, or your original pneumatic seat is no longer “pneumatic” after years, it is very easy to replace the gas tank

So, before you start looking at your new cylinder, make sure your current cylinder is 2″ in diameter at the base of the main shaft. See the image above for an illustration of these measurements.

Once you have confirmed that you can use a wide round point replacement, then you need to figure out how many “passes” you need.

If you’ve read a lot of chair papers (don’t you spend all your time reading chair papers?) you’ve probably seen the words “scratch” and/or “walk” refer to round seat.

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This means that the cylinder will raise or lower the seat in a few inches. For example, 4-stroke seat cylinders are common, meaning the seat can be raised or lowered within 4 inches.

As mentioned, you will find that 4″ is normal seat travel, but this figure can vary from 3″ to 10″.

Which travel range is best for you depends on your height, seat height and table height. For example, if you need a higher seat height for a higher table setup, you can get a replacement cylinder with a longer piston that offers more travel than your current point release.

Most of the seats are offered with the ability to pay. For example, very large, tall office chairs can hold over 400 lbs, while an ergonomic task chair can hold around 250 lbs.

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If the weight capacity of the seat frame is important, make sure your replacement cylinder is also up to the task.

For example, standard cylinders can be adjusted for capacities up to 250 lbs. But Class 4 pneumatic tools can handle up to 450 lbs (required on seats that meet ANSI/BIFMA high seat standards).

Bottom line: Make sure you get the right glass cylinder that matches the strength limit of your chair.

Final Note: Also check whether the cylinder rotates or not according to the needs of your seat.

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Now comes the fun part. Just kidding, it really hurts. But if you want to revive your trusty old office chair with a new one, you have to take out the old one.

You can try this method (described in the video) or continue reading the simple methods we used before:

First, recline your seat so you have access to the wheelbase. Then, with a hammer or a rubber mallet, start tapping on the side of the bottom rib of the cylinder.

Try not to touch the dead area where the retaining clips are. Continue tapping the edges to loosen the assembly so you can pull the pole off the base.

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If you can’t get one for free, some recommend using a flat blade screwdriver to remove the retaining clips from underneath.

This will remove the piston from the cylinder. Now you have bolted the wheel base and the empty cylinder head.

In this case you should be able to rotate the wheelbase and hammer the end of the freewheel.

Next, you need to remove the piston head from the seat base. To do this, tap the top of the piston with a rubber mallet to loosen it. You can use WD 40 to make it easier.

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The final step is to go online, find a replacement cylinder and put it back on your wheelbase and seat. Also, if you’ve determined that your cylinders are the same diameter, this part should be easy.

But if you have questions or need a specific cylinder size or a more specific part for your seat, we recommend contacting a seat parts specialist.

Hopefully this first handbook on air cylinders will help you appreciate all the important features of your adjustable height office or gaming chair.

Ben loves to understand how new developments in office furniture design, technology and ergonomics can help us create better workspaces at home or in the office. He is one of the original editors of Office Chair Picks. A few weeks ago I noticed a problem when I tried to push my office chair to the floor. This is a real problem. I looked at the five wheels and all were good. Then I noticed that the Office Bottle Holder (the tube that supports the chair) was completely inserted into the base. It’s gone in a hole and hits the carpet and is dragged along.

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As I sat down in the chair, all my weight pushed the edge-thin end of the cylinder into the carpet in an attempt to pierce the 40mm diameter. hole in it.

Since I am talking about the disassembly and assembly of office furniture, we all need to know the names of the parts to make things easier. Here is a caption photo showing the parts of my office chair as seen from the front:

In addition, the office chair bottle contains an air lift that is used to adjust the height and suspension of the chair. See an example below:

Mine is a chair with Arms and High Lumbar Support System, which is heavy, bulky and long in the back.

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