Why can’t the Shopee Holiday Shop feature be active? Here’s How To Overcome It


The Holiday Shop feature on Shopee is very helpful for sellers who want to close shop. But not infrequently, many sellers have difficulty activating this feature. For that, this time the admin will make a review on how to overcome the Shopee Holiday Shop feature that cannot be active.

Based on a brief explanation from Shopee, one of the reasons for failing to activate the Holiday Shop feature is because there is an ongoing promo.

Activating the Holiday Shop feature can be used if the incoming order exceeds capacity or wants to enjoy big holidays, such as Eid al-Fitr or Christmas.

What is the Shopee Holiday Store Feature?

Before entering the initial discussion, there may be many new sellers who don’t know what the Shopee Holiday Shop feature is. In short, this feature helps sellers if they are flooded with orders or want to enjoy time with family.

By activating the Holiday Shop feature, shoppers cannot place new orders at your store until the time limit has been set.

Later, under the product or seller’s page, a notification will appear, “The store is closed…”.

So, what happens when the Holiday Shop feature is activated?

  • All products in your store cannot be searched by visitors or Shopee users, but they still look normal
  • New products cannot be purchased, but ongoing orders can still be made
  • Sellers still have to complete incoming orders before the Holiday Shop feature is activated
  • Product details cannot be changed as long as the feature is still active

For the record, this feature takes a maximum of 1 hour to implement. And most importantly, you have to complete all the long running orders. Because this affects the store’s image in Shopee’s eyes.

Cause the Shopee Holiday Shop Feature Can’t

As explained at the beginning, the reason the Shopee Holiday Shop feature cannot be active is because there is a promo in the store that is still running. However, there are other underlying causes as well. Anything? Check out the reviews below, yes!

1. The Application is Still Old Version

From the complaints experienced by the seller, there is a possible cause for the failure to activate the Holiday Shop feature because the Shopee application has not been upgraded to the latest version. So that the features that run do not match the system.

2. Constraints in the Shopee Application

Shopee applications and those installed on smartphones are very dependent on servers and networks. So if the server is in trouble, the performance of the application will be less than optimal, or even affect the features in it.

3. There is a problem with the buyer

The products that we display in e-commerce are of the highest possible quality. If not, the buyer may refund or complain which leads to a decrease in the rating.

Well, this point is not impossible to be the reason why the Shopee Holiday Shop feature cannot be activated. So, try to check first if your shop has a problem with the buyer.

4. There is an ongoing promo

From Shopee’s own explanation, the main cause of the Holiday Shop feature being unable to activate is an ongoing promo. Maybe your shop is still part of the promo held by Shopee.

These promos are Flash Sale, Free Shipping, Save Combo, New Seller Promo, and so on. This can be an obstacle when you want to activate the Holiday Shop feature.

In addition to the 4 points above, you should also know that this feature takes a maximum of 1 hour to activate. But of course with the condition that there is no ongoing promo.

How to Overcome the Shopee Holiday Shop Feature Cannot Be Active

From some of the causes above, maybe you have guessed how to solve the Shopee Holiday Shop feature that failed to activate.

But if you’re still confused, here are some steps you can follow:

1. Upgrade the Application to the Latest Version

If you rarely monitor Google Play, try occasionally still to the “Manage apps & devices” page. Because there could be a Shopee application update that doesn’t appear in the notification.

By doing this, the problem of the Shopee Holiday Shop feature failing may be resolved properly.

2. Waiting for Normal Server

Furthermore, if there really is a problem with the server, the only thing you can do is wait for the server to return to normal. Usually it takes no more than 1 hour, or a maximum of 2 hours.

3. Process All Orders

If your store has unfinished orders, it’s a good idea to process those orders before you activate the Holiday Shop feature. Because as explained earlier, the Shopee system cannot run the feature while the store has orders.

In addition, also make sure that you do not have other problems, such as refunds from buyers or product claims.

4. Wait until the promo ends

The way to overcome the next failed Shopee Holiday Shop feature is to wait for the promo to end. But if the promo is still long and you want to close the shop immediately, the only way is to try contacting CS Shopee.

The way to do this is by going to the “Me” menu, then scrolling down and selecting “Chat with Shopee”. Later CS (not BOT) will respond to your request.

If this solution fails, you can contact the call center at the number 08001500702 or fill out the complaint form on the website https://seller.shopee.co.id/edu/form.


Problems that occur when you want to activate the Shopee Holiday Shop feature are often experienced by Shopee sellers. Therefore, first know the cause before you solve the problem.

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