Why is the Tri Network Slow? Here’s the Cause and How to Overcome it!

Why is the Tri Network Slow

Why is the Tri Network Slow – Are you a Tri provider user? Maybe you’re wondering why the Tri network is slow? It can’t even be used for browsing or just replying to WA. To be clearer, there are several explanations that must be considered.

Lately, the Tri provider is indeed trending in cyberspace, especially social media Twitter. Because netizens who use the card experience problems when accessing the internet.

For example, internet access cannot run smoothly while they still have a lot of quota. In fact, the current weather conditions could indeed be an obstacle to the continuity of the network.

But don’t worry, below will explain some of the reasons why the Tri network is slow today and how to overcome them. Listen, yes!

Causes of the Tri Slow Network

It is widely known by the public, that actually any provider has experienced signal disturbances, be it Indosat, Smartfren, XL, Axis, to Telkomsesl.

However, recently, Tri has been experiencing disturbances the most. But what actually causes it?

1. Bad weather

In Indonesia, it is commonplace that the weather has a big enough influence on internet connections. Moreover, the last few days have often experienced quite heavy rain.

Conditions like this are the internet network suddenly changing and not even smooth anymore to be used to open social media or just look for info on Google. Provider Tri is slow, it can also be due to weather like this.

2. Network conditions are very busy

Busy hours can also be a problem, as to why Tri’s network is slow today. When many people are using the internet connection at the same time, the signal will also be divided.

Actually the concept is also the same as Wi-Fi. If there are too many users, especially to download applications, the network becomes less than optimal.

Of course the only way is to access the internet at times when people use the internet to access social media or Google.

3. Undergoing maintenance or repair

Please note, there is nothing worse than this one. Due to maintenance or repair, that is clearly the reason why the Tri network is slow.

It could even be for a full day can not access the internet at all. If you have this, of course you have to wait for some time until the repair process has been successfully carried out.

In general, the condition of the signal from Tri which was previously slow will return to good again after the maintenance process is complete.

4. The emergence of annoying applications

Several applications that are active continuously are also the reason why the internet connection is slowing down. For example, at one time you open Spotify, Instagram, and several other APKs.

This of course can make the speed of the internet slower. That’s why make sure to get rid of apps that you no longer use. You can also disable it or uninstall it if it is rarely used.

How to Overcome the Tri Slow Network

You already know the reasons why the Tri network is slow, even though there is still a lot of quota? There may be a number of ways you can work around something like this if it reappears.

Here’s a guide on how to overcome the slow Tri network that needs to be listened to:

1. Restart the device

The first method that can be used is to restart the device. Because for some cases, the system on the cellphone has problems being able to return to normal when it is turned off and then turned on again.

When the phone is temporarily turned off, the applications that were originally running also stop automatically. Therefore the network from the internet can run smoothly as before.

2. Turn on Flight Mode

Furthermore, how to overcome the slow Tri network can be by turning on Flight Mode or Flight Mode. Please activate it for a few seconds, then turn it off again. Guaranteed connection to be smooth and fast.

3. Restart system settings

The next step is to restart the system settings. This method is powerful enough to overcome the slow Tri network.

But what if this method still doesn’t work? Looks like you need to try re-flashing the smartphone firmware.

At least when using this method, the condition of the cellphone will get better and the signal will return to normal. But this method is not recommended because the risk is quite large.

4. Access via Safe Mode

The next way is to access Safe Mode, and this method is the easiest. In fact, it seems that almost all smartphone users have done it to overcome the slow glitch on the Tri card.

To do this, you only need to press the Power Off button for a long time. Then click OK, the network will run normally when this method is done.

If that’s the case, then it means that the slow network was caused by a third-party application. Maybe you often download applications from other sites that are not affiliated with Google Play or the App Store.


For consideration, try the first and second methods. Because admins often use that method when the network is slow. The results are as expected, the network returns to normal as usual.

That’s a brief review of why the Tri network is slow lately. Make sure to follow the guidelines above thoroughly so that later the signal returns to good for sending WA, opening applications, or playing games.

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