Why Tokopedia Can’t COD? Here’s How To Overcome It

Tokopedia Can't COD

Currently, there are many conveniences that Tokopedia offers. In addition to the free shipping quota, there is also a COD feature that allows buyers to pay on the spot. But not infrequently, some people can’t use Tokopedia COD.

There are many reasons, but most often because the seller or store has not activated the feature. Generally they only serve payments through applications because they are not complicated when disbursing funds.

Well, if you insist on wanting Cash on Delivery, below will explain the causes and how to overcome Tokopedia unable to COD. So that in the future it will be easier when shopping online.

Tokopedia COD Features and Benefits

Like Shopee, Tokopedia COD is a feature that is presented so that buyers can pay after the goods arrive in their hands. Transactions are usually carried out by submitting a sum of money to the courier or delivery service.

All Tokopedia users can use this feature. However, we must be observant to see stores that provide COD as a payment method. Because, not all sellers activate the feature Cash on Delivery.

In addition to benefiting buyers, Tokopedia also presents this feature to increase seller turnover. Because as we know, some Indonesians are more interested in paying on the spot than digital transactions.

The other advantages of the COD feature (Cash on Delivery) Tokopedia are:

  • Sellers get more buyers
  • For buyers, there is a Free Shipping quota if you pay using COD
  • There is an insurance guarantee if the item is lost or damaged
  • Insurance claim only takes 8 working days
  • Can check the completeness and suitability of the goods
  • Buyers can return without paying postage if the goods do not match

Indeed, if you pay attention, the COD feature in various marketplaces is very useful. Especially for people who do not have access to a digital bank or e-wallet.

How to Overcome Tokopedia Can’t COD

For new Tokped users and still confused why Tokopedia can’t COD. There are several things that cause it. Check out the reviews below, yes!

1. Delivery Service Doesn’t Support

The first reason that Tokopedia cannot COD is that users choose the wrong courier at checkout. Because, there are some delivery services that do not support the Pay on the spot feature. Please change to JNE or AnterAja.

2. Limit COD out

Tokopedia limits the COD feature to a weekly quota. Each user can only choose to pay COD 5 times a week. In addition, for 1 day is also limited to 2 times of purchase / checkout.

So if you can’t use Tokopedia’s COD feature for this reason, the solution is to wait until next week. You can also choose digital payment methods such as GoPay, OVO, or bank transfer.

3. Vouchers are not valid for COD

Every promo/discount voucher must have terms and conditions. Chances are you chose a voucher that doesn’t support all transaction methods. So Tokopedia cannot COD even though there is still quota left.

4. Transactions Exceeded the Limit

One of the conditions for using the Tokopedia COD feature is that the nominal purchase cannot be more than IDR 2,500,000 per transaction. It’s possible that the item you bought is more expensive so Tokopedia COD cannot be used.

Even though there will be promotions or discounts, the nominal that is calculated remains the price of the goods displayed in the basket.

5. COD feature has not been activated

Next, the way to deal with Tokopedia not being able to COD is to filter for products specifically for COD (you can check at the top of the page). Because as explained at the beginning, not all stores activate the feature Cash on Delivery.

6. Frequently Cancel Transactions

The last reason why Tokopedia can’t COD is because you often cancel during transactions. Tokopedia strongly opposes this because it can harm all parties, not only the seller but also Tokopedia itself.

Therefore, to avoid this you should not go far on the day of delivery. Even if you are at work, you should tell the courier that the goods are entrusted to a neighbor.

Besides the 6 reasons above, the reason why you can’t COD on Tokopedia is also because your house is in an area that is not covered by the courier, or the delivery duration exceeds the provisions.

So that’s a complete review on how to solve Tokopedia unable to COD and its causes. Hopefully it can be a solution for buyers who have difficulty when they want to checkout products at Tokopedia. Happy shopping!

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