(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1495 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1495 Answers – And drinking beer where they have a big TV screen on the wall showing a slide show of landscape pictures. I can’t take my eyes off him. Because the picture is very nice, you know the pictures like this: amazing places, beautiful lights, colorful sunsets. Starry skies, waterfalls, ocean waves, tropical beaches, vibrant colors, most of them show technical knowledge. Choosing the right position Beautiful elements An artist after processing any of these images can win the competition. Print on a calendar or poster. Gracing the pages of magazines or garnering millions of likes on social media, there is also an almost identical photo of Peter Leake’s Phantom, which is the most expensive photo ever sold.

And yet after seeing the Slides spin three or four times, I was disgusted and wanted to throw my beer mug at the screen. I even thought of leaving landscape photography and switching to another genre. Its beauty makes me swoon and it feels like you feel after a delicious bite of chocolate or candy.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1495 Answers

I think part of the problem is that at one point or another anyone can have a good camera. Earning with little money when photography courses are cheap or free and getting to great places is much easier than ever. Almost everything turned out in the best light. Some more beautiful pictures of Moraine Lake or Antelope Canyon? Or mass rainbow at sunrise (yes, I’m guilty of that last one too)? I made a decision the other day that if I go to Antelope Mall I will take a fixed lens camera and take pictures. To put it this way: I photographed Antelope Canyon. And then turned off the camera and took in everything with his eyes

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Another problem is that I see a growing trend of consistent landscape photography. I don’t remember any pictures and I can’t say who took them. But at the same time, these photos may belong to different photographers who are famous on social networks. There is a style in landscape photography that aims to capture the viewer in a dramatic light. Strong composition and vivid and saturated colors. I can understand why people like it. But I don’t like it anymore.

The third and final problem is that these beautiful pictures do not speak to my soul, as if I ever understood what the photographer was thinking. When he clicks the shutter and processes the image, that is, “I’m going to surprise the audience. Earn more rewards online and how to generate sales?

None of this will be a problem. And I can only moan about the ingenuity of whoever put the presentation together. But if I look at what’s popular online, this is what I see. Any of these images, if published on 500px, will go directly to the top page of today’s top images in the landscape category. Don’t get me wrong all the pictures there and the pictures in this screenshot are beautiful. And I’m not here to insult the author. But many of them have some exceptions. To photograph what the public likes and the way the public admires. That’s what Peter Lee excels at: taking pictures of what sells and using his great marketing skills to make millions. I envy him and all commercially successful people. Life must be better there.

To be honest, what I see every day on 500px is much better than the images in that slideshow. And I realize I’m showing too much violence here. But again I don’t see the feelings and mood of the photographers through these pictures, and for me it’s not art. I don’t want to get out of line with the definition of art, but in short, I think it’s art if the artist puts it into his work. Not if someone pays to hang it on the wall.

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Now I understand what should I do? This is not sarcasm towards other photographers. It’s a reflection of where I want to be in my photography. Do I settle for fear on my anonymous blog, hoping the controversy will bring me traffic? I don’t want to be that guy maybe I should look elsewhere for good landscape photography, away from the online world of followers and enthusiasts. Maybe the great masters of the past can quench my thirst.

Who is the great master of contemporary landscapes who does not adhere to such characteristics and does not play in the slightest contribution to the taste of the mass market?

So what do I do with my photo? I started thinking about limiting myself to black and white landscape photography. Stay away from bold outfits and go for a more relaxed style. Deliberately blur details Use ambiguity as a technique that is the opposite of the desired clarity. In a mainstream way but if I did I would be insecure and end up deliberately choosing a style because of the effect I thought it would have on people. Isn’t it because it’s part of me?

A lot of hard questions The only thing I know for sure is that I didn’t think being an artist would be so hard.

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