(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2054 Answers

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“Connectors” – Grammar Guide for Upper Intermediate and Advanced Students This is a 2-page chart system of connectors that express collocations/examples; choice; Contrast / emission; cause / result / purpose; Time / sequence and situation. I usually give this table to students after they are already learning independently, which is usually in grade 9 (level 5). I find it especially useful for writing activities, because students tend to use more common conjunctions and repeat them often, which makes the text boring for the reader. So, when there is a more complex writing activity, students know to have this chart in front of them. Happy Sunday! And again I thank you all for your kind comments about my work. Hugs, Mena:))) Level:Advanced Age: 13-17 Downloads:3737 Copyright 28/3/2009Filomena Semião Publication or redistribution of any part of this document without permission of the copyright owner is prohibited. See more worksheets from mena22

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2054 Answers

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You are so talented: whatever you do is perfect!!!!!! Thanks and big hugs!!! :)Posted by Montypython Carlos D. GREAT!Posted by Carlos D. Thanks for sharing 🙂 silvination Thank you!!!Posted by silvination Really helpful for my students!!! maayyaa W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L! Posted by maayyaa Thanks for this complete guide! mpotb posted by mpotb Super!!! Very helpful worksheet!!! Thank you once again!!! hoopsandyoyo Posted by hoopsandyoyo thx so much! great vairor2 as usual!………thanks! posted by vairor2 saraiba posted by saraiba Wow!!! Thorough, interesting, helpful, … Thanks again for sharing, Mena!!! Enjoy your Sunday!!! :))))) LAMERCHE Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much .Enjoy your March Sunday (itsxasobcn) great and useful as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! itxasobcn) Thanks for sharing, dear Mena!!!!! Hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lidukas!!!! very cute!!! Awesome!!! Lidukas Posted by sylboy Posted by sylboy Thanks for sharing. arkel thanks so much for sharing 🙂 nonina another great GEM!!! posted by nonina Wow! This ornament will help my older students a lot! Thank you very much, Mena! Hugs from Spain! Posted by Anabelita Thanks for sharing Anabelita. -Eva Thank you so much for another great job!! Posted by -eva HARIM Thank you so much Mena! Posted by HARIM pirchy Well done! This is a great explanation! Thank you!! Posted by sea camel pirchy Posted by sea camel Thanks for sharing! Posted by Raspberry Raspberry is very helpful! Thank you! joebcn This is an interesting guide for students!!! Thank you very much, Mena!!!Jobcn Posted by Dorothea (F) Very interesting and helpful! Thank you for sharing. Doroteia (F) Cassy thanx a lotposted by Cassy I don’t know about your std but I find the link boring and pointless even in portuguese. I think they will make the topic interesting by using your ws. cerix64 is exhausting and exciting at the same time! Posted by cerix64 THX 4 Another great worksheet! Kamilam Posted by Kamilam Great driver, dear Mena! Very very useful! Thank you very much! Great McMabi!!! Thanks o) macomabi Posted by gilorit Thanks for your work Mena 😉 Posted by gilorit savetheplanet Thank you very much. It will help my students!!!!!!!!!!! Your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher! thank you andreiamendes great job!!! Posted by andreiamendes Thanks for sharing. Agatha1987 Posted by Agatha1987 Thanks for sharing! anatavner Great worksheet! Thanks for your great work!!! Posted by anatavner Rosario Pacheco Great! Thank you very much! Posted by Rosario Pacheco cely Posted by cely Very helpful for my students! Thank you very much!! sickgeo (F) posted by sickgeo (F) You never cease to amaze us!!! Thanks evadp75! Great job as usual!Commented by evadp75 Ticas Thanks again! Great guide posted by Ticas! Amanda W Wow! Posted by Amanda W Thank you so much, Mena! diva2402 INCARREVOLI… thanks diva2402 Posted by lubel lubel brilliant and very helpful !!! Posted by tsaour Thanks for sharing tsaour Thanks a lot! Great as always! Thank you daivluko! sent by daivluko missola missola thanx for sharing chorima sent by chorima thanks looooot, Dear Mena (very hard working and great contributor) Abbes_Z thanks for sharing! Abbes_Z Posted by sedefgül Posted by sedefgül Thank you so much for sharing! Thanks Nelssa, that will help! 🙂 Posted by Nelssa Katiana Excellent ! Dear Mena… Posted by Katiana Thank you so much and have a great weekend! Big hugs! Great charm and very helpful dear Mena !! Thank you very much!! 🙂 CHARMED ONE Posted by knds Posted by knds Awesome! Thank you very much! thank you very much!!! Posted by katiamp meuge Posted by meuge Worksheets are very helpful! Thank you! serennablack Well done, posted by serennablack Amazing work. Very complete. Thank you very much! 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Posted by Tere-arg Great job! Thank you very much! chedni Thank you Posted by chedni First of all I want to thank you for the best worksheet. Then, I want more interesting and useful work from you. God help your aura+ obrigada, Filomena! posted by aura+ sabe que lá na minha Escola (Secundária Joaquim de Araújo- Penafiel), todo o group de Inglês conhece bem o teu excellente trabalho. Obrigada por o partilhares connoso! célia machado (aura+) Posted by Ju Madeiro Thanks for sharing, 😉 01.11.09 Tinette WOW!!!Posted by Tinette This worksheet is amazing. Mena, this is high quality work! So complete, clear and organized. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your work with us… always! Happy Sunday! ghroordala3 Posted by ghroordala3 Thanks denfer denfer Posted by Perfect. Thank you 🙂 thank you for sharing babystudent!!! Posted by BabyStudent Exactly what I needed! bluedress posted by bluedress beautiful worksheet annitacm SCARED! Posted by annitacm Very helpful! Thanks a lot 😉 atriara Posted by atriara Amazing! Thank you very much. volga posted by volga You are so talented!! ABOVE AND THROUGHOUT!!! ;o) cris03glu I love ur wss… Thnx a lot! :Posted by cris03glu vivinieto Thank you! Posted by vivinieto ranclaude Thanks for sharing Mena, cheers! Posted by ranclaude Pacchy Really nice and helpful!!Posted by Patchy Kohaku ******* Thank you so much****** * *** This is a great resource and a welcome addition to the classroom me** * ******* Posted by Kohaku lberken Thank you! Posted by lberken Great worksheet! I appreciate the sample sentences that show the connectors 🙂 Thanks for sharing. joy2bill posted by joy2bill I am number 675 to download this. It should be good! Thank you very much. _babz love it|posted by _babz Lidukas Thank you, dear Mena!!! Very helpful!!!Lidukas wyy_yuen_yan Great!! Thank you ~ posted by wyy_yuen_yan Anna P Thanks a lot, Mena.posted by Anna P This is a great resource and I’m glad I found it. Thank you for sharing. maluge Great Worksheets Posted by maluge I have to admit that your worksheets catch my eye every time I look for activities here. Thank you so much for all your support! greetings!! Malesza is great! Thank you! posted by malesza yogiba61 posted by yogiba61 Great job Mena, you are a great teacher!!! Thanks a lot montseteacher Posted by montseteacher Thanks for sharing! tesea Wow!!! posted by tesea Very clear for students. Examples are very helpful! Thank you!! moonsoler Very GoodPosted by moonsoler All said. Thank you very much! magneto posted by magneto Thanks, Mena… for all your great contributions! magneto posted by magneto Thanks, Mena… for all your great contributions! Defeat brilliantly in France, thank you! send by

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