(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1798 Answers

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1798 Answers – Why is Trump’s remarks calling for the abolition of the Constitution and the reversal of the 2020 presidential election dangerous? When was the Constitution under siege? And how can we protect documents that support democracy?

Heather and Joanne discuss the early constitutional debates, the difficult passage of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, and the rise of “sophistication” as a theory of constitutional interpretation in the 1970s.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1798 Answers

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I am Joanne Freeman. Today, I’m going to talk about a story I talk about almost every week. Because that’s how we choose subjects. But in this case, it’s a very relevant and big topic. The subject is the Constitution. What is that? What do we think about it? What does our constitution do besides forming a government? And, of course, this is what former President Trump posted on the social media platform Truth Social on Saturday, December 3rd. The full quote follows. “After uncovering widespread fraud and deception on a large scale through close collaboration with the DNC, a major tech company, and the Democratic Party, we have decided to nullify the results of the 2020 presidential election and declare a legitimate winner. Or will we hold a new election?”

And that’s the part that caught my attention. “A massive fraud of this type and scale would allow for the termination of every rule, regulation and clause in the Constitution. We did not want that and we do not condone it.” It was a wake-up call. Since then, Heather and I have been debating how amazing it is… amazing. I don’t even know the word Heather. You may think of a better word than mine, but it is very unfortunate that a former president is talking about amending the constitution or abolishing parts of it.

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I would like to add that the right reads it differently than many people have tried to understand it and defend the statement. wrong direction. “

The lying press takes it the wrong way. So, I read all the parts. He said there is no break. Some people say, “Oh, he didn’t tell me to stop. He said to stop.” Not very well, but still we interpret everything he said. What he meant is very clear.

What really struck me was the lack of universal condemnation and outrage over the comments. Then when they say ‘oh he doesn’t have the authority’ or ‘he says everything and we don’t follow them’. But with very few exceptions, few said they would not support him if he were their party’s candidate.

If you don’t respond, it means it’s important to imagine it as the value you need in this moment. Is it a “riot”, insurrection or coup attempt? This is another case of people using language in very interesting ways to try not to say something. For example, Mitch McConnell said of a post on Truth Social:

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A presidential candidate who believes that the Constitution cannot be suspended or upheld in any way is likely to have a very difficult time as President of the United States.

He hasn’t said anything about whether he’ll endorse Trump if he’s nominated. He rejected it, saying it was dangerous, wrong remarks and should not be tolerated. He basically said: You would think it would be a problem if he ran for president. “

Mitch McConnell is the Senate Minority Leader and the Senate Minority Leader. This will be a gathering of people. All I could think of was how widely it was mentioned by William Lloyd Garrison in 1831.

Exactly. But I couldn’t think of another example in America where someone sued the Constitution. In this case he calls the Constitution a contract with death. He condemned the Constitution, saying that slavery was permissible. That’s the idea. Literally, this one person who was not a member of the National Assembly but an editor-in-chief of a newspaper and an abolitionist spoke for his own cause, and it is still a story that appears in textbooks. Essentially it’s like people started talking after he said this.

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It represents where we are now. We always think that there is a line that cannot be crossed in our hearts, and these moments keep coming to mind. As you just said, Heather, people can certainly rally around the Constitution.

Well, it’s been a while since I drew the line. I’m back all the way and I won’t let it go. But the reason we wanted to make an episode about this is because at least when I first started studying American history for the Constitution, I thought the Constitution was really ridiculous and really boring and I felt like I was in fourth place. I didn’t grade it because I thought I would learn. It seemed to be there the whole time. And the truth is how interesting and dynamic the documentation is, how important it is for the first framers to write it and for all of us to continue to be framers in terms of use and deployment. together.

So I’ve always enjoyed working with Joan, but I’m especially excited to work with her on a subject where she is her domestic expert… I don’t think you’d agree that she’s an expert in her country, but take my word for it. But since she is of course an expert on the early Republic, she knows very little about the Constitution. So, with the idea of ​​writing a constitution first, can you explain a little bit about what’s going on?

The thing to remember about the Constitution is, first of all, that not an entire generation said this. We need a constitution. let’s go. Let’s write. ‘Now we have it. next. It was a huge job and it wasn’t something people were going to do in the first place. It seemed like too big an undertaking for them to essentially go into it. Now I

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