(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 375 Answers

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 375 Answers – LEGO Castle was launched in 1978 along with Space and City, completing the popular classic theme group. The range includes many memorable sets including the 375 Castle and the 6080 King’s Castle, as well as countless other impressive and impressive examples.

Therefore, the castle was chosen to celebrate LEGO’s ninetieth anniversary, and the 10305 Lion Knights Castle looks absolutely stunning in the official images. Beyond paying tribute to some memorable teams, this incredible design achieves remarkable authenticity and functionality, especially improving previous palaces.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 375 Answers

10305 Lion Knights Castle ships with the usual dark 18+ packaging, instead recreating the classic castle box. The animated design looks great and features the yellow stripes associated with the “LEGOLAND” set from the 1980s, which is also back for 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay. Additionally, the model was photographed on a cardboard background, and the packaging for 6080 King’s Castle was recreated.

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Similar design instructions adorn both manuals and they are packed in 35 bags, number one and 26, with the other bag containing several larger pieces. Fortunately, stickers are not required.

The first manual features set designers Milan Madge and Mike Ciaki, along with some commentary from graphic designer Ashwin Visser. Information on the long history of LEGO Castle is also included, tracing how the theme has evolved through 375 castles and welcoming a variety of memorable factions and sub-themes before ending with NEXO Knights.

Includes an impressive selection of 21 miniatures, starting with Queen. The figure is ornately dressed, wearing an ornate helmet with a golden visor and an ornate crest. Her silver breastplate looks good, but I wish the whole helmet was pearl gold because the current mix looks weird.

However, I absolutely love the Queen’s cloth cape, which proudly displays the famous lion symbol of the Knights of the Lion. The border embellishments are just as amazing and I love how these designs show through the fabric, so the inside is great too, especially with the same details on the legs.

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The double-sided head has two smiling expressions and an optional hair element is provided starting with the 7079 drawbridge defense. Also, removing the breastplate reveals a unique torso with metallic gold designs that distinguish the queen from her soldiers. Her striking sword and shield are also unique.

Accompanying the queen are nine colorful lion knights with various heads and accessories. A knight wears a helmet with an adjustable visor and acts as the queen’s personal bodyguard, as they are almost always shown together in official portraits and instruction manuals. Although many such armor pieces are included, heavy breastplates suggest an important role.

Five of these knights are women, which is surprising given the relative rarity of soldiers in the Middle Ages. However, different styles are welcome, and many miniatures have double-sided heads, which is always useful. Additionally, many of these heads are uncommon, returning as individual collectible miniatures.

These miniatures have an ax and sword along with various shields. Both the yellow and blue versions start with the classic castle and look gorgeous, so I’m glad that three of each design are provided. However, I dislike the circular sword, which looks ridiculously unrealistic compared to the Queen’s detailed weapon.

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Three other miniatures are wearing nose helmets, which seems appropriate since these pieces were introduced with the original Lion Knights. The red and blue color scheme of their costumes is also very familiar, but strikes an effective balance between fidelity to earlier miniatures and a modern design sensibility. It was very important to keep the classic primary color.

However, the prints on the knights’ feet are darker than their torsos. This difference does not damage the miniatures because the different colors are separated by a red-brown bar, but such inconsistencies must be avoided. Metallic silver chainmail also adorns the torso and legs and thus completes the reflective helmet.

Both female knights are equipped with bows and quivers, while a male figurine carries a bugle, commonly known as a herald’s trumpet. The beautiful flag looks great and a great head was chosen for the herald. The blinking expression of the second archer also works well, as if preparing her shot.

Although the castle has many weapons and other items, the rest of the knights do not have the equipment to identify specific roles. The metallic silver Kettle helmets look great as always and the final Lion Knight has a dark brown hair element. I think the scared face is included because the character looks younger than his peers.

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Fortunately, the other miniatures look very confident, and I especially enjoyed the rich expression of the bearded knight. Although all these soldiers share the same torso, their different helmets, armor, and other equipment provide many options to distinguish these nine common lion knights.

The magical Mage is perhaps the most memorable Castle miniature, so his return seemed inevitable. However, I wonder what he looks like without decorations on his hat or robes. Such simple elements are extremely rare in modern miniatures, but give this character an interesting timeless quality.

Magisto’s beard has been updated and includes printed facial hair under the head. The accompanying female figurine wears a line, making clever use of the headdress designed for the Egyptian warrior collectible figurine. Her double-sided head also has a distinct smile and gray eyebrows.

I also love the simple dark green dress of this miniature, which would suit many roles in the castle. Such versatility can come in handy when choosing inclusive rooms! Instead of his large scepter, Magisto now wields a wooden staff with a curious glowing green gem.

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Three additional farmers are also provided, each featuring elements from a recent collectible Troubadour minifigure! The child has a similar torso and arms decorated with purple stripes, while the adult includes a blue wild hat and troubadour beard.

The most unique elements are brilliant, and the recurring designs are well chosen. However, the central miniature in the images above and below includes a new torso with blue sleeves to complement his hat. The dark brown hair look of the other characters is also attractive, and both are seen in relatively few other sets.

Foresters are a more popular sub-theme of the Castle, with three such miniatures joining the Lion Knights, now known as Forest Guardians. Their green and red outfits are shared with the 40567 Forest Hideout minifigures, and while some of the alternating accent colors are interesting, there’s great detail. Finally, early Rangers sometimes wore green and blue uniforms.

The outlaw male has a large moustache, and both adults have their traditional hats, with matching feathers. The baby doesn’t include a hat, but her braided hair is perfect for the medieval setting. I was surprised that she only had one expression on her head.

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Naturally, antique miniatures have bows and quivers as well as printed lutes. This accessory was also introduced with the aforementioned troubadour and captures the beautiful details and includes a carved wooden figurine of the girl! This never before seen trophy is dark brown and its color is perfect and very similar to the dark wood of the trees where the rangers live.

Another well-known team is the classic Black Falcons, contemporaries of the Lion Knights and Foresters in the 1980s. Three representatives of the Black Falcons are provided, and the instruction manual suggests that they come as allies of the Lion Knights, hence their friendly faces. In fact, I wonder if the character with the tip of his helmet is looking for an easy marriage with the queen.

Like the other knights, these miniatures share a similar torso, offering their recognizable markings and upgrades to the original miniatures. The addition of metallic silver chain mail and pearlescent dark gray elements are certainly eye-catching, but I’m glad that the signature black color of their helmets remains intact.

These minifigures come with various accessories, including two different swords and Black Hawk’s shield. Their blue and bright yellow and orange banners look great, but the most impressive is the bouncer’s bag! It seems like everything the knights need for their stay is packed into the back of one miniature, so his alternate expression is perfect.

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Includes a range of animal miniatures, including a bull and a fixed cart. Similar items appeared in many Castle sets and the blue color scheme refers to the 1877 Crusader wagon, but in this example the sides are made using blue flags. 1×2 grid tiles and 1×2 profile bricks represent the stack of hay inside, and another stack creates steps for some miniature figures to climb onto the cart.

This bull was recently introduced to 60346 Barn & Farm Animals, and the beautiful lamb starts here too. In addition, a white bird lives in the cart. Apart from this firkin, the rest of the accessories are stored somewhere inside the castle, which is safely placed on its stand. The texture on the front of the wooden stand is excellent.

Also included are two horses, one from 21325 Medieval Blacksmith, while the dark orange horse appears in 60327 Horse Transport. The colors are attractive and both animals are decorated with realistic bridges. In addition, horses were displayed sporting fancy hats

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