(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2328 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2328 Answers – Welcome everyone to this edition of Jamie Wheal: HomeGrown Humans on Collective. I had the pleasure of speaking with a dear friend and valued colleague, Rich Deviney, US Navy Commander of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group and author of the most recent best-selling book, The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers. Very good job. Nice to talk to you, welcoming and thoughtful.

Rich Deviney: Well, Jamie, thanks for having me. Jamie, your audience needs to know that you are a friend and mentor. Since we met you, our conversations have guided me and I continue to learn with you, which has really helped me in writing my books. So it’s good to talk, we sometimes don’t talk so it’s a great time to catch up.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2328 Answers

Jamie Wheel: Well, let’s start with, what is this, the trends that came out, what, 16, 18 months ago? A similar one.

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Jamie Wheel: Right. Well, first, how was that ride? In other words, seeing the life of ideas born in the world beneath the surface and people reading and interacting with it is a great parenting experience. How do you take your best guess at what you think are the greatest leadership tips and lessons, and then share it with the world and go around the world with your talk?

Dhanadevata: Yes. Now that’s over. Also, this is my first book, unbooked travel in 2021 due to covid and I have nothing to gain.

Rich Deviney: No, right? Because I remember being with you at the secret fire at least once. I’m a writer, you might think so, but a lot of podcasts talk a lot about that. Although it’s amazing, I get comments from people who say I think this book will work for them, and when they read it, they say, hey, this is a book about me. the reader Yes, it has good Navy SEAL nuggets, but not only that, human nuggets, game nuggets, live nuggets, it really depends on the reader. So that information is good.

The work does not stop when the book is published, the work begins, this is a lesson for many who have not written a book, you write the book, but the work begins with words. About the book, the book is recommended. If experience supports it, build a business around the book and what you do for others. So, it was very exciting. My wife Kristen, aka Jamie, I think you don’t know either. He is the Director of our Attributes team. We work together every day now and it’s different for us because after 21 years in the Navy he can’t work with me and is happy to build a business.

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Jamie Wheel: That’s how it works. That’s the logistics of it. When aspiring writers ask, even if you are very committed, you can be sure that this will not happen when you submit the manuscript. Well, if you’re in high school or college, I’m done, you know, halfway through.

Jamie Wheel: About halfway through. Not half as much, but trust us, it is. Get ready for a second wind and a long run. I know, let’s get to the content now, because you have a specific thesis, yes, this story revolves around the SEALs, the BUD/S selection process, revolves around those things. You, yes. I’m not sure everyone is right. That idea is the reason why you present different topics in your book. Open us up a little. What’s the difference between the jocks like you said, I get up at 4:20 a.m. every morning and do push-ups you know? I would say all the small, well, not so small, general types of leaders and special types of leaders, not just in the regular teams, but in the Special Warfare Development Group.

Dhanadevata: Yes. Well, that’s interesting. The development team and Jaime, you visited us and met me there, so you know, you already know. But one of the problems I had when I took the training and the selection for that order… for the audience to see, that order was a selection order. SEALs from all the other SEAL teams. Taking them under our own command and putting that group through our own selection and evaluation, a nine-month selection process. At the time, when I took that process, it was about a 50% attrition rate. That’s normal. As you can see, for any audit program, the attrition rate is good, so attrition is good. Anyway, we can’t say why 50% couldn’t do it.

For the new, these are the best from the top orders that came to our order. With us, we can’t shoot well, we can’t skydive well. It was not enough, because again, these geniuses, they shot, the sky flew. So what should I do? We need to separate work from looking. We see shooting, we see scuba diving, we see the sky. This is where I landed on this type of content. What are those examples that tell and say what it takes to do that job so that one can do it and be competent? I’ll give you some examples, at that time, of course when I met you, Jamie, I did, I went.

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You know that BUD/S, Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, is the basic SEAL training that everyone goes through. If you want to become a Navy SEAL in San Diego, California six months ago, the attrition rate is 90%. Hundreds of hours of running with heavy boats on your head, hundreds of hours of straining on 300-pound telephone poles and running with those things on your shoulders, and then you enjoy the surf spot. When I began to practice and observe this, during that time I had conducted hundreds of combat missions and thousands of exercises in foreign countries. I tell you, I’ve never carried a heavier ship or a 300-pound telephone pole on my shoulders. What they did to us in BUD/S was not to teach us the skills to be a Navy SEAL, they made fun of these instincts.

Do we have what it takes? What makes us a SEAL? Another example I give based on SEAL training is absurd. I did SEAL training in 1996, so in the mid 90s. At that time, one of the first things you do when you show up is swim 50 meters. I told this story before I got there. But, the story goes, this kid has BUD/S and it’s time for him to take a bath. So he jumped into the pool to bathe. He jumps into the well and immediately falls to the bottom of the well, he starts going down one side, then he goes down the other side. He climbed up, gasped for air, and nearly died. The teacher looked up and asked, “What are you doing?”

The boy looked at the teacher and said, I’m sorry teacher, I don’t know how to take a bath. So the instructor stopped for a moment, looked at the kid, and said, “Okay, we’re going to teach you how to swim.” Is that right? Because if this kid has that instinct, this coach knows he’s got the balls to show up to Navy SEAL training, he doesn’t know how to swim, he’s got what we’re going to teach him. Teaching him to swim is the easy part. We distinguish these qualities from abilities, and the thesis is that these qualities lead to performance. All this

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