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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 350 Answers – We all want it, but how do we get it? In this episode of the Ten Thousand Feet: The OST podcast, we talk with Hannah Stahl, Head of Talent Acquisition, and Derek Fricano, Head of Design, about creating a sustainable culture in an organization.

How do workers cope with change, from changing job titles to global pandemics? Hannah and Derek discuss creating career portfolios, building dynamic teams and sustainable culture. Click the play button to start.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 350 Answers

Kieran: Hello. Welcome to today’s episode of the Ten Thousand Meters: The OST podcast. So as you may have heard, OST is celebrating a milestone of 25 years in business this year. We wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on how we got to this point and what it looks like to reach this milestone. And on that note, I’m joined today by Hannah Stahl, who leads talent acquisition, and Derek Fricano, our creative team leader. Hannah and Derek are two people who immediately come to mind when I think of embodying the spirit of this organization.

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So I wanted to bring them in to talk about what it took to get through the last 25 years and pull back the curtain a little bit and talk about a number of different parts of what this organization is today. So Hannah, welcome to the show.

Kiran: Okay. So I think we can talk about a lot of different things as far as organizations go. People who become friends and how we reached this milestone. But I was wondering where to start – Hannah, I’m just going to start with you, and I know that you’ve had to change, especially in your role of overseeing talent, and be more careful than ever in the last two years.

And I know you are still looking for people to call this organization home. So can you talk a little bit about how your approach to finding and sourcing talent for the organization has changed? And then you talked a little bit about why a flexible workforce is so important to an organization’s success.

Hannah: Yes, definitely. When I joined OST, I joined specifically for the culture because of the flexibility. As it turned out, the brand did well in West Michigan, where I’m from, and I was able to use the brand when I was recruiting candidates and when I was introducing candidates, we had active candidates in our tracking system and After that I was not. Do not allow access to the outside.

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The pandemic has changed everything in recruiting and I think all recruiters can agree that it has been the most exciting and challenging of my career, and now we spend most of our time looking outward. We need to change the way we sell positions. We need to change the way we support our employees internally. We have to change literally all the ways we have done things in the past. Now, the most important thing for us is to make sure we support our employees internally. Therefore, we have to think about the capital with the change of the market. We need to think about the changing markets and make sure these are who we are as an organization and what we can achieve and how we work mentally so that when we look to the future, for Be prepared for anything that may happen. A recession or another pandemic, we’re ready, so hiring decisions don’t play a big part in anything

Kieran: That makes a lot of sense. Let me ask you the following question. Can you talk about why employees who are willing to adapt to change are important in terms of creating a sustainable organization? How can you say such a thing?

Hannah: The OST had a chance to change and evolve, and the pandemic really helped that. We were able to move quickly. We worked quickly through our hiring processes. Within a month, we started working all over the country. Before the pandemic, we had remote work in six countries, and now we have remote work in 31 countries.

We were able to deploy the technology across the country. We were able to work with contractors. Contractors have a central role in maintaining sustainability. We have partners who have been working with us for five years or more, eight or eight years, and we can delegate this work to them according to the market conditions, according to our needs, and this is correct. A strong partnership

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So not only are we flexible in how we hire, where we hire, who we hire, but we’ve been able to adapt quickly, which is critical if we want to be successful now and in the future. .

Kiran: Yes. And Derek, as you retain these human resources as Head of Design, I’m sure you will continue to seek talent to help this organization achieve its goals. So can you talk a little bit about what you do to build a team that can help you succeed and why it’s so important to have a strong team that wants to call this organization home?

Derek: Well, I mean, we couldn’t do what we do without the help of talent, without the help of Hannah.

That is, until the last point, that is, since I have been the head of the design team, it has been about four months. We are currently focusing on leveling up. Like our services, fortunately, our services are in demand. We have a sales force that actively talks about the capabilities that OST offers by design. Then, as we know, more businesses come in, more creativity is needed, so we do our best to meet that need. As Hanna said, working in the context of the pandemic, working in the context of the Great Recession definitely presented some common challenges.

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But again, like I think that’s why I work with Hannah, I feel like our talent team has a deep understanding of what we need. I feel like we have great partners there and what we’re really looking for, I think, is more than just a kind of resume and pointers, you know, educational background or work experience.

The things that I think make our team unique and the things that I think make people want to be a part of our team is that they like people who think creatively, people who are willing to learn. And they are just fun to work with. You know, we need problem solvers. We’re looking for people who want to be in the middle of some of the strongest and sometimes most uncertain client areas we’re in, and we’re looking for people who can feel comfortable being in the middle of it. and directs it.

Hannah: I can share that in that time I have seen Derek’s team develop, grow and strengthen. We had a lot of changes during the pandemic.

We lost during the pandemic and that was a challenge and it was everywhere in the market. And Derek’s leadership and Abby’s leadership have now expanded their team with two more leaders. They’ve grown their team with new skills, and when we think about the lasting impact we’re always looking forward to the next 25 years, Derek and Abby have added new strengths.

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We added research, we added services. We’ve added people with PhDs who bring new skills that we haven’t seen before.

Kiran: Very good. You’re both talking about a few different things, which I think when we talk about the characteristics that make organizations successful, which is flexibility and adaptability, the willingness to change and move in the needed directions. Are important.

I wanted to touch on something I recently read an article about: career portfolios. I thought it was interesting, because the level of work is not what you know, it is what it was. But instead of people moving around a lot, they’re looking for opportunities to make an impact on the organization. So how do you empower people to succeed and build career portfolios, knowing where they are now and where they might want to go?

Derek: Well, when you sent me that article, it was a great moment of validation, because I probably wouldn’t have done it if there hadn’t been monitoring work like a portfolio, as opposed to a sequence of internal locations. I don’t work in OST, because my background doesn’t really match that of the designer. And I think again, like the strength of what we’ve been — the strength of the people that we’ve been able to bring in recently is because we’re willing to look outside that kind of way.

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