(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 117 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 117 Answers – What #FörFramtiden means to the Swedish Women’s National Hockey Team – and why it matters.

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 117 Answers

There is a dangerous contagion that has spread through all levels of professional women’s sports around the world. Its symptoms, such as misogyny, sexism and inequality, resemble a raging hydra: it moves from one issue and another takes its place. Sometimes this disease seems incurable.

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Sweden’s 43-man squad was announced in August. 14 will boycott both the training camp and the upcoming 5 Nations tournament, which starts on August. A coordinated release on social media went viral on the day before the 20. Damkronorna met Bosan’s training camp in Finland.

“All players invited to play for the Swedish women’s national hockey team have today informed the Swedish Hockey Federation of a unanimous and unanimous decision … A total of 43 players have been invited to this camp and tournament. None will participate in the camp or tournament,” begins the release, which can be viewed here in English.

“From now on, no one will represent the colors blue and yellow, until the Swedish Hockey Federation shows us that it is ready to work with our players to develop and create better arenas for the current roster and all future teams.”

The social media release came with a statement from unions representing SICO, Damkronorna and SDHL.

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SIF (Svenska Ishockeyförbundet, Swedish Ice Hockey Association) general secretary Tommy Baustad responded on behalf of the federation in a press release sent in August. 14 at 4:27 pm CET. “We are surprised,” it began.

Surprised? Yes, I believe they really are, because they expect Damcronorna to live on less money than their male counterparts. The low rating, after all, is another symptom of the widespread neglect of women in the union. The response did not say anything about the players’ situation, their well-founded criticism or how the federation plans to address the issue. It is a general indication of how leadership has been cut off from women’s groups.

While some have criticized the timing of the strike, a look at Damkaran’s season schedule makes its justification clear. As previously reported by Ice Garden, the 2019 Four Nations Cup will be held in Lulea in November. Also, the final match of the Euro Hockey Tour is being held in Sweden in March. The same concept is followed by the US Women’s National Team. During the 2017 #BeBoldForChange strike: Confronting international adversity.

The players who answered my questions gave the same answer with the English translation of their original book. Requests for comment from SICO, Tommy Boustedt, tournament manager Olof Östblom and Damkronorna head coach Ylva Martinsen were not answered. Since Saturday, SIF president Anders Larsson has remained silent and stopped talking to Boustedt.

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A second #FörFramtiden statement on the players’ social networks and the SICO 10 improvement points, both released on August 16, shed more light on the team’s underlying conditions. (SVT’s Mary Lehmann translated all 10 points into English on Twitter, and they’re worth a read.)

Complaints about the deteriorating condition of the national team are not new. “In all the years I was in the national team, the situation was worse than now,” striker Pernilla Winberg told DN in October 2017.

In December of the same year, defender and then-captain Emilia Ramboldt spoke to SVT Sport about the ongoing fatigue of balancing her full-time job as a kindergarten teacher and her playing career with her personal life as a wife and mother, saying, “I don’t know how much longer I can endure this.

A December 2017 survey of 23 Damkronorna players by SVT Sport found that more than half of the squad had considered leaving.

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“The norm is that we are very happy when we get a new T-shirt.” wonderful Bravo to @svt for an in-depth look at the real life Swedish superstars. — Meredith Foster (@fosterwrites) December 12, 2017

Point four, travel conditions. “A year and a half ago (a month before the Olympics) Turku took home the Finnish boat Damkronorna from the national team competition in Finland on Saturday night.”

To understand why this is a problem, a ferry trip between Turku, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden takes more than 10 hours. And that’s without considering the extra travel time for players not based in the Stockholm area. Meanwhile, the flight takes less than an hour.

The point addresses overseas travel between Sweden and North America for tournaments such as the Four Nations in 2017, when the team arrived in Tampa the day before the tournament began: “Things to consider include the six-hour time difference and travel. About 15 hours. What does such a trip entail in terms of health and injury risk? What does the SIF expect from the results of the conditions?”

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Point seven, get dressed. “SIF doesn’t offer women’s clothing, but men’s clothing.” According to the statement, the team has been asking SIF for women’s clothing for the past five years, as “SIF provides uniform clothing to all national teams, i.e. men’s clothing.”

Chapter Ten, Appendix. “SIF has partners in nutrition and dietary supplements. However, women are rewarded with products that have passed their start date. Usually these are products that last for a few months.”

Imagine you’re one of the best female athletes in the world, but you’re held back by a long discount tour and the wrong clothes and outdated nutritional supplements. The shadow glows like a hideous bat symbol.

Such lack of respect extends to personnel selection. Although the federation managed to quell a revolt against Leif Booker in 2016, they did nothing to address players’ concerns – and despite historically poor results they kept Booker as head coach after the 2018 Olympics. Damkronorna finished a record-low seventh in PyeongChang under the book, with lead goalie Minatsu Mures commenting on the Hawkeyes, “They ruined our Olympics.”

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SICO’s initial statement cited financial difficulties as the driving force behind the move. “The agreement signed between SIF and SICO regarding lost earnings expired in April this year and the Swedish Ice Hockey Association has decided not to advise on the agreement regarding lost employee earnings,” the statement said.

In other words, the federation chose not to help lock out players if they miss work to participate in camps or tournaments. It’s a big blow, especially after losing Olympic funding. A second statement by the Sangh mentions this in detail.

Point one, lost revenue. “For the 18-19 season, the SHL gave SEK 400,000 to the SIF, with that money going to Damkronorn. SIF is of the view that this amount will be met. SHL’s idea was [they] wanted to help SIF make a long-term investment in Damkronorna. SIF was initially held by SHL after refusing to compensate Damkronorna for lost work, among other things.

The top men’s league, the SHL, pocketed about $41,408 USD after losing its Olympic sponsorship. The SIF agreed, amounting to SEK 800,000. However, there’s no word on what will happen to the rest of the money that doesn’t go to the team, and Point One concludes, “We wonder where the money is from last season. Up?”

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Boussed and SIF responded to the revenue question by shifting their focus to SDHL. He pointed to SIF giving SDHL business rights on the grounds that the association had not paid any financial compensation to Damkronorna or other SDHL players:

“We give SDHL all the commercial rights. One million rights. SDHL ensures that the member clubs provide [Damkronorna] to the players without a salary cut,” Boustedt told Expressen on August 15. “The contract states that the Swedish Ice Hockey Association will not compensate the players. Or -SDHL. It is the team’s duty to compensate the players.”

The problem? The SDHL, unlike other women’s hockey leagues in the world, does not have the resources to pay its players a living wage. Unless Boustead has spent the last ten years under a rock, you’re well aware of that fact.

#SDHL has released a statement clarifying that the agreement between SDHL and SIF does not mean the league is responsible for compensating players for lost wages during the international break. #FörFramtiden https://t.co/XbWMpqAdD4 — Meredith Foster (@fosterwrites) August 16, 2019

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Point two, the insurance issue. “How is Damcronorna insured and how does SIF work on the insurance question? They insure the male players for a few hundred thousand and we don’t have full insurance.”

The fifth factor is development. “As far as we know, there is no detailed long- or short-term development plan for how SIF intends to manage Damkronorn.

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