(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2568 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2568 Answers – 4. What kind of victory should I go for? I know Venice is cultural, can I win the monarchy? Because it’s like the OCC game

1. The wonders of the world are not so important. If you start half of your AI with old technology, you’re going to lose a lot of startups. I usually try to build Oracle first because the AI ​​likes it a bit and I generally appreciate it. And free politics and culture are very good. Hanging Gardens is possible, but unfortunately it’s a gamble that the AI ​​loves – perhaps Venice’s best early surprise if you can find it.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2568 Answers

2. I prefer science and technology that gives you trade routes (Venice gets double trade routes, so a new +2 to those technologies) and technology that grows as you want Venice to grow like crazy. Don’t neglect all the soldiers because you may rush early.

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3. I don’t test religion (and look under my text… I always test religion) Trust me, you belong to the generation of faith as big as Venice and a crippled city, and you probably have a chance to find Aston You don. it has no handle. If you try, you’ll probably waste hammers and end up with one of the crappiest hammers the AI ​​has to offer. Like Venice, it will be hard to spread your religion again, so you don’t really lose the faith of the founder. As a neutral citizen and one of the largest cities in the world, the AI ​​will spread many religions in your city and give you the opportunity to buy more religious buildings throughout the game. If you try to protect what’s yours, you’ll lose everything and probably go crazy.

However, I have already built 1 place of prayer and hope for a week. Chances are you’ll stick with it for a while, and there may be many short-term benefits. For example, do you have 4 truffles? +1 food from camps gives killer pop early. Do you have money or special resources? Select cultural pantheons for these types of resources. +10% growth is less powerful because you lose your pantheon before it matters much. If you’re on the coast with 2-3 wells, a fishing boat’s +1 hammer is a short-term bonus – most good Venetian options – usually for only 5x the shelter investment. .

4. You can win in many ways like in Venice. Diplomacy is probably easier with support, but you can also gain customs and dominion. Science is probably the hardest because your puppets get the science nerve and the AI ​​comes first.

5. Yes. Run CS BACK on the water and send yourself a food merchant ship. Venice really grows with him. I can play with and feed at least two babies in each game. You don’t lose gold with your extra trade routes.

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Gratizzz said: Thanks for your quick reply. And a few more things.. can I hurry up first? Or use technology to improve? And yes, I wonder what the difference is in sea/land trade? I find both useful Click to expand…

Giant and Giant Lighthouse seem to be low on the AI ​​spam list. I can usually hold one or even both without any problems. I usually get to the writing, then the technology my coworkers need, and sail to the sea trade, then the metalwork. I never have to, but it’s usually surprising that I always try/find it because I play a lot of coastal teams like Carthage, Venice, and Portugal.

Gratizzz said: Thank you very much for the information. Now I can rest, wgat pantheon to choose? 1. Fertility Rituals 10% faster growth rate 2. God of the Sea +1 Production of Fishing Boats 3. God of Hunting +1 Food from Camps I have a good starting point, now I am confused whether to buy food or hammer. .. this fish – 3 2 crab and 2 deer and thanks guys have a nice day. Click to expand…

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With so many sources of fish, I can definitely say that they are the gods of the sea. His production will be good, which is important in Venice. Farming is good, but just use the puppet cities to send food to Venice and you’ll have to survive.

Tyrvos said, “With that many sources of fish, I’d definitely say sea gods.” His production will be good, which is important in Venice. Farming is good, but just use the puppet cities to send food to Venice and you’ll have to survive. Click to expand…

To agree. Surely the gods of the sea eat and launch other workboats. I usually look at 3 camps before choosing a camp. Food is often better than production at first as you get more as production increases, but note that you will need the tech from the camps to get the results from the tech order – while the tech trade ships and boats work Same and now the tech in order. Fertility rituals are actually a bad choice in this case. This is because most of your early game is less than +10 food, so Fertility Rites produces less than 1 more food. Later on, when you get extra for significance, the AI ​​will make news and you’ll lose your pantheon if you go for something that will have more short-term impact. (which will get you more at first). Even if you can get 2 food trade ships, the early fertility ritual will be an extra cache for you, which isn’t bad. I would only consider it if they didn’t have the amenities/luxuries associated with the other pantheons, and even then Lord God in Venice would be better.

Yeah, I doubted that would happen. Sometimes you’ll get lucky with Faith or Decay CS, but with Venice you’ll probably have one of the newest pantheons. Just keep at it, you’ll get it eventually. In the meantime, use your time to develop the workboats because you won’t be done until the workboats are built.

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Once you get the National College tech, you can quickly build a temple to speed it up – or depending on how close you are to upgrading it. Note that if someone develops their religion before taking the pantheon, they lose the chance – no more pantheons can be created. If so then that’s fine, building 1 shrine wasn’t a waste of time because eventually you can use that faith to build a faith or something that the AI ​​will use to spread your religion.

This is because the city state, napoleon and england have already declared friendship and i use the merchant of venice to create a united state with 2 trade missions.

And I pissed Napoleon off.. I don’t know he was dealing with that city, two.

I only have 3 crossbows and 1 extender, then England, who is close to me, sends a knight and a LONG

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You have to get in with Longbows. When you’re up against them, they’re no different than the Crossbow. Mounted units are very useful because of their ability to connect quickly.

My main decision is between Venice Colossus or HG. This decision is made by rivers and lakes. If I want to buy a garden in Venice, more money and trade routes are tempting, but if I don’t have clean water, HG means more GPs. I really like the tomb because Venice usually takes more specialists, thus improving Venice’s ability to make money.

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This is very bad advice. Gods of the Sea is the last thing you want to get as a pantheon, no matter how many moves you have, because you won’t benefit from it right away. Boats are very expensive and should not be built before you defend the coast.

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It only takes one barbarian boat to destroy anything that generated dozens of turns any other way… so you need archers first, all other infrastructure, and then a boat at some point.

These hammers are best planted in the lighthouse as they cannot be looted. I tend to catch ships very late and there are games I don’t care about at all.

Longbows are the way to go, said lindsay40k. When you’re up against them, they’re no different than the Crossbow. Mounted units are very useful because of their ability to connect quickly. My main decision is between Venice Colossus or HG. This decision is made by rivers and lakes. If I get a garden in Venice, I will have more money and more business

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