(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2792 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2792 Answers – Cusco City – Sacred Valley – Machu Picchu – Lake of the Man – Salkantay Pass – Rainbow Mountain

Want to explore the highlights of Cusco on one of our favorite walking tours for travelers? Then this tour is perfect for you. We have created a trip that combines the best of both worlds. This 7-day program takes you through stunning monuments, lush valleys and trails that lead to some of the highest glaciers in the region.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2792 Answers

Your adventure begins in the city of Cusco and explores its closest archaeological sites. Then, from the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas, you will visit the amazing sites: Chinchero, Moray, Salinas de Maras, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo until you reach the tower of Machu Picchu by train, where you will will know about the origin of Admire the sacred site and amazing Inca architecture.

One Day Inca Trail Hike To Machu Picchu

Afterwards, take a short 2-day trip to Mount Salkante before settling into our exclusive ski camp, admiring the magical Main Lake and the majestic snow-capped Salkante in the distance. Finally, you will visit the rainbow mountain of Montana de Corres on a hike with beautiful views of Asangate, an unforgettable trip!

Upon arrival in the royal city of Cusco, we will transfer you to your hotel to freshen up and settle in before a half-day city tour. The tour is very relaxed and you don’t need to work too hard on the first day. This is a great way to acclimate to the altitude.

On the tour you will visit some of the important places and monuments of the city and learn all about its history. You may have heard that Cusco was home to the Incas, but from 1,000 BC. There have been many cultures before. To be precise. Attractions to visit on your city tour:

Welcome to the royal city of Cusco, known as the cultural capital of Peru. On arrival you will be transferred to your hotel to check in, drop off your luggage and freshen up. You will have time to relax before looking for a place to eat lunch. After lunch, we will take you on a half-day tour of this amazing city to reach the highest point (3,400 m.a.s.l.).

By Herman Koch

An unforgettable experience awaits you as you learn about America’s oldest continuously inhabited city. People have been living in Cusco since around 1000 BC. And it is considered to be the center of the regional culture known as Cusco. It was a place of great importance. It has played an important role in all the civilizations that have lived in the area throughout history, from the indigenous people of Peru, before the Incas, to what we commonly think of as the region today.

As the Inca Empire expanded beyond Peru, Cusco became the center of a powerful and vast empire. After the Incas, the Spanish used the city as a colonial capital.

On this half-day city tour, you’ll learn more about Cusco’s history and see some of its most important landmarks and archaeological sites.

Cusco Cathedral: One of the most famous sights in Cusco is the Cathedral, located in the main square and of amazing artistic value. It is a colonial monument built on top of the Inca Palace of Viracocha. You will find many carved, detailed and refined woodwork in the cathedral: choir, pulpit and altars. There are also many beautiful paintings from the Cusco School of Art and wonderful silver pieces (including a painting of the Last Supper where Christ and his disciples eat guinea pigs).

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Coricancha Temple and Santo Domingo Monastery: This religious center was of great importance to the Incas and was built to worship the sun god of the ancient civilization. Inside you will find small temples dedicated to various celestial bodies: the sun, the moon and the stars. Outside you will find beautiful gardens and royal fountains. Most impressive is the unusual combination of Inca and Spanish colonial architecture. Additional works by the Cusco School of Art are also on display.

Sacsayhuaman: 2 kilometers from the city center, you will find this amazing place made of massive carved stones that fit together harmoniously. You will notice that the three overlapping platforms are an average of 360 meters long. Some rocks are more than 9 meters high. Take your time to wander around and admire the amazing architecture while enjoying incredible views of the city of Cusco and the surrounding mountain landscape.

Q’enqo: 1.4 km from Sacsayhuaman is the Inca ceremonial center of Q’enqo. The most impressive feature of the complex is the open space called the amphitheater. Hundreds of years ago, their mummies were found at various locations around the site. Today, the amphitheater is only half of its original height.

, due to the red color due to the high iron content in the rocks. Many believe that the fort was probably an ancient godown (tambo) that served as a shelter and observation post to protect Tambomachai. In this complex you can admire amazing architecture, waterfalls, waterfalls and several Inca enclosures.

Cusco Highlights Tour 7 Days

Tambomachai: The last stop on the city tour is this impressive complex of well-carved rocks, waterfalls and cascades to transport water from nearby springs and hot springs. That is why Tambomachai is associated with water worship. In front of the building is a tower which is believed to serve as a clock tower and a communication tower.

This morning we left Cusco and headed to Chinchero to learn about textile arts and visit a local family home. Next we go to the amazing agricultural lab in Moray. Later we will visit the salt mines of Maras, where more than 3000 salt ponds are filled with ground water. In the afternoon we will go to Urubamba for a delicious lunch. We then visited Ollantaytambo and took the train to Aguas Calientes for dinner and overnight at a comfortable hotel.

We will pick you up early from your hotel to arrive at our first stop in Chinchero, a beautiful place known not only for its spectacular scenery but also for the quality of its textile art. Is. Here we will visit the home of a local family, we will learn important textile techniques that have been preserved from generation to generation.

We continue to admire various cultivated fields, small traditional communities and large snow-capped peaks. Then we reached Moray and visited the amazing circular terrace. Studies show that the Morai served as a veritable agricultural laboratory where foods from other altitudes and climates were grown. We will then visit the salt mines of Maras, a site that has been active since the Inca period. There, more than 3,000 salt ponds are filled with groundwater daily.

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In the afternoon we head to Urubamba to recharge our batteries for a proper lunch. We will continue our tour through the Sacred Valley until we reach Ollantaytambo, considered to be the last Incan city. It is a beautiful and beautiful place to visit.

After exploring this beautiful city, we went to Ollantaytambo station and started our train journey through the Amazon jungle. It will be an unforgettable hour and forty-five minutes on the roads along the mighty Vulcanota River. Finally, we arrived in Aguas Calientes, a vibrant little town, where we had dinner and spent the night in a comfortable hotel.

You will wake up early for a hearty breakfast before boarding the bus to Machu Picchu. We like to go early to avoid the tourist crowds. Once inside, you will witness the sunrise over the magnificent site and then be given a two-hour guided tour of all the main sites. If you book tickets in advance, you can visit one of the additional mountains. Around noon you will be dropped off by bus to the town of Aguas Calientes.

In town, enjoy a delicious lunch at a restaurant, then head to the train station and board the Vistadom train to Ollantaytambo. Then our private transportation will take you to your accommodation in Cusco. Now it’s time for a good rest.

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Today you wake up very early at 05:00 to have a leisurely breakfast. Let’s board one of the buses that take this route to Machu Picchu (2,430 m/7,972 ft). This is the only way to escape the tourist crowds and enjoy the peaceful and tranquil complex when the sun rises and casts a brilliant orange glow on the giant rocks.

Upon arrival at the Inca Citadel, you must show your entrance ticket and passport. If you are a student,

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