(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 344 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 344 Answers – December 8, 344 – Relieve fatigue and sparks with a feathered peach called Chaan d’Anthes.

Have you ever hit a wall where you can’t do anything? Our guest, Shaan d’Antes, has a bitter peach, but he won’t be staying here. In this episode, I want to share 3 things that really helped him overcome this creative void. We also explore the tips and tools that helped him succeed on his creative journey to becoming a superstar and YouTuber.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 344 Answers

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I gave a shout out to my supporters in this interview with Sean AKA and talked about the creative process. It is related to another person. That’s why we do it. This is the end result. It’s all part of the process. It’s hard to know everything I’ve learned about this in 2021.

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On today’s show I’m talking to Sean Don Thies, a peach named Barry. You may know her from Instagram and YouTube below. This is a well-deserved artist. Other than that, his work is amazing. He did a lot of hot things where he did.

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A brand new image, completely finished every day, looked crazy and incredibly inspiring. I like. His example is amazing. It’s too much for my taste and it’s amazing on YouTube. It’s very gray there. It is very comfortable, lively and fun. Sounds like me. Sean is a great example of how to grow creatively today.

I feel like he embodies a lot of principles of creative thinking and all sorts of other things you can learn from him. I think it can be a good model. What a great ride on a creative journey. I wanted to have him on the show to break down his creative process and practice, and there were so many great tactics, methods, ideas, and thoughts that came out of that conversation that I’ve thought about since we talked.

Um, it will be. If you don’t know, check out Sean for Little Peaches or Free Peaches on YouTube. Check out some of our blogs. Put it on the background. It increases your motivation and creativity and keeps you real here. He hired Shawn AKA for that piece of art.

First question. But I want to ask you, more seriously, what kind of parent have you been?

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[00:04:21] Furry Little Peach: I don’t know what it’s like at first, but I have to say it feels like stress. When I was young, my parents had a creative family, so I wanted to do something creative.

Just like mom’s commercial. I have an uncle who is a playwright and food critic. It seems that my older sister designed like my younger sister and then became a good artist. So people already like this design for me, which means it can work. But it can happen. I think they can do the same.

So not such a person, don’t do it. You can choose that path. You know what i mean? That alone was very helpful because it didn’t put doubts in my head when I was young. I think when people stop being creative, they can’t.

Yes. Yes. So it’s full-time, but I think it’s made it smoother. I think that instilled a lot of confidence.

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[00:05:16] Andy J. Pisa: I was going to ask you this later, but it seems relevant. Maybe it’s just the result of a supportive family.

Oh, but online, you just look happy. Because I am a woman, I would always tell you that I try. Show different sides of you online because I don’t want it to be real, I don’t want anyone to think you’re always soul searching, the way you feel that power. , because the truth is, most of the time I’m disgusted and disappointed.

[00:06:01] Furry Little Peach: I’m a perfect human being. I have many feelings. hard to catch Sometimes I try to keep it real. Like I’m trying too hard. It doesn’t look so sad. I share. There have been times I’ve cried in vlogs trying to explain the stress of reading too much and reading. It’s a real feeling.

Or when I’m so tired, or I’m so tired of myself, I feel like I’m reading something someone sent me and I just open an inbox. Just people’s words, which really affect me, the way I touch them, etc. This is important. I just like to cry.

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And I’ll leave it at that. I am not ashamed. I feel ashamed. I don’t know how I was trained or anything, but I don’t feel like I have anything that isn’t on the internet. Of course, I’m not going to share what I like about bathing, it would be nice if I did, but it doesn’t seem, but I’ll just say: the feeling.

Obviously you can’t catch her all the time, right? Yes. But in general I consider myself happy. I think I came back very quickly.

[00:07:05] Andy J. Pisa: I know I have no problem sharing all my feelings, but like you said, I think the problem is when I’m bored or depressed. You don’t want to rotate the camera, microphone, etc.

So I think it’s kind of complicated, but I don’t know. You personally. But I’ve been following you online for a while. I feel the same as you and your voice sounds great.

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