(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1553 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1553 Answers – Chapter 9 Chapter 5: The Vietnam Miracle

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1553 Answers

2. Answer: Can you tell me where the food is served? B: This is a food court.

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3. Answer: Look! He’s the one I’m looking for. B: Not a person, but a person.

B: You are generally good at writing. However, do not put “and” at the beginning of a clause.

1. Answer: Is he someone I can rely on? B: Yes, you can always trust him.

3. Answer: Need help from Phillips or George? B: I need Phillips and George to help me.

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5. Answer: Are you going to Ha Giang this summer? B: I want to, but my parents don’t want to.

5. Song Dong, located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, is the largest underground cave in the world.

5. Consider getting around Hue quickly and cheaply.

This is (1) (say) Cu Chi Canal, part of the main Ho Chi Minh Museum. Tourists (2) are given tours of the underground life of the Vietnamese army in 1948. The site has more than 120 kilometers of underground tunnels, barracks, living quarters, kitchens, warehouses, weapons, hospitals and a command center. After the war against the French, the Vietnamese soldiers expanded the tunnel and installed a better air filtration system, which Cu Chi says helped them survive the carpet bombing (3).

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(4) Cu Chi Canal is now one of the most popular attractions in Ho Chi Minh (just imagine). There are many activities you can do during your visit. A popular option is to take a small underground pipe. Before entering the tunnels, visitors will be shown a short film (5) of Cu Chi Tunnels to understand how the tunnel system works. (6) (waiting) Cu Chi tunnel part (7) (cement) and

1. More than two million Muslim pilgrims from around the world are expected to visit Mecca this year.

5. They believe that the first temple existed in the 15th century during the reign of Le Thanh Tong.

8. They say that the government is implementing a project to study the effects of climate change.

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Name: Yes, if I were you, I would stay at the Lavender Riverside Hotel. It offers a beautiful sea view from the balcony and is beautifully decorated.

Event: Of course. You must visit Son Tra Peninsula and Marble Mountain. And don’t forget the beach. Really clean and comfortable.

Activities: In the evening, you can visit the Dragon Bridge or enjoy the scenery of Da Nang from the Sun Cabin.

Nam: It is better to rent a motorbike and go around the city. It is cheaper and more convenient than other modes of transportation.

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Nam: If you go there on Saturday, find a place near the Han River Bridge and wait for the swing at 11am. It will be an unforgettable moment.

As you can see, many tourists see this man-made wonder every day, and they don’t even know how to avoid it.

I suggest that the number of visitors to the site should decrease daily and yearly and be restored once or twice. In addition, information on this topic should be disseminated through the media and public awareness.

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Before 2009, Malaysia’s Deer Cave (2) was the largest cave in the world, and after a team of scientists from the British Association of Spermologists researched and studied Song Dong Cave, it is the largest (3). The cave.

Dubbed “the most beautiful cave in the world” by BBC News, this cave is one of Asia’s wonders (4). This is a river cave in the mountain and an underground river. Dong Cave Song is mainly composed of rock, and over time it became the tallest stalagmite in the world (5). Visitors to Song Dong Cave will find it has a forest and its own river, so big that it can fit (6) the top floor of 40 floors. The source of the river is still (7) and the British Speleological Society plans to return soon, (8) to reveal its secrets. many are contained in this cave.

Just a 50-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City, you will set foot on Phu Quoc Island, the tropical paradise of Vietnam and the world.

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The island is triangular in shape, 50 km long from north to south and 25 km wide from west to east. Most of the land has beautiful sandy beaches, but there are mountainous areas with 99 peaks, of which the highest peak is Mount Chua at 603 meters. Phu Quoc is located in the Gulf of Thailand, so the climate is cold all year round, and the climate is in the zone of ‘balance, so you can go to Phu Quoc at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit the island is during the summer, from November to March, when the weather is clear and there is no rain.

Phu Quoc is known for its food and beautiful beaches. The most famous dish of Phu Quoc is fish sauce, which is famous in Vietnam and all over the world. Apart from that, another thing worth trying is the black but interesting spice. However, what makes your visit to Phu Quoc interesting is the beach and the paradise beach. They are not fully explored, but this can be very beautiful, because it gives the coast a romantic beauty that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

2. During the incense offering ceremony, many people come to the temple to pray for happiness and prosperity in the coming year.

10. Answer: You should definitely go to Hoi An to see the full moon during the mid-summer festival. B:

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VII. In each of the following sentences, mark the hyphenated part with the letters A, B, C, D.

1. Strong measures are needed to reduce pollution in Ho Chi Minh City A B C D.

3. We recommend that you consult your financial advisor before making a final decision. a B C D

4. He suggested that all the students go to Ngon restaurant to get food for everyone in Vietnam. a B C D

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5. A must see for architecture lovers is the Dragon Bridge in Danang. a B C D

6. Po Nagar Kalan is one of the tallest buildings in Cham, the main tower. a B C D

8. Our efforts to protect man-made miracles are sometimes underappreciated. a B C D

9. Tomorrow A B C D I have a meeting with my child’s teacher at three o’clock, so I decided to leave early.

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10. In 1962, the Independence Palace was bombed, leaving almost the entire left wing.

Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination (1) in Quan Ninh Province, Vietnam. This bay contains karst islands and thousands of (2)

Shape and size. Ha Long Bay is a large geographical junction with (3) Bai Tu Long Bay in the northeast and Cat Ba Island in the southwest.

The highest density is 775 islands. The rocks of this bay have been exposed to different conditions and environments for 500 million years (5). Karst evolution in this bay took 20 (6) million years due to the warming climate. Different ecosystems developed in the region (7)

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, including tropical evergreen, marine and marine ecosystems. Ha Long Bay is home to (8) 14 species of endemic plants and 60 species of animals.

Located in Duy Xuyen District, Quan Nam Province, 69 km from Da Nang and 20 km from the ancient capital of Tra Kieu, the Temple of My Son is one of Champa’s many temples in a two-kilometer-long walled valley. and two mountains. . It used to be the site of religious ceremonies for the reigning Champa dynasty kings, as well as the burial place of Cham dynasty and national heroes.

The Shrine of My Son is one of the largest Hindu religious centers in Southeast Asia and the largest such heritage site in Vietnam. Founded in Vietnam 225 Of Your Remains “My son

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