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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1136 Answers – DENVER, CO (November 15, 2022) – The Interactive Group today launched a new website for ULUM, the new hospitality brand from the leading high-end, outdoor hospitality group under the Canvas.

Create and develop new promotional websites as the basis of a new digital platform that is ready to grow and expand as new content increases, including here is the new ULUM website as well as the new website for Moabi. It is planned to open in the spring of 2023.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1136 Answers

This new project expands the partnership with Under Canvas; The organization has previously been involved in creating a special campaign through RevRaise, their advertising machine that leads businesses and brands, to increase conversions for their 10 properties in North America, including an advertising machine specifically. on the web.

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For ULUM's new digital design project, ‘we were tasked with designing and building an architecture that reflects the uniqueness and beauty of the exterior represented by the new logo, as well as creating a platform integrated and scalable. New camps will be added in the future.

The design concept was completely new, creating a design that reflects the new luxury of the ULUM brand and captures the spectacular natural landscape that will be placed in the camps.

Powerful images and video elements were used in the interface, custom graphics, hand-drawn graphics, colors that reflect the environment, and animations that simulate the transition from day to night as the visitor navigates the site. , adding a biological comparison. aspects of the visual experience.

The new, eye-catching, instantly engaging design allows visitors to be inspired by ULUM's attractions, and the beautiful design permeates the entire digital experience, from the homepage to restaurants, events and other pages inside, and directly to the registration of opportunities. The ‘Custom RevRaise booking' engine has been fully integrated into the new website.

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“has proven to be a valuable strategic partner in our ongoing efforts to improve our website design and revenue performance,”

“In particular, their creative and welcoming approach to our new ULUM website has helped strengthen our brand as leaders in high-quality, international hospitality.”

“It's great to be able to take our relationship with Under Canvas to the next level with this new adventure in outdoor luxury.”

“I'm very excited to experience ULUM's amazing new product in person and couldn't be more proud of what our team has designed and developed to deliver this unique experience.” exciting new job.”

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The new ULUM portfolio and ULUM Moab area websites are now available and can be found online at www.ULUMResorts.com and www.ULUMResorts.com/Moab

Founded in 2006, with offices in North America and Europe, Interactive Group is the leading software solutions provider for the luxury hospitality industry, providing innovative solutions and technology solutions to leading travel agents to enhance their unique experience. Measured change and increased income.

Their extensive portfolio includes 500+ leading travel and hospitality brands across 6 continents, including Montage International, Accor S.A., Raffles Hotels, The Oetker Collection, Ritz London, The Set Collection and many more.

As part of their comprehensive digital services, they work as a true partner in providing modern web design, search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, business intelligence and more, together with the 's signature SaaS product, RevRaise. , a specialized, high-converting engine for the world's most popular hotels and resorts.

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DENVER, CO (September 22, 2022) – The Interactive Group has completed a complete redesign and creation of a unified technology environment to connect 23 Opal Collection locations, a leading selection of luxury and lifestyle hotels and resorts. are among the most sought after. after the parts. – Follow the directions of the East Coast of the United States, from Bar Harbor, Maine, to Florida, south of Key West.

The Opal Collection was tasked with designing and building a rebranded, integrated and expanded platform to house the Collection's integrated website. in the midst of 20+ individual hotels and web sites, which required the creation of a new digital identity, creating flexibility. and seasonal developments with new visitor traffic and modern, user-friendly visitors.

The new integrated website will allow guests to be inspired by 22 Opal hotels in 13 regions, as well as see travel instructions and content through the Opal Unpacked collection blog, all under the installation team. combined.

The design concept used a modern, traditional facade design and combined it as a collection, while enhancing the unique design characteristics that make each property look like its own jewel in the interior. files.

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The UX/UI team's direction includes visitor-centric information design and the creation of a journey-based model that enables visitors can navigate the collection area, between the different areas and the property itself in a comfortable, easy way. .

The presentation of the content is a priority, and the new website offers high-quality video, images and content, showing exclusive properties in some of the most popular locations. sought in the US.

Using the 's experience in advanced engineering technology, the Opal Collection booking system was redesigned and expanded, as well as introducing a special feature in the smart box that allows guests to search and book rooms with ease as well as recovery. . food storage. Marriage and family research through a single, digital bookmark from any page on the site.

“I couldn't be more excited to have the opportunity to work with such a unique collection of independent hotels and resorts like The Opal Collection,”

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“I'm excited to see the finished product as our teams worked together to create a visual representation of the Opal Collection brand and the digital numbers that will be so important to their continued growth.”

To celebrate the launch of their new digital collection, Opal Collection has launched a ‘New Season – New Reasons' promotion, giving visitors 22 reasons to celebrate, and the option to book 22 Opal Collections through their new website until. 22% off nightly rates on select dates through December 22, 2022.

This Opal Collection offering, along with the collection's new website and 22 estate websites, is now available and can be found online at www.OpalCollection.com

Their extensive portfolio includes 500+ leading travel and hospitality brands across 6 continents, including Montage International, Accor S.A., Raffles Hotels, The Oetker Collection, Ritz London, The Set Collection and many more.

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STOWE, VT & DENVER, CO- After years of testing, design and UX/UI development, Inntopia is releasing a solid update to its RevRaise booking engine. Combining Inntopia's industry-leading coating capabilities with its expertise in providing innovative, game-changing packaging solutions, the new integration allows guests to easily and quickly book everything they need for their vacation from one convenient place. Connect without leaving the hotel area or the hotel website.

Interactive's marketing and technology leader is set to expand its vision of empowering luxury brands such as digital marketing manager with the appointment of two new management teams. Kieran Cain, most recently with Vail Resorts, joined as general manager and operations officer, and Elsa Gutter, formerly of Second Wave Digital + Creative (Evolution Hospitality), joined as director of sales. .

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Although marketing has become an important strategy in the hotel equipment, it was not more important than 12 months ago.

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Before the pandemic, hotels were very different from their airline predecessors. Instead of a booking system, hotels often use a set-it-and-forget-it system, based on each guest in the hotel. application code with cosmetic/installation improvements and aim for as many bites as possible.

However, when you operate at a low level, suddenly selling your savings becomes one of the safest ways to get more income (income). . And if you offer sales without considering the specific needs and desires of each customer, not only will you reduce sales, but worse, you risk disappointing the visitor and losing the entire reservation.

If your hotel hasn't started the process of rebuilding its inventory, here are some ideas to consider before the critical season of disaster strikes. sudden.

As a regular contributor to the Forbes Corporation Board, he covers hospitality and business issues. Stay informed about the latest business trends and tips with our monthly updated blog.

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As domestic travel increases and hotels increase their measures to recover from Covid-19, many hoteliers will experience this situation.

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