(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2776 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2776 Answers – “Ottzello’s Second Galactic War” is considered a historical or entirely fictional event in the Wiki Fiction universe. You should ask the fund if you want to add more stories.

The Second Otcello Galaxy War was a three-year war in the Otcello Galaxy started by the Kralgon invaders, initiated by the Kralgon Emperor, who wanted revenge on his race after it was destroyed in the Great Bli War. He fought against the Republic of Galoth and the Grand Order of Otzel, before the two factions fought to form the United Nations of Otzel, along with their allies, the Delfa Planetary Union. Meanwhile, the Da Propa Empire of Loron the Great waged war against the Third Sovereign Domain, and the Zaarhun Consortium, led by Falric Zaarhun, pursued their plan.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2776 Answers

Although the last survivor of his species, Emperor Kralgon was armed with very powerful and ancient technology and helped the Tokjalan Empire and their allies conquer them. The rest of the Otzellons were driven from their homes, forced to hide on the fringes of the galaxy with criminals, and the Alliance of Planets Delfa ceased all operations in the galaxy. The Kralgon Emperor created the New Kralgon Empire and enslaved Loron using “The System” ancient Kralgon nanomachines that he could use to control the minds of individuals. At the end of the war, the Emperor realized that Falric Zaarhun was running the entire business behind his back, possibly profiting directly from the arms trade.

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Over the centuries, the ruins of Kralg have been almost entirely dormant. When humans lived in a race called the Krgon, their habitat was full of pipes, the machines that created more machines around the world for the Krgon to dominate are now destroyed and millions of jars destroyed and millions of people unemployed. were centuries to order.

However, there was one Pod that had just received an order. The largest side of the planet, located within the largest cluster, it was once the home of the former emperor of the Kralgon Empire. Now it was just Kralgon’s home, kept frozen over the winter for years, waiting for his time to awaken as the new Emperor. And Pod finally got the order; woke him up.

The new Kralgon Emperor goes by no other name than “The Kralgon Emperor” because his father never named his son and didn’t wait for him to die before he had to. Emperor Kralgon woke up expecting to be crowned, but instead fell out of his room with ease as he slowly slipped out of his frozen slumber. In fact, there was nothing in his Kingdom except a large, empty corridor. The nano machines kept his Pod perfectly clean, but it was immediately apparent that his Pod had not been inhabited by living organisms for hundreds of years.

In many ways, the emperor feared that this would happen while he was frozen. But when he froze and saw that all his family members were sleeping, his heart was shocked. As what he saw was filtered, he entered a world where no one could help him. As he walked farther across the lake and saw no sign of movement, it became clearer and clearer to him that his kind was gone, but he didn’t know how. Slowly the memories of his past came back to him, but he couldn’t even remember why they disappeared.

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Panic slowly turned to anger as he walked up, the main command of the Warriors. Now anger is growing inside him. He didn’t care what happened to his family because he didn’t care. His family was the smartest scientist in all of Ottzello. They should have ruled the entire galaxy if not for those angry Otzel slaves. The Order of Otzel the Great, if they were still around, were the first victims as he rebuilt the great warship his people once knew. And if the machines can’t satisfy their need for new weapons, so be it; He cloned himself billions of times to rebuild Kralgon’s new attack army.

Finally, the Emperor made his way to the control bridge, where he was greeted by a computer that lit up as it scanned. Now he knew that the computer must be his because he was listening. The Great Bridge felt like a mile long and at least a hundred meters from the days when hundreds of Kralgons were built at each terminal, but now it only needed one AI. The legendary Kralgon command computer, connected to every Kralgon AI across the empire, spoke to him.

In front of him, the control computer projected the emperor with several holograms showing the exact number of ships and land vehicles he had the resources to produce in a few hours. Using nanomachines to manufacture each warship, it only took one day to build a fleet that would meet the Emperor’s needs. A huge smile appeared on his face when he saw the power he now had.

At first, the emperor’s smile clenched into a vicious fist, angered that they would dare to destroy his family’s legacy, before it turned into a smile and a laugh.

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The planet Zalkroid was a heavily populated colony on Galoth, built by Gikar and Galoth mainly for the extremely rich minerals and andesium on the surface and in the asteroid belt where spaceships were built. Positioned far away from the Loron threat, he was largely unscathed as the few Lorons wanted left their way to the shields and starships that awaited them when they reached the planet. Building a world for the republic was not difficult at all, and its experienced colonies were very well built, many galoths and gikars migrated to the world to make their new lives in industrial shipping. Because of the world’s investment, the planet, which was very low and sparse, exploded with human population.

However, its rich minerals, asteroid belt, and spaceships are exactly why it was the first target of Kralgon’s attack. Hundreds of years ago, the planet was actually a Kralgon colony, but it was destroyed by orbital shocks that occurred shortly before the collapse of the ancient Kralgon Empire. The Emperor planned to take it back and use it to build his new star power.

None of the orbital defenses around the planet Zalkroid were prepared for such an attack. A massive army of Kralgon Obliterators and Kralgon Killships, unmanned weapons ready to obliterate defenses, destroyed every defense cannon within minutes and pushed through their shields with weapons the Republic could not prepare for. The Republic attempted to contact the invasion fleet, but received no response to a transmission. Their defense was ready to deal with pirates and Loron, not a massive fleet of drone warships to destroy everything.

The Republic’s ground defenses knew the invasion fleet would be led by an alien, even if all the weapons were unmanned, when Pod fell first. Right in the center of the colony on the planet, a giant pod landed and stuck to the surface and immediately went to work and took root in the ground before bending thousands and thousands of identical clones to destroy all life and claim the planet. . . as your own. And not only were the clone troopers attacking the soldiers, but the giant Kragon drone destroyers were attacking the militia among other ground ships.

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The defense attempted to return fire, but the damage to the drone’s shields was deemed ineffective; The machines are built with highly advanced nanotechnology that allows them to regenerate damage from their nanoengineered armor. In the end, the rapid fire from the club cannons and anti-matter shells from their cannons destroyed all life on Earth as more units of weapons of mass destruction fell. Once the invaders were satisfied that the world was theirs, the pods stopped sending troops to the ground and instead created roots to begin mining the surface of the earth. The machines were now more focused on building new weapons of war, using nanotechnology to build them at high speeds, possibly to take over the next planet.

In the Regto office of the President of the Galot Republic, he heard about what had happened to the colony. How she was brutally torn apart by complete stranger invaders who never told them about their motives or intentions. The invaders have blocked very advanced technology

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