(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 495 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 495 Answers – ISOLABLUE, a 49-foot Privilege sailing catamaran, is a very competent structure. She is a premium vessel designed for luxury living at sea. This luxury yacht is designed for transoceanic adventures with total independence. State-of-the-art equipment includes: brand new A/C refrigerator inverter, generator, water pump, electric winch, battery charger/inverter, solar panels, refrigerator, freezer, submersible compressor, and more. Please note that the staff prepares pure drinking water. ISOLABLUE's design brief called for luxurious indoor and outdoor spaces that were both practical and comfortable. The interior is elegantly designed with elegant designs, stylish upholstery and high quality woodwork and trim. The lounge and dining room are spacious and full of daylight. Guests can comfortably relax around the oval dining table on plush, U-shaped seating. The guesthouse is spacious and well ventilated. Each is equipped with an individually controlled digital thermostat to ensure the perfect temperature. The king bed measures 5.2 x 6.6 feet and is decorated with fine linens. The apartment is perfect for a romantic getaway, relaxing with friends or family. Guests enjoy real comfort, incredible privacy, generous social spaces and a home-like feel. The large shed is the perfect place for alfresco dining with stunning views. Easy access to the wide deck makes launching water toys and diving in the Caribbean easy, even for children. Snorkeling or diving right from the yacht is amazing. Captain Lorraine is a licensed PADI instructor and Chef Astrid is a licensed PADI Divemaster. They offer “discover scuba diving” or diving per person for a minimum stay of seven days. Award-winning chef Astrid wins first prize at the 2018 Grenada Charter Yacht Show Culinary Competition. ISOLABLUE is a luxury floating villa that offers the ultimate in ocean living. Our highly professional team wants to share the magic of the islands with you. Rent this beautiful catamaran. Travel the Caribbean with your guests in style, safety and comfort.

Refit2016/7/8 (new helm seat, additional solar panels, full A/C installation, starboard shower column). in 2022 new mainsail, 12 volt eco-sustainable and quiet water main, replacement of various hatches, new anchor chain and anchor, we doubled the lithium battery.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 495 Answers

Accommodation Details The two front queen beds and the rear queen bed measure 5.2 feet x 6.5 feet. The north side to port has its own bathroom and the north-west side only has a large, private shower. Starboard fore and aft queens have ensuites and a small guest office. Port staff. Ask 6 people The fully central air-conditioning refrigerator inverter allows guests to adjust the individual cabin temperature with a digital thermostat. Two hairdryers, shampoo, body lotion and soap in the bathroom. Offers a special ocean sunscreen. Isolablu has 3 wet and electric heads. Cabin height is 6'4”.

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Dive Cost Dive cost per person: USD 60 Weekly rental includes 1 dive or test dive. Diving in the Tobago Keys Marine Park is subject to an additional fee as only local dive operators can dive.

Laurent grew up in Paris, France. City life didn't stop this waterboy, who learned to swim and sail a Laser 420 as a child, diving at 12 and qualifying at level three at 16. At the age of 22 he moved to Switzerland, bought a Laser 2 and spent all his spare time repairing sails on Lake Geneva.

Laurent graduated from college with a degree in economics and worked for a long time as a stock trader and operations specialist in the Swiss private banking sector. Along with a banker, he also co-owned a dive shop and school. Laurent is very energetic and busy, so he plays bass and guitar in a local band. Laurent is a certified PADI diving instructor. He also has a Swiss certificate. Sailing Skills / BVI Boat Master.

In 2015, Laurent and his wife Astrid decided it was time to change their lives. They bought a catamaran and set off on a Mediterranean cruise. They crossed the Atlantic in 2016, circumnavigated Gibraltar, spent two months in the Canary Islands and three months in Cape Verde. When they arrived in the Caribbean, it was love at first sight, and they decided to stay longer.

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Laurent is an expert captain who likes to share his knowledge and passion for Caribbean sailing with his guests. His motto is living your dream is always better than dreaming your life. ISOLABLUE has rules with Laurent and Astrid. Isn't it time to live your dream?

Astrid had a wonderful childhood. He grew up with his brother and sister in the heart of Switzerland, near the Alps, near the city of Lucerne, near Lake Lucerne. The location of this photo card was his parents' restaurant. When she was little, she was allowed to help Astrid with cooking. Growing up cooking, serving and eating well was a happy inspiration. However, water has always been his passion, be it lake or sea: sailing, diving, windsurfing and swimming. Astrid is a certified PADI Dive Master. He also has a Swiss license. Sailing Skills / BVI Boat Master.

Astrid has worked for more than 20 years as Human Resources Director in Geneva, Switzerland. One of the biggest advantages was the extensive, international travel required to open offices in Zurich, Paris, Milan and elsewhere. Between work adventures, she and her husband, Laurent, spent as much time as possible on a boat on the shores of Lake Geneva. Astrid obtained a sailing certificate for the lakes, followed by a Swiss sailing certificate. It was a good time to reach a new level.

Astrid is always happy to receive guests and share moments of discovery and fun. “Each term is a rewarding, new and enriching experience with meetings, fun and games,” says Astrid. “I speak fluent French, English, German, some Italian and Spanish. I greet my guests in their mother tongue and try to make them feel at home. I love good food from all over the world. My recipes are inspired by Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, but always with a French touch.”

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Astrid's food always gets compliments, but guests don't have to worry about putting on a few extra kilos. Astrid enjoys activities from yoga on the deck to swinging on a yacht and enjoying water sports. Having fun is always his motivation.

Red represents the courage and energy of people. What makes Spice Island so special are the people here.

The foundation identified was tamarind juice. My idea was to make a tamarind reduction to add to three finger foods.

The comprehensive rule includes both facility and running costs. This includes a captain and crew who are fully trained and committed to your safety and enjoyment of your trip. The chef will prepare special and personal dishes that you expect from a five-star restaurant. The listed prices may not include all local taxes, tourist permits, premium drinks and diving activities. Please ask for more information.

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Once again, our family is happy to return with you to Isolablue. We had an unforgettable trip full of laughter and love. The food, drinks, diving, sailing and your are great.

• Wonders dive into new, beautiful waters and see familiar underwater beauty, but witnesses like Sharks in Love….

• Confidence in our bravery and sense of adventure as we weathered a Cat 1 storm on our first night on board.

• The experience of Laurent and Astrid working in true harmony as they sail through the beautiful waters – The yacht orchestra was fluid and amazing.

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• Learning new things: tying knots, listening to stories about the sea, experiencing the beauty of God's special creations in this place and time, etc.

• Chef Astrid, what a wonderful and cheerful gift to make the best food in the world. We could name a few favorites, but they were all favorites. Your joy for cooking and life is contagious. The Key Lime Pie in particular was the best in the world.

Last week was unforgettable. Start in Maricot Bay with a beautiful Soufriere cruise and cruise, then a trip to Bequia. Thanks for planning and executing it perfectly. We then moved to Tobago Cays and then Canuwan Island for some great diving. We saw beautiful animals, whales, dolphins, manta rays including green turtles and all the reef fish. Astrid – The food is amazing. I'm glad we had some freshly caught blackfin sushi to eat. What an attitude! We had a great time, thank you for welcoming us with open arms.

I wish I had the words to describe it all

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