(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1037 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1037 Answers – Stranger Things – You’ve probably heard of it. The Netflix show that swept the internet as quickly as the Frozen craze. Sometimes I neglect excessive transmissions. but this? It deserved the hype. why Because the writing is so ridiculously good.

If you were here a few weeks ago for my post about Disney TV shows, you probably realized that I’m very unhappy with television these days. The writing has taken a turn for the worse lately and it bothers me to no end. But sometimes

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1037 Answers

A precious stone emerges from the garbage and restores the hope of television people. And I will tell you

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Expert writing skills. Ever since, I’ve wanted to rediscover pen and paper

Why did this show give me emotions like no other? How is it written so closely? What makes me love these characters with every fiber of my being and more??? I must learn.

So I finally did it. In this round, I consciously watched and wrote down things as they hit. And since I now have a random pile of notes, I thought it would be fun to share my findings!

(Actually, I don’t like horror at all, but I love this series that tells us how good it is, but I digress!)

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It has ICKY parts. A lot of shit, monsters, and just…slimy…disgusting…things. Secondly, there are mandatory people who sleep together like this. *rolls eyes* Third, and most importantly, the language is terrible and only gets worse every season. *SEEEEEE* Seriously, these characters, even little kids, swear at you. Yes. very. drives me crazy If it weren’t for the language, things wouldn’t be so bad (well, at least for those with a strong stomach). But yes, the language is quite difficult. Yeah, I’m not really rooting for this show…but man, it’s well written.

There will also be spoilers. for all three seasons. So if you are planning to watch it or haven’t yet, you can skip this post. Otherwise, read on, my dear elf, and let’s break down the inner workings of a good story!

The first season of this series tells the story of a young boy, Will Byers, who mysteriously disappears. Willy disappears in the first 10 minutes of the first episode, and then the entire season follows his friends and family as they do everything they can to find him.

Good cool riddle. lost boy It’s always fun. But here it is. The series is not only about solving the mystery, but also about the emotional impact on the characters. It’s about how Will’s absence affects them. And it should affect the United States. But if we didn’t know Will… why would we care? Why do we think all these symbols will work?

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In the beginning, he and his friends are playing Dungeons and Dragons and are about to face the fearsome demogorgon. Willie, the magician of the group, takes the heat and rolls, he needs a high number to beat with his “fireball”, but at that moment Mike, the game master, is called and can’t see that Willie. A low number came in. The other two boys, Lucas and Dustin, want to keep it from Mike, but Willy tells him the truth in an upsetting moment. He could not save the party.

For a full 10 seconds, we learn that Willie is kind, righteous, and willing (metaphorically) to die for his friends. Because of this, we develop an instant attachment. This is straightforward

It took now, at the end of the season, we’re going to look for all the other characters to save this precious baby.

We really want them to find Will. And why is that? Because the program showed us from the beginning what a precious person he is.

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Another example is Sheriff Hopper. The first scene we see him in is sleeping on the couch in his ramshackle trailer. The TV is on, there are beer bottles everywhere, the house is a mess. It doesn’t take much to tell that this guy is depressed and doesn’t care about his own well-being. However, we can’t help but wonder what happened to this sheriff in this seemingly quiet, cozy town. He’s definitely not Andy Griffith.

Your characters and better yet, make your readers/viewers instantly connect and/or engage with them. Thinking about first impressions of your characters can be crucial to hooking the reader.

Joyce Byers, Will’s mother, doesn’t quite understand the fact that her youngest boy is missing a lot.

When all kinds of craziness starts happening to him, he somehow loses it and lets fear and despair rule him.

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In the few scenes where she is determined to help Hopper, she says some pretty hurtful things to him. Under normal circumstances, he would never bring up the past and never put her in a sore spot. But such that he has not slept for several days, he is frightened, and even in despair, of course, he does not think of politeness.

Willy’s friends also get into some pretty serious arguments over their own desperation to find Willy’s crow.

We all get a little nervous when we get tired and we have to remember that our grades will be the same. When they are tired, scared, hungry, desperate, etc., they will be the worst version of themselves. And bonus: adds great conflict. Make your characters fight. Make them say hurtful things randomly. Use this dialogue to build tension. The more you can build that tension, the better your story will be.

Will’s older brother, Jonathan, is an outcast. Quiet, confident, from a broken family and poor, he is mostly shunned at school. He has no friends to talk to. Mother and younger brother are the only two people in his life.

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Then one day, when he sees the popular kids playing by the pool in a rich orphanage, he can’t help but like them. Here he sees what his life should be like – friends, fun, involvement and compassion. It’s really about the soul.

Another scene from Eleven. Student or “El” is a little girl who has spent her entire life as a lab rat. He had never been to the outside world himself and certainly had no friends or family. Instead, he spent his entire life in outdated rooms with wires connected to his brain, and cruel people treating him as an experiment. They never gave him his real name, for God’s sake.

However, he eventually escapes and hides out at Mike’s house, where he investigates Mike’s older sister’s room. Nancy’s room is everything a girl’s room should be – pink and flowers, pretty clothes and pictures of Nancy laughing with her friends plastered on the walls. happy

Bonus: This scene also makes us hate the people who did this to Al even more. And since they’re more or less antagonists, that’s great.

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A great way to really touch the heartstrings is to have your character witness what they should have, or what they want most, but can’t.

People who have nothing to live for are more willing to take risks. But these are people who desperately want to keep everything they live for.

Do you remember Hopper? A sheriff who doesn’t seem to care about his own well-being at all? Yes. A person is not afraid to risk his life. He’s depressed, lonely, doesn’t have anyone who particularly cares

. But he is dedicated to his work, and having lost people in the past, he doesn’t want others to suffer the same fate. So when he stumbles upon a secret facility that may have something to do with Will’s death, he recklessly rushes there and puts himself in plenty of danger, because why not? If it dies, it dies. But if he’s alive, he’s still helping to hunt down Will.

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On the other side of the coin, Joyce experiences supernatural activity in her family. It’s like… there’s a monster in its walls and the lights are flashing, all pointing to Willy’s disappearance. So it literally is

More material things, or that he might be crazy, or that he hasn’t slept in days. He is willing to risk the destruction of his home if it means what he holds most dear.

People usually don’t take risks for no reason. Some people live recklessly because somehow they don’t take good care of themselves. Others risk everything to preserve what is most important to them. Remember, when your characters are up against the big bad and in countless perils, they need it.

I’ve never understood the hate for flashbacks. When I fall in love with a character, I want to know everything about them. Flashbacks are often my favorite part of stories. I think they can

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