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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 97 Answers – The latest Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard in Home Energy Management (HEM) places Atlanta-based Interactive among the top four players in the field of fifteen. While the field of players has become more crowded over the past two years, the energy industry has leapt ahead and leapfrogged eleven other providers. In particular, the achieved high ratings in the important categories of Go-To-Market Strategy, Technology, Product Strategy, and Product Quality and reliability in an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled, personalized, customer engagement platform. This study is based on primary research obtained from telephone interviews with individuals and business leaders, including managers, engineers, and marketing professionals in all areas of the value chain, including technology companies, utilities and other service providers, business organizations, government agencies and investors. Mali. . society It shows a remarkable growth in the HEM market since 2018 in terms of players and market size. selected to provide utilities and software that deliver personalized, efficient, digital communications to consumers using AI and predictive analytics to create timely and relevant messages. The message helps consumers manage their home's energy use and supports our transition to a green energy future. In addition to reports and notifications, use personal videos explaining energy bills, request participation in a DR event and provide high and medium building alerts. These videos are interactive, allowing customers to choose the time to watch videos that suit their interests. The has also developed an Amazon Alexa skill that explains a customer's energy bill and provides savings tips. The report mentions its attractive market place, saying in the report, “As long as it maintains the quality and breadth of its offering, for which it has received excellent marks, it should be placed in a good position to maintain its position or even on the board of the Leader to rise.” in the future.” The now provides the largest and most advanced IOUs with hundreds of small cooperatives and municipalities through joint procurement by G&T and Joint Action Agencies. The key to success is the use of the most accurate and advanced AI energy modeling engine design -powered disaggregation algorithms that power different applications and services. What started as a highly rated “hard” energy audit has now evolved into a Personal Video Message that comes with advanced tools that help consumers understand energy use, how to save, and how to improve their home's performance. According to the CEO, Susan Gilbert, “We are delighted to have won the category of competitors on the edge of the Leader's quadrant in just two years. Be among the top performers in four other key performance areas. Only our geographic focus on the North American market is holding us back, but we see the international market as an opportunity for future growth. Technology is another distinguishing criterion, receiving the top spot for “developments and technologies that provide a significant business advantage over competitors that can have a long-lasting impact on their health.” success. High scores are given for proven brand success or delivering unique product features. Click here to access the Leader's Leadership Report. About Interactive: Interactive is a leading full-service provider of consumer software services operating in utilities. Serving utilities since 1993, the digital engagement platform is used by hundreds of North American utilities from coast to coast, including high-end investor utilities, municipalities and cooperatives. Customers include Consolidated Edison, Southern , Tampa Electric, NextEra, CenterPoint, Xcel, Columbia Gas, Exelon, DTE, LADWP and Jackson EMC . For more information visit  or LinkedIn.

Interactive, Inc., a provider of customer engagement and energy analytics software for utilities, today announced record performance and results for its utilities in 2022.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 97 Answers

That year saw the recognition of Chartwell's prestigious EMACS awards, with Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) winning the 2022 Gold Communications Excellence Award for its use in Personal Video Messaging. This marks the first use of Private Video Messaging for reliable residential communication. The Personal Video Quality Report shows the reliability of each customer's electricity compared to the previous year. The results showed that more than half of consumers had a more favorable opinion of ComEd after watching the video.

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Clients include many of the largest, most innovative and progressive venture capital, municipal and cooperative enterprises. In 2022, utilities will launch pilots, upgrade subscriptions to include personalized video messages, or decide to deploy a complete solution, resulting in millions of additional devices receiving relevant messages as utilities see the value of effective and personalized communications.

Recent studies have proven that interactive devices in 2022 will benefit from using a strong digital communication platform that provides year-round support and includes specific marketing strategies that meet and exceed their goals.

By using a proprietary communication and communication platform, the app achieves increased customer awareness, drives higher program participation, reduces overhead and generates higher customer satisfaction.

Continuing the successful expansion of its ten-year communications platform, including tools that educate consumers on key topics including cost and payment options, reliability, electric vehicles, renewable energy, and energy efficiency systems. New features rolling out to existing customers in late 2022 include Energy Monitor and an improved EV Rate Calculator.

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Jim Malcom, COO of Interactive, said: “We are pleased with the results our tools have seen in 2022 and look forward to developing many large, full-fledged drivers in 2023. Our strong digital platform, unique strategy, and ongoing support have proven to be -assets in our utilities.”

Part of Interactive, Inc. is a leading provider of customer engagement services for utilities, serving the energy industry since 1993. The customer engagement platform helps utilities establish ongoing digital relationships with customers, help engage and educate their customers, reduce costs and achieve energy efficiency. , and increased customer satisfaction. The solution enables personalized, relevant, video-based messaging across multiple channels, drives automation, and improves efficiency through automated marketing. Our loyal customer base includes Commonwealth Edison, Liberty Utilities, ConEd, Duquesne, Tampa Electric, People's Gas, CenterPoint, Xcel Energy, LADWP, and hundreds of others. IOUs, municipalities, cooperatives and gas utilities. For more information, visit or LinkedIn.

Collaborative, creators of the Messenger communications platform and individual video bill reports for utilities, is proud to congratulate Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) as the recipient of the Chartwell Best Practices Gold Communications Award 2022. ComEd will receive the prestigious award for the Personal Reliability Report (PRR). A video developed to educate consumers about blackouts. The 2022 Chartwell Excellence Awards recognize excellence among electric and gas utilities in projects, programs and service initiatives aimed at improving customer experience, communication and awareness.

ComEd's Wendy Hines, Senior Business Project Manager, and project winners will present case studies on the 25

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. The conference, hosted by Chartwell, will attract more than 300 participants from 65 institutions in the United States.

ComEd, the provider of electric service to more than 4 million customers in northern Illinois, recently spent $2.6 billion to upgrade its electric grid. However, although reliability has increased by more than 60% since 2012, research continues to show that most consumers do not understand the impact of improving the reliability of their electrical services. As a result, ComEd partnered with Interactive to create a Personal Tolerance Report (PRR) video to help improve consumer awareness and overall consumer satisfaction.

From March to mid-April 2022, ComEd emailed 2,113,393 PRR videos to residential customers. The video shows current customer loyalty in 2021 compared to 2020, says the March bill will include a detailed personal loyalty report, invites them to download the ComEd app, and then asks them to take a survey about the video.

ComEd's video reliability report achieved a unique open rate of 45.14% and a click-through rate of 3.63%, a significant improvement over ComEd's internal benchmarks. Most importantly, survey responses indicate increased awareness and a more positive perception of ComEd:

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Susan Gilbert, founder and CEO emphasized, “We are happy to see ComEd receive this relevant information as a leader in the energy industry and we are proud to have the opportunity to work with the ongoing process. Personalized and relevant information is provided. .thereby increasing customer involvement and improving satisfaction.”

In addition to winning the top award in the communications category, ComEd was also ranked bronze in the areas of customer service and digital experience.

Part of Interactive, Inc. is a leading provider of customer engagement services for utilities, serving the energy industry since 1993. Its customer engagement platform helps utilities establish ongoing digital relationships with customers, help them engage and educate customers, reduce costs, and achieve energy efficiency. , and increased customer satisfaction. The solution enables a personalized, relevant, video-based message across multiple channels, drives automation, and improves efficiency through automated marketing. Our loyal customer base includes Southern , Liberty Utilities, Duquesne Light, Tampa Electric, People's Gas, CenterPoint, Xcel Energy, Exelon, NextEra, LADWP, and hundreds other IOUs, municipalities, cooperatives and gas utilities. For more information, visit.

Interactive, Inc., a leader in digital engagement and customer communication strategies, announced

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