(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2156 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2156 Answers – Introduction Welcome to Moon X Battle Stage Information, now a permanent challenge for everyone to battle! This level is designed to have a natural bias for the Moon elements with L1 Iku and 2 Moon Rabbits. The anniversary on the SDM story card highlights a powerful 3 YIN DEF DOWN to target, which greatly helps YIN units as it multiplies the attackers' defense modifiers. The other two effects – 3 YANG ATK DOWN and 25% Laser Bullet UP – are good effects to consider if you need survivability and extra damage.

Battle Overview Wave 1 Enemy Info Rabbit Officer Rest Wanted: 750,000 7 N/A Moon Sun Water Wood Metal Earth Star Extra Info Skill Gauge 1 Rest [Guardian of Nature!] Party Water/Earth/Wood DMG RES UP (2T)). [Switch Cell] Cell switch applies to all targets (2T). L1 Iku Nagae 1, 500, 000 1, 500 2, 700 800 3, 100 1, 400 7 1 Moon Sun Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Star Additional Information Skill Wave Skill Gauge 1 Break gauge 2 Break RSSILESM/SILESMUPS!] DMG RES UP (2T). [Normal/Heavy/Liquid RES UP!] Party Normal/Slash/Missile DMG RES UP (2T). From 0-50% HP [Party Yin DEF/Evasion UP!] if party YIN DEF UP and EVA UP (2T). [Focus Seal/Slash/Missile RES UP!] Seal Focus Shot uses all targets (10T). Party Slash/Missile DMG RES UP (2T). [Solo ATK RES/Heavy/Liquid RES UP!] Party single target DMG RES UP and all DMG RES reduced by 3 levels (10T). Party Heavy DMG RESUP by 50% (2T). Party liquid DMG RESUP by 50% (2T). [Solo ATK RES/Yin DEF/Evasion UP!] Single target DMG RES UP in the party and DMG RES of all targets below level 3 (10T). Party Yin DEF UP by 5 levels (2T). Party at 5 Levels (2T) UP RABBIT OFFICER REQUESTS TO SHARE: 750,000 7 HALF MOON SUN FIRE WATER WOOD METAL EARTH STAR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION MEASUREMENT 1 REVIEW / EMPLOYMENT ABILITY [EMPLOYMENT / EMPLOYMENT PART 2] ). Heals the party by 5% HP. [Gray Seal] Uses seal gray on all targets (2T). L1 EQ Special Effects All attacks are 2.00p. Ability: Increase your Yang ATK by 1 level (1T) when you use Boost. For each layer of Phillies: Dexterity, Accuracy and Stealth up to 1 level. Spell Card and Last Word: SC 1: Remove Layer 1 Condition: Blind to all targets (10T). SC 2: Layer 1 Block Status: Blind to all targets (10T). Clears 2 layers of your blocking status. LW: Eclipse Status: Blind. Adds 4 layers to your block.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2156 Answers

Stage Analysis The Moon EX Battle stage includes a wave 1 battle that reintroduces the spell card item mechanic and restores previously used (including last words) spell cards. The threat of hearing is Echo's last word. Not only does it deal heavy damage with Iku's last word, but it also creates 4 barriers and breaks any blind defect it creates. Eku gives himself a 5 evasion buff even at the last gauge break and when he is below 50% HP, which is very hard to beat. Also, the Rabbit applies switchlock and greaselock respectively to its gauge rests which are a pain to deal with since the early Iku shots were so heavy.

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What will the platform be? After clearing the battlefield, you'll get 400 player EXP and 1300 friend EXP, as well as an SDM birthday, all gold items, and a chance to jump to all silver items. There is also a function that rewards you with an SDM anniversary copy for your first clear.

Suggestions Friends: From the context of this article, it is easy to understand that the main thing to remember is to bring friends who have more access to the Moon element. Another great idea to increase your damage output is to bring friends that are effective killers against Iku and/or rabbits. Examples of this are relationships with yokai and moon signs. Another idea is to break the negative barrier using poison and/or paralysis. However, please note that you need to be careful when applying Paralyze Break strategies as this damage affects Ekun's damage on every layer due to its ability. Below, we have a list of friends based on roles for this level. Great friends are friends who have general influence during the war. Nukes are described as companions whose main purpose is to quickly deal with enemies to deal large amounts of damage. Barrier Breakers As the name suggests, they are friends who are good at breaking obstacles, in this case, they fall into two categories, Moon Element Breakers and Anomaly Breakers. Finally, we have the Utilities and Breaks category, where listed allies often support the party with the added benefit of block breaks on party buffs and enemies. Note: The list below is ordered from left (highest) to right (lowest) for category effectiveness. As everyone has mentioned, this list is currently out of date! This section will be reworked in the near future to be as completely updated as possible. Entry Update: 5/27: Added friends list below. Note that it will be constantly updated over time. 5/28: Moved A8 factor to Utility+ because his nuclear power is not so good. Main Friends Character Page: Watatsuki no Yorihime (Peace and Worship) Nothing here yet. Character Page: Watatsuki no Toyohime (Temple of Great Wealth and Equality) There is nothing here yet. Character Sheet: Sagum Kishin (True Temple of Legitimacy and Loyalty) None yet. Character Page: Reisen Hibogen Inaba (Lunetic Space Youkai) None here. Utility + Eclipse Character Sheet: Reason (Capital Peacekeeper) None yet. Characters Page: Eren Yagokuro None yet. Character Page: Sagume Kishin There is nothing here yet. Character Sheet: Rezen Haggen Inaba (Eternal) None here. Character Page: Sakuya Izayoi (Scarlet) There is nothing here yet. Character Page: Rin Kenbyou Nothing here yet. Nuker Character: Sakuya Ezio (Moon Battle Servant) None yet. Character Sheet: Raisen Hagen Inaba (Moon War Soldier) None here. Character Page: Youmu Konpaku (Cherry Blossom) Nothing here yet. Character Page: Youmu Konpaku None yet. Character Page: Suika Ibuki Nothing here yet. Character Page: Remelia Scarlett (Little Demon Mistresses) Nothing here. Character Page: Seija Kijin Nothing here yet. Obstacle Builders Character Page: Hectia lapislazuli Nothing yet. Character Page: Minoriko Aki There is nothing here yet. Character Page: Minoriko Aki There is nothing here yet. Character Sheet: Drug addiction is still nothing. Character Page: Junko (Untitled Space Horror) None yet. Story Cards: For story card tips, most MLB copies of the Witch of Scarlet Dream story card are highly recommended, as getting multiple bullet lines is essential if you want to give your unit more combat power and obstacle breaking ability. An alternative would be the MLB Yokai Mountain Anniversary which gives the same effect. If you don't have any of these story cards, other options include MLB Midnight Tea, MLB It's Spring for 1.5 P UP. Now, to expose your partner's damage potential, it is recommended that you use the best card for your partner's last word, in addition to any debuffs you wish to use in groups and/or. It's Yukai Mountain's annual Midnight Tea Spring of Witch of Scarlet Dreams!

Team com tips having trouble with battle levels? Then you've come to the right place! This section contains some tips that may help you on your way to defeating Akon and Rabbit officers. Taken from the 9th Dev Patra, this season we look at the friends and date cards that people often encounter. Below is a list of friends and story cards you can use for reference: Below we have a My Farm example for Moon X Rerun that you can use as a reference if you have friends. My colleague Delta Rowan made a video about her farm camp for this level. Community Forum Guidelines These are some clear and community guidelines that can serve as another reference for your efforts. It is divided into two categories, clear camp and agricultural camp. Clear comps don't take tag combat consistency into account because they give you an idea of ​​how to phase, while farming comps consider scaling consistency and/or SP efficiency so the player can phase. Make more money. Please note that these videos are not affiliated with each other and are created by their respective creators. The author asked

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