(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2999 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2999 Answers – Today, unbeknownst to most of the world, Opportunity reached a major milestone on its epic journey to Mars, and then quietly passed away. At around 3am UK time, Opportunity began its 3,000th solar day, or Martian day, on Mars. Yes, you read that right. Fingers crossed the rover will last 90 days and

, which drove a full kilometer on Mars, now has 3,000 days on Mars, or 33 times longer than its normal mission. It has covered more than 34 km and has covered about 33 km since the warranty period.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2999 Answers

There will be many headlines in the news today. Bankers who cheat, politicians who lie, athletes who sell drugs, celebrity divorces are commonplace. But it should be everywhere,

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, more than eight years after reaching Mars, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is still orbiting Mars, taking pictures and doing amazing science. Because it’s amazing, right? This is amazing engineering! This is something special.

I honestly don’t know why NASA hasn’t done more work on this. Well I think in the grand scheme of things it’s “just a number” and tosol will be another mars solution, Oppy itself doesn’t do anything special. And perhaps if MSL Curiosity’s arrival had not been imminent, NASA would have been better suited to the occasion? I don’t know. But with no fuss or fanfare from NASA, this Road to Surgery blog is proudly celebrating this amazing achievement and shamelessly cheering from the rooftops of the internet today with this special announcement. , with interviews from not one, not two, but THREE of the MER team! (The picture above probably gave you a clue as to who the two are, ah, but who’s the third one? You’ll have to wait and see…!)

But that’s for later. For now, let’s take a look at what Oppi has been up to since landing. Here are some renderings of Google Mars on its way around the Red Planet…

Opportunity stood on the northern tip of “Cape York,” a small “island” of solid rock that rises out of the Meridian Desert and is part of the rim of the great Endeavor Basin, as you can clearly see from the photo above. This is his current look…

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As I posted yesterday, Opportunity is using its RAT tool – Rock Abrasion – to photograph the interior of the rock with a telescope. I combined four different views of the “rat hole” in the rock to create this framed picture…

I love this picture, I agree and can’t wait to see the newly revealed interior…!

Meanwhile, while Opie himself is of course blissfully unaware of his incredible feat of surviving 3,000 solar on Mars, many Rover Huggers here on Earth are celebrating Opie’s mission so far by looking back and daring to look forward. what may lie ahead. I’ve talked a few times about my experiences with Oppy and my memories (good and bad) of his epic journey to Mars, so I thought it might be a good idea to meet two of the best for this blog. generous supporters and collaborators – Paolo Belluta and Scott Maxwell. All the rover drivers (and there are more, believe me!) have answered my questions in the past, and when I wrote to them this time I was more than willing to say they wouldn’t answer me. that might help since they’re very busy preparing for the MSL landing, now over a month from Mars (a month! Gulp!) But of course they both sent long, personal responses to questions, which I’m very grateful for. . So sit back and hear what MER team Paolo Belluta (“PB”) and Scott Maxwell (“SM”) have to say about Opie’s latest achievements, his journey so far and the adventures yet to come…

So here we are… Sol 3000… Oppy has been on Mars for 3000 days! We’re all curious fans of the rover here, but as members of the MER team, how do you feel when you sit down and think about it? are you happy Are you tired?

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PB: A mixed feeling of excitement, sometimes boredom (yes, Mars has a few events), like watching a band you love after decades of success, only to see gray, the marks of time.

He is proud of past achievements and excited for new ones. MSL will land on the red planet and join big sister, I don’t have time to think if I want to now! However, at the cost of 3000 catapults and time to sit in on the SOWG meeting, I’ll be going to have breakfast with the team in a few minutes. MER is important to me as always. I love this mission.

When Opie landed, all those years ago, he had no idea of ​​the future. Traveling one kilometer and surviving 90 days was on our mind and fingers were crossed. Now, eight years later, Opportunity is still at work, still traveling 21+ miles on an incredible journey across the surface of an alien world. Can you share with us some of your memorable moments from the mission so far? Good and bad?

PB: We don’t know what awaits us yet! There are already people looking beyond Cape York, Tribulation, even Endeavour.

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There are times when I’m tattooed, but if you had an MRI of my brain, I’m sure you’d see B446, A1899 on my scans. Probably the most popular is the B1291. I remember when we planned to ‘drop off’ the left hand drive B 1291 at Duck Bay, Victoria. The SOWG room was full of engineers and scientists. I spent over a year trying to find a good dive site in Victoria so I knew the area very well.

, good. Before blessing the planned trip, Steve Squires asked me, “Paolo, are you sure?” What? do you know where you are going?’

Well, even very bad is good: for example, Ripple Purgatory, where Opportunity was stuck for a week while we worked hard to help him escape, ended up being a success story. It combines many of the most obvious things – the first image of Earth from the surface of another planet, our arrival at Victoria Crater, and too many others to list.

For me, however, the crowning achievement of the mission will always be The Spirit Standing on Husband Hill—a success story if ever there was one, a tribute to the simple decision to defy the odds no one seemed to believe. And the biggest loss will be, of course, that we’ll be so close to helping the Ghost escape from Troy that he doesn’t even have. Boys.

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Sometimes I shudder to think that there are kids in high schools today, born after January 2004, who have never seen Mars without a rover. drive around Gale Crater for a decade or more, their children will grow up the same way. What? no wonder! Did Mars call you when you were a child? Did you want to participate in his investigation?

PB: My youngest son, Marco, was born two weeks after the Pathfinder/Sojourner landing on Mars. The MER team consists of “kids” who were in high school when Spirit and Opportunity landed. There are slightly older children born after the Apollo and Moon landings. I was lucky to be born in the year that space exploration began. I remember seeing the first pictures of the Viking, the hand, all those rocks. I was intrigued, but never thought Mars would be part of my future.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. Or a storyteller. Preferably both. Like many things in my life, it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would – but it did make a song!

What is it like to be a member of the MER team? It’s clear from your tweets and blog posts that you’re passionate about Mars and its discoveries, but what exactly is piloting a Mars rover as a job? When you get to work, sit in your chair and start knocking, does it ever occur to you that what you’re doing is contributing not only to science, but to history?

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SM: This attitude was given to me by my GP. During several years of the mission, I told him why I did what I did

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