(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 745 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 745 Answers – Sometimes something miraculous happens (insert group click here), but there are (many) situations where you work in groups and teamwork is lacking.

In this episode, Vera and I uncover the complexities of teamwork, what we need to know and the basics of a successful team.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 745 Answers

Mercedes: That's right, and I'm not ashamed to admit it – there's a reason they're so strong… because it's a universal truth that we like to understand.

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Vera: You are right! Okay, so today we're talking about people who do things together, who can work together, in short: people.

Vera: Today we refer to the times when Pichon Royer refers to a group of people – it can be 2 or more people.

Mercedes: People, we need people for that – or not? Can AI work as a team? I doubt they can or want to, but we'll leave that for another discussion. Go ahead, 2 or more people.

Vera: Good! So two or more people spend time and share space to participate in whatever activity they want or need to achieve a common goal.

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Mercedes: That's your definition of teamwork, right? I'm playing devil's advocate here, I don't think it's enough. I've been in situations that show all the signs where teamwork doesn't happen, we work in teams but teamwork doesn't happen… I got you there, didn't I?

Vera: Well, no, I was there too. But wait a minute…we'll get to that part later. As we wait, let's get to the basics. Can we work as a team in the real world?

Mercedes: I was just thinking that you said the location…it depends on the date and the team I'm working with. Grab people and shake things up. I think it comes down to having the right people with the right tools.

Vera: Yes … we are seeing a historical moment … I think … it could be true … but even if it is true. But the team must influence each other, balance roles,

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Mercedes: I can't work as a team without coordination. I need physical people to live, even if it's not on the screen. he

Vera: I will go further … I say that I need to see the personality in another performance … Setting up the camera is good, but if someone else is typing it is interesting, or you. they feel they are not. Attention is not enough, you know? … I need to connect on some level, and while it's rare, I know it's possible without a camera.

Mercedes: Ok, I have a few questions about this. But first the big announcement. We're talking about teams, but we're not just talking about work. So please listen to this episode and think about all the possible groups, such as your life partner, your siblings, your sports team and of course your work colleagues. Back to the burning questions…are we all team players? Are we all made to work well as a team?

Vera: Well, I wouldn't say yes. We are all social creatures and we all need others … we are with others … but here is the big problem … our society has evolved into many behaviors that do not fall along that line of cooperation. To see others as someone who can appreciate me. This is the so-called scarcity mentality, which is most directly understood in Darwin's theory of survival. When things are tough we even call it competition because we are fighting for survival.

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Mercedes: In the business world, the vocabulary of history is violent when it comes to others – dog eat dog, cut throat, law of the jungle, feel a little protective.

Vera: Not just at work. We do this in every relationship. When we are vulnerable, it becomes difficult to trust others. Relationships (of any kind) change more when we do this.

Vera: But it's a world view. It wasn't always like that. The was all that mattered. In response, we emphasized the importance of the individual. And then we lost the sense of power groups. It's like we've gone from one border to another. And really, when I say this, I know that for many it seems very easy, but we have to face the fact that even though we are very successful, the results are very high .. and we show our planet . We need to think again soon.

Vera: Of course! When we see a vision, we can see a choice. Of course there is. And I think a lot of people are looking for that version.

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So when we talk about nature…nature doesn't work like that, and views that fit the pattern of abundance rather than the natural world present a very different view. Professionals in all fields who teach, guide and help others, people who openly give and share what they know and what they create. See the benefits of collaboration and teamwork.

Mercedes: There are companies that understand their role in the bigger picture. Well…we've found that we all know how to work in teams, but…let's face it, some people are better at working in teams than others, it's a skill we work on and that's it. we could do better… if I could… I'd like to call Vera to slow down. Why do some people work well in groups and others don't – I have a feeling that the word ego may come up.

Veera: Mmm.. I'm not sure if it's Anna. Ego is a word that is used a lot and we keep changing its meaning. We all need our ego, it's a conversation between your head and what's not… I think the word self-esteem should come out…

Vera: Healthy self-esteem will be one that is not distorted by one's thoughts… People often have a distorted image of themselves, either they think too much or think too much about themselves.. (And it often happens. One person). Likewise, it's not uncommon to find it difficult to be honest—to share a true perspective—about the role you play in the group. When you know yourself, you value what you bring to the table and you accept your limitations, you deeply understand your problems, and you can see what others are doing and what they are doing in the equation? The fearless way.

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Mercedes: Knowing your limits doesn't make you weak. They make you human. This can be the biggest challenge in life

Vera: It's very difficult but worth it. When you accept your individuality, you also see how much others contribute to your enrichment. Value your opinions, you can learn from them, you can trust them, and if they help, you should ask them. It is that level of humility that makes you a good team player. Know your version of the group.

Mercedes: We can see all the seasons ourselves, right? So how can people explore this in addition to therapy?

Veera: Mmm.. like all life skills.. we learn them in life, so it grows as you interact with your siblings, share with your cousins ​​and your childhood friends… gym, school, settle all these things. . In ways you learn. So if you've ever played a game in a very competitive environment, you'll be exposed to other world views. some experience. If you see your high school classmates as winners and losers if you have attended a school where bullying is common…

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Mercedes: All these early experiences of how we interact with others change the way we operate and the way teams are perceived.

Now let's talk a little about the person and the work you need as a person to improve your team performance – let's talk a little about the actual team. Can cooperation always work? Sometimes you feel forced… and sometimes you go well.

Vera: We talked about it and we talked about our relationship. And sometimes the connection is deep and feels like magic.

Mercedes: Well, at the risk of shouting, get a room, that podcast and how we started working together was very simple – not perfect of course, but it always worked because we always understood that every table brings something? , how we benefit from each other and there is a lot of openness to adapt our individual ways of working. It's rare, I've been in a few group situations where this has happened…

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Vera: Not every day, what usually happens is that you have to work a lot

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