(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1292 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1292 Answers – NDT's New Ethical Pillar ASNT NDT Level III in Five Techniques NAS 410 Level III and IRRSP Certified Tony Bailey, Editor. Each month, he presents an ethics survey and invites readers to respond.

With these comments, Readers are also invited to email Bailey with their ethical situations, which may be covered anonymously in a future column.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1292 Answers

This month we discuss the ethical perspective of validating and documenting work experience for initial non-destructive testing (NDT) qualifications and examples of potential unethical behavior in document validation.

Washington Blade, Volume 53, Issue 41, October 14, 2022 By Washington Blade

All industries require verification of employee skills, abilities and training Experience in NDT/On-the-Training (also called OJT) is a key requirement for advancement in the NDT industry.

For NDT, employers must check that the technical knowledge and skills (qualifications) of Level I, II and III candidates are valid and true. Most qualification and certification documents aim and/or require that the hours of work experience be documented in writing and independently witnessed (in writing) by another qualified and certified NDT technician. Witness requirements depend on the level of NDT certification being applied for

Let's discuss a scenario involving some hours of alleged Level II NDT experience being used to obtain an initial Level III qualification for corporate certification.

An intern is hired by 1 in the automotive industry, where he will work in the Radiographic Testing (RTO) department performing Computed Tomography (CT). The candidate was selected because of two years of mechanical engineering college studies, but he attended college for only one semester instead of two years. The candidate was given 24 hours of hands-on training by a manufacturer of computed radiography (CR) equipment, and after the training continued to work as an intern in the CT department, where he gained 2476 hours of experience. The candidate has not documented these hours in writing, and no NDT Level II or III has witnessed his work, as this is a car manufacturer and there is no written practice. In addition, the candidate has not completed initial Level I or Level II formal classroom training for an RTO.

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After two years at the car , the CT candidate left 1 and was hired by a new employer, Company 2, to do CR work at both.

(2021) The candidate demonstrates that he is eligible for ASNT NDT Level III certification because his practical CT experience is equivalent to the currently required CR experience. He submitted a letter of experience from his previous employer, which he wrote on company letterhead along with his fake college credential. Company 2 was new to NDT Responsibility Level III and did not know that it needed to confirm its credentials and did not contact Company 1. Therefore, Level III of responsibility accepted his statement of claim orally and qualified it according to the company's written practice. Recommended practice no. SNT-TC-1A:

The candidate was interested in becoming ASNT certified, so he attended a 40-hour basic course and a 40-hour RT Level III refresher course, both taught by a certified ASNT NDT using the Level III RT method. A candidate applies for their ASNT certification exam by submitting their letter of experience and two classroom training certificates and signing the ASNT certification instructor's name on the ASNT application form. He passed the Basic and RT exams and later earned his ASNT certification in RT. When the candidate returned to work with his new ASNT certification, his Level III responsibility immediately earned him a CR Level III certification from Company 2.

Now we ask you, the reader, if this candidate is eligible for the 2nd Company CR III Level Certification. Are the candidate's actions considered ethical behavior? We want to hear from the NDT community Join the conversation by leaving a comment

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