(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2971 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2971 Answers – If you have outstanding warrants/tickets out of Texarkana County, Arkansas, February may be your month to resolve the issue without an arrest.

Police in Texarkana, Arkansas sent out a statement today citing Judge Tommy Potter’s announcement that the Miller County Courthouse and the Texarkana, Arkansas City and County Office will be closed starting in 2023. February 1 until April 28 will grant amnesty.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2971 Answers

This simply means that if you have an outstanding warrant for failure to appear, failure to comply with a court order, or failure to report, you can take advantage of this amnesty program. During the above period, the district courts will cancel the warrant and jail charges if the full principal amount of those warrants is paid.

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Yes, you still have to pay the fines, but you can avoid any additional fines or fees by taking care of that amnesty period.

The amnesty program allows anyone with a warrant to avoid the inconvenience of an arrest, avoid an additional $350 in court costs, and have their case completely resolved.

“These individuals have had their licenses suspended; after these penalties are lifted, they will also be able to regain their valid driver’s license. With income tax returns coming up, it’s a great time for people to take advantage of this opportunity,” says Chief Judicial Clerk Karen Reed.

If you are unsure of your situation, contact the City Probation Department at (903) 798-3241 or 3243. You can also call the County Court Office at (903) 798-3016 or 3012 or the Miller County Court or County Probation Office at (870) 773-2971 or (870 )772-2780.

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