(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 41 Answers

Eliseo Evans February 6, 2023

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Quantum field theory may be the most successful scientific theory of all, but there are reasons to think that something is missing. Stephen Strogatz talks to physicist David Tong about this dubious theory.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 41 Answers

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Quantum field theory is perhaps the most successful scientific theory of all, predicting the results of experiments with great accuracy and advancing research in higher mathematics. However, there is reason to believe that something is missing. Stephen Strogatz spoke with David Tong, an environmental scientist at Cambridge University, to explore the open questions of this dubious theory.

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(00:12) If you’ve ever wondered what we’re like, you’ve probably found yourself going down a rabbit hole of observations. Like other living things, we are made of cells. And they are made up of molecules, molecules. Dig deep and you’ll soon see the level of the electron and the quark. These are the particles that are called the end of the line, the beginning of the speech.

(00:39) But today we know that this is not the case. But, physicists tell us, at a deep level, everything is made up of mysterious, fluid-like substances called quantum fields. These invisible fields are sometimes like particles and sometimes like waves. They can communicate. They can, some of them, fly among us. Quantum field theory is perhaps the most successful scientific theory of all time. Sometimes, a prediction involves testing up to 12 surprising genetic sites. In addition, quantum field theory has shed light on several questions in pure mathematics, particularly in the study of four-dimensional phenomena and high fields. However, there are reasons to believe that quantum field theory is missing something. It seems incomplete and leaves many unanswered questions.

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(01:38) Professor David Tong joins me now to talk about all of this. David is a physicist at Cambridge University. His specialty is quantum field theory and he is known as a very talented and outgoing teacher. Among his many honors, he was awarded the Adams Prize in 2008, one of Cambridge University’s most prestigious awards. He is also a Simons Fellow, an award from the Simons Foundation for scientists and mathematicians to study critical questions. The Simons Foundation also supports this podcast. David, thank you very much for joining us today.

Strogatz: I’m glad to have the opportunity to speak with you. I have enjoyed reading your sermons online and watching some of your great sermons on YouTube. So that was really fun. Let’s start with the basics. Today we are going to talk about flight. Tell me who made it. Michael Faraday usually gets the credit. What does he think? And what did you find?

Tong (02:37): It all goes back to Michael Faraday. Faraday was one of the greatest experimental physicists of all time, an experimental physicist, not a theorist. He left school at the age of 14. He never knew math. However, it is interesting that he developed this idea about the role of the world. This means that he made one of the most important contributions to theoretical physics. He has been playing with the ideas of electricity and magnetism for about 25 years. He found a magnet and wrapped it in copper wire. He did many important things like the discovery of electric induction and the invention of the electric motor.

(03:19) And after 20 years later, he thought that the pictures he put in his mind to explain the operation of the things, is the correct description of the world we live in.

What Is Quantum Field Theory And Why Is It Incomplete?

(03:33) I’ll give you an example. If you take two bar magnets and push them so that the two north poles are close together – it’s an experiment we’ve all done. And when you push those stools, you can feel the force of the sponge separating them. Faraday was convinced that there was something between the magnets. It’s amazing because when you look at the magnets, there’s – it’s just thin air, there’s nothing there. But Faraday said there was something there, there was what he called a magnetic field, which he called lines of force. And this magnetic field is just like the magnets themselves.

(04:11) So this is a new look for the world we live in. His idea is that there are not only particles in the universe, but that this kind of matter is a very different kind of matter. , a field that exists everywhere in space at the same time. He said, now we say in today’s language, everywhere in the world there are two vectors, two arrows. These vectors tell us the direction and magnitude of the electric and magnetic fields.

(04:43) And he leaves us with this kind of world where there is a kind of separation between two different things. They are particles that create electric and magnetic fields. Then those electric and magnetic fields move up and change, telling the particles how to move. So there is a kind of complex dance between the actions of the particles and the actions of the fields. And his main contribution was to say that these fields are real, just like particles.

Tong (05:18): So when quantum mechanics came out, it was 1925. And we have this kind of worldview. We know that there are electric fields and magnetic fields. And we know that the waves of these electric fields are called light. But again, thanks to quantum mechanics, we know that light is made of particles, photons.

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(05:41) So a kind of question arises, how do you think about this relationship between fields on the one hand and images on the other hand. And I think there are two things that can be done. Maybe you should think of electric and magnetic fields as having many photons, and if water has a lot of atoms, you’d think of atoms as elementary. Otherwise, the opposite is true, the fields are the most important. And photos from small water parks. So there are two reasonable options.

(06:18) And the great development began in 1927. However, it took 20-30 years to reach its full length. So it is important to appreciate that fields are very important, that electric and magnetic forces underlie everything. And the small waves of electricity and magnetism are converted into bundles of energy called photons by the effects of quantum mechanics.

(06:44) And one big step, one of the big unifying things in the history of physics, is the understanding that holds all the particles together. What we call electrons and what we call quarks are not fundamental. Instead, a substance called an electron field, very similar to an electric or magnetic field, propagates through nature. And the particles called electrons are tiny ripples in this electric field. And the same goes for any other particles you want to mention. A quark field – there are six different quark fields in the universe. A neutrino field and a gluon field

Box. Every time we find a new particle, the new one is the Higgs boson, we know that what affects it is the field beneath it, and the particles are just signals of the field. .

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Tong (07:36): There was a man who was almost erased from the history books because he was a famous member of the Nazi party. And he was a member of the Nazi Party long before he was willing to be a member of the Nazi Party. His name is Pasquale Jordan. He was also one of the inventors of quantum mechanics. He is

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