(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 109 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 109 Answers – After last week’s run, the group took some time to go out and do some quests from Honor Hold to prepare themselves a bit.

Of course this also gave us some experience and when we prepared for another walk last Sunday the group looked like this:

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 109 Answers

Potshot also dealt with Skronk, the craft alchemist, who gathered herbs and made potions for us, including a fire potion for the final boss fight.

Mitchell’s Wwe Raw Results & Report! (1/30/23)

We entered the sample… we ran for the last time so as not to get lost… and entered the first group.

When we went to the first boss we had a few mistakes because we confused our patrols and you forgot that you had prepared a force when you heard the announcement about the dogs.

Fergorin also accidentally set fire to a shrine among some appendages, which brought him down as well. But we successfully reached the first boss, guardian Gargolmar. After clearing out all the groups he was chasing, we followed our previously successful strategy and killed his minions first, as the battle turned against him, leaving him to call in vain.

After the Gargolmar guard, we clear the rest of the opening area and head up the ramp to the tower to face our biggest non-boss enemy, a group of five at the top of the tower.

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We confirmed that the soul stone is there and we went to them. This time they reversed Ula’s polymorph and seemed to remove all of her cold damage. We believe that we will live forever. But at least three out of five of us failed the test. When we were alive, we gave it to two other people.

We passed the slope above the tower and up to Omor Neret. The last time it took us four tries to take him down and I’m not sure we really learned much about fighting after the first two tries. But we try to use what we know and prepare everything when we publish.

And it’s almost a matter of speed. To lift Omor’s curse, Ula was forced and Skronk agreed. Beanpole and I held him for a while before the curse hit him, but Skronk got his soul stone back…we waited for him to be ready again before we started fighting…which. down again. That left me alone with Omori, who had hit points down to the hairline, but so was I. Up until this point I had used everything except handstands, so when I got down and had enough I hit them. under them.

Unfortunately, his last words were prophetic that he left three devil dogs inside me. Without my cool and all, I went down before I could finish.

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So we beat him on the first try And we blew it. We have to go back to the sample, but his body is still there to steal when we return. Good thing he has Tenacious Defender, nice belt upgrade for me.

We feel that we have learned from this struggle. We have a few fire otters and read that a tank, if careful, can penetrate Nazan while he is on the ground, the one under his head, causing him to lose his large firearm. So we started the action by killing the guards, then we fought Vazruden, finally I went in and captured Nazan.

And the plan to stay under wraps seems to be working. Nazan sometimes retreated as he approached, but I kept pushing him until I got him to the edge of the platform where the fight was taking place.

It was going well until it didn’t. When I dodged his breath attack, he still hit me and fired fireballs that did a lot of damage together. I use my health stone but no health potion because my fire potion is on the same cooldown.

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But we are very close, and while Fergorin is clearly around, Ula and Beanpole are still fighting and we will go there if it appears.

But when Fergorin came down, Nazan hit Ula and breathed, leaving Bean only to take 2% off of Nazan’s last health.

He failed. We clean. And besides, when we found the soul stone again, Fergorin couldn’t calm me down by walking out before the scene was reset and the guards reloaded. He was just a stone’s throw away from the spell before he was attacked. I ran after him, imbued myself with Holy Protection, which somehow kept me out of the fight, so I could interrupt the party when Fergoin came down.

However, we feel good about how close we are to victory. We felt it in our hands.

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And then we both fought and we didn’t get close. In the next fight I forgot to take fire medicine and in an open field between Vazruden and Nazan, I tried to aggro the dragon, got a full fire weapon and died.

The next time I took the fire potion and successfully caught Nazan, but on the first turn he shot me with his breath gun before I could move forward and I fell again.

Beanpole has to go as RL tells him, so our second attempt ends at Hellfire Ramparts. We need to see what we can do to reduce Nazan again.

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