(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2590 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2590 Answers – Another year, another year in review! As you can see in the website growth statistics, 2019 was another record breaking year with continued exponential growth in views and users:

Again, we owe much of this growth to the City Nature Challenge, which this year was very interesting and collected over 920,000 observations from nearly 40,000 people covering over 32,000 species! Undoubtedly, next year, it will exceed one million people. CNC organizers, take heart (there are hundreds across the city, but @kestrel, @rebeccafay and @lhiggins paved the way and led international coordination). We continue to see strong growth in countries joining the network, particularly Mexico and Canada, as well as members joining the network this year such as Argentina, Ecuador and Australia. What fascinates me the most, though, is the growth in areas where we don’t have direct staff, and I think Russia won the prize in that department this year, where our participants and observations have grown tremendously. We suspect this is at least partly due to the recruitment efforts of the Russian Flora Project and its organizers at the Moscow University Herbarium (mainly @apseregin), but I think we have @katya to thank for translating an exceptional part of the site. Search for apps and search for Russian.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2590 Answers

This is a good link for translation! We’ve added an annual translator review program this year because I spent a lot of time this fall making the site more translatable and answering questions and comments from translators. Less than enough! Special thanks to @wouterkoch for translating almost the entire website into Norwegian Bokmål (and answering some questions about the languages ​​people speak in Norway). What you can’t see in this chart is how fast some people translate! Russian (@katya), Italian (@danieleleseglie), Turkish (@sakatur & menver), Danish (NCAA & Lekkim), etc. are usually available within 24 hours when we post a new text. It has been translated into languages. Almost all of these people are volunteers, so thank you all for improving iNat for people around the world.

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Another addition to this year’s review is Streaks! Some of you may remember that I wrote a blog post about this way. Surprise surprise @jmaughn is still on an incredible streak, but @sambiology is right behind him:

I was going to add this chart to the individual stats pages, but to be honest, it wasn’t that interesting since most people don’t draw for more than a few days (@atlnature, he has his own drawings if you’re into your stuff, he does great work has done.) Jim and Sam added an observation each day for 1700 days. That means more than four and a half years. Might I add that they are both very knowledgeable naturists and fun to be around?

Can we hear this for Seek too? Last year we hired @abhasm and @albullington to redesign and rebuild Seek, and @alexshepard, @budowski, @pleary and @gvanhorn did a lot to adapt our computer vision model to phone. Seek Offline currently has 514,000 installs on iOS and 379,000 on Android, and we hear great stories about it almost every day, often from people who have never heard of or used iNat, so we really think we’re reaching a different demographic. we help out of. I just want to be proud of Amanda and Abhas, both of whom are working on software development for the first time after transitioning from other jobs, and have done an amazing job on this app, with almost no supervision. Amazing work.

More updates from the team: @carrieseltzer has scaled the walls of accounting and marketing to bring you the iNat store so we can all finally get the iNat t-shirts we deserve and a monthly backer program supported by a small but growing segment. It will be paid. Income is earned. Our accounts @tiwane have led the herd in the community, moderated many discussions and spread the iNat love around the world. @alexshepard bravely implemented computer vision training with iPhone app development and @budowski put up with my constant Android problems. @pleary (in addition to computer vision) has been incredibly heroic in keeping our servers up despite all the exponential growth, stupid things like CNC and the near constant onslaught of bots and scrapers uploading iNat pics, unless there’s a lot to prevent it let’s do. ). Since Patrick didn’t have much time this year to develop user-centric features, here’s a nice timeline of what he’s been up to:

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Conclusion: We should all be thankful that Ken-ichi isn’t running the servers. @loarie did her best to take care of the rest of our finances while fighting classification monsters for “fun” and I…complained a lot. And broke some things. And maybe fix some things.

And everyone in the iNat community by all staff. As I try to emphasize in every talk and every conversation I have about iNat, when people go out and record observations, when people are inside (or on a train or standing in line or needing an iNat) none of that He is not replying. Job) Add identity. iNat is, and always has been, a group of people who love nature and helping you learn more about it and everything else, data, maps, charts, machine learning models, scientific work, and the wide spectrum of our contributors. Full-time work on this comes from this shared effort and a fundamental sense of wonder in all the other beings we share this world with. So thanks again, here’s to another year of discovery in 2020, and yes, that decade.

PS Tip: You can play around with adding information on the back of each of these year review pages.

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