(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 367 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 367 Answers – Good afternoon everyone 1640 on the Canadian plains Temperatures have warmed up to 5 degrees C The sky is very dark Juncos are feeding on white millet and a large group of American trees are regular gardeners As it was for butter and flour mills, the starlings were no longer seen I feel they eat somewhere else and sleep under big trees at night I hope they see their special set They like to eat fast and have a good meal

Let’s take a look and see what’s going on at Melbourne Four, Indigo and Ruby’s and Port Lincoln’s three Osplat houses. My third concern is about little Bob from Port Lincoln

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 367 Answers

Everything is packed in Port Lincoln Let’s see how big Suru is! Little Bob and Tina didn’t get their midnight snack last night

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Yes, we should marvel at Osprey’s growth They typically triple their body weight in the first eight days after hatching, then double it within four days in the nest. “During the period of rapid growth, 15-30 days, chicks gain an average of forty grams or 0.09 pounds per day, which is 2-3% of their final weight. By thirty days of age, Osprey chicks have reached 70-80% of their total body weight and are growing. (Alan Poole, Ospreys, 101)

I hope it happens with BIG He levels Since he does not need much food for his growth, he is old, mouthy and slow to stop others

06:25 arrived first Fortunately, it was great Little scroll in the middle, big on the right and medium on the left At 06:52, Little Bit gets a good 3 or 4 bits Then the two elder siblings spent the rest of their lives looking for a new opportunity At around 06:53, mother went to his neck and fed Vaik

It’s hard to imagine Big getting another bite, but he continues to get a few bites until 06:58 when he returns. Little Bit moves left of center near Tina and Fistel Moderately worn but still available The mother works hard to get the remaining meat from the little tail

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While feeding, Little Bob became very sensitive to the middle and stopped That was very clever It will be interesting to see what happens on the next channel

Best breakfast I’ve had in a week Well we should all laugh Like Big and Medium, Little Bit didn’t get much food, but he ate without bugs and wasn’t too scared, just cautious. Also, the knowledge of moving the center brings you closer to your mother

The sun rises over Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBDT). The Melbourne Four wake up and anxiously await the arrival of the first animal of the day

Ma closed her eyes and probably went hunting He flew away with the “freshly dead” dove and all its animals!

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Tina went with this pigeon at 07:38 Eyes were not fed and no adults returned I wrote, it is 08:40 This is the most amazing peregrine falcon scrap I have ever seen in my life with four young ones. It doesn’t take an hour to fight a pigeon!

At 0847 an old man reached the rock with the rescued pigeon. I don’t know if it’s the father or the mother, but the behavior is like a father Ah… and dad He has come to feed the hungry children.

Dad did a wonderful job feeding the desert and they are eating as I write What is going on with this woman? Most females do not feed their young The mother in Port Lincoln is clearly like that This woman takes food with leaves Why didn’t he fight back? Mother and father used to do this Why did the father come to look around with the dead pigeon, but the mother was nowhere to be seen Was it the dove he was holding? There are so many questions

Javier and Starling arrived at 0642. Oh, I thought he was going to feed Ruby and Indigo Maybe Javier did too! He starts to fight with Starling… then Diamond comes and picks him up

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There seems to be a lot of food in rubes and indigo Now the diamond has returned the ‘egg’ to the nesting cup I wonder if he’ll take it when he feeds the two.

There is good news from the satellite of Karl II and his family Everyone has sent their location

Charles II left Turkey and is now in the mountains near the Hos ich Chadora ridge in Lebanon.

Waba is still near Rakovsky, Bulgaria It is fed by the Mariju River and the canals between the fields

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Everyone has eaten, but it sure is a wonderful morning at 367 Collins Street Melbourne has been in turmoil when Port Lincoln should have been calm Rubus and Indigo ate well and Little Bob didn’t get a catch, but he ate well on all the catches last night. Life is good.

Thank you for your presence I hope you are having a great start to the weekend Take care everyone See you soon.

Thanks to the following for the broadcast cameras where I took my photos: Port Lincoln Ospreys, Mirvac’s 367 Collins Street and Charles Sturt University’s Falcon Cam with Cilla Kinross.

For those of us on the Canadian Plateau, we have descended into winter weather Bone-chilling and snowy It reminds me of when I went to England to go to the University of Leicester It was December and it rained every day – hard, blustery, cold rain I quickly realized why a hot pot, always ready, is important! And my friend from the Shetland Islands showed me why socks and sweaters became staples. I learned my lesson – I now have “wool” and a big pot of hot tea sitting next to me

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1:36am in Melbourne, Sydney and Orange and half an hour earlier in Port Lincoln Wednesday at 9:36 PM Melbourne Four is creating a new channel as I write this But on rainy days, those falcons in the city eat very well! Good fat pigeons were on the menu and Tina tried to make sure everyone was full that day as there was no other food to take with them for two weeks! He teaches them an important lesson Raptors know it all – live in the moment, eat what you can because you might not see food for a day or two.

The feeding is over and dad is now looking for mom to take a long nap in the middle of the day

1345-1518 for lunch with the girls summed up “H” day in Melbourne after 5 years of great eating with my mum. Mom trains dad very well with my kindness, see him in the picture above He is very involved in taking care of these little children

Are you familiar with the term “food coma”? If not, you’ll hear it when talking about Raptors As soon as the chicken eats a lot, it actually sleeps Sleep by eating That’s what happened to rubes and indigo in today’s Orange Scrap They fell into a very good coma They made some duck for breakfast, and soon father brought a bird with green feathers Some called it “King Para”. Diamond filled his mouth and was surprised that Rubes had so many bites, but it was also delicious Diamonds spend almost as much time eating rubies as indigo!

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The pictures below are of another feeder – a king parrot Two-eyed ducks were for breakfast

It was a very large piece and after 25 minutes of eating all that was left was scraps Finally, the diamond has a good mercury, but encourages small children to eat it He probably knows better

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