(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 993 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 993 Answers – The general consensus is that when playing at fast fps (or AFPS, as you prefer) you should change the fov value, especially the default value of 90 (4:3) in most games.

Here you will have fun. In fact, in 2015+ there is no benefit to increasing the FOV beyond 95.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 993 Answers

He immediately leans over and tells me “Wait, FOV is just personal preference, a higher field of view gives you a wider angle of view, which makes it an advantage over a ‘lower’ FOV.”

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The thing is, you have to consider that fov 90 in 90:4:3 is not the same as fov 90 in 16:9.

Basically, the larger the aspect ratio, the higher the resolution of the screen and the greater the viewing angle from FOV 85/90.

There’s also vertical FOV, which is the only FOV that doesn’t change much between screen and aspect ratio.

But we’re mostly talking about horizontal foxes out there, and most people are mostly interested in horizontal foxes.

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Now you ask, “Why would I stop using 105 fov @ 16:9, I like the wide horizontal viewing angle it provides, and I can see people from the side of the screen before foxing down below.” Obviously this is an advantage.”

Yep, because of course you can see multiple people at once with that crazy wide angle view.

But no, you don’t actually get any real benefit, because the more field of view you have, the worse the mouse feels, meaning it’s slower and faster, and kind of “pixel perfect” too. Possibility of tutoring.

The downside of the high end is that everything looks smaller, while “camera shake” looks a bit natural because the entire screen has edge distortion. Try some ridiculous values ​​like 130+ and you will understand my point better and get motion sickness. Keep the sensitivity the same and then try 90. Camera movement is very natural and “circular”, which means it’s easier to create perfect circles with the mouse.

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Another thing you should know is that 90 fov @ 4:3 is 90 horizontal, while at 16:9 it’s actually ~106 (!).

Basically, with today’s gaming monitors, you can get a wider horizontal view without the screen tilting at the edges and causing “travelsickness” compared to older CRTs.

In summary, fov 90 on today’s gaming monitors is actually roughly equivalent to fov 100+ on older CRTs, plus the screen distortion you get from CRTs is almost non-existent on modern gaming monitors.

Mice using 16,000 DPI as a market value are wrong on many levels. We all agree that 8000+ DPI is pretty much useless.

Inlander 11/24/2022 By The Inlander

In fact, anything beyond 3500dpi still doesn’t make sense. 8K screens make a lot of sense, but since 4K isn’t a standard yet…we have plenty of time.

First, all mice with 3310/3360/3366/3389 sensors have no antialiasing/antialiasing/table at any dpi value between 400 and <3500 dpi. Anything above 3500dpi is filled with predictions added to how the sensor performs.

Have you ever heard of pixel skipping? I think so, but you may not know that this happens at 1600 dpi. Basically, when your sensitivity is higher than 1 (source earthquake/motor value), you can skip pixels to some extent.

To better understand pixel jumps, you might try using 400dpi with an 8d sensor and then 3200dpi. Zoom in and place a small point like a chair and slowly move the mouse over the wall. At 400dpi the mouse skips light pixels and at 3200dpi it is pixel perfect. Especially if you play at 1080p+. Especially if your screen resolution is FULLHD or 4K.

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The pixel pitch is changed by the relationship between the sensitivity value, the dpi value and the screen resolution.

Another example is that Sense1 at 1600dpi at 4K skips some pixels, while at 1080p it never skips pixels. Solution if you play in 4K? Try 3200dpi cin 1 and the skip disappears again.

Pixel Sense1 at 800dpi will not exceed 720p/768p/600p, but some will exceed 1080p and some will skip 4K+.

If you want more sensitivity, it’s best to increase your dpi value from the sensor’s value.

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Some people still believe that 800dpi sense 2+ doesn’t skip pixels, it’s only noticeable in the previous senses. The truth is that there is pixel skipping on the Sen 2+, but in most cases it’s barely noticeable, at least compared to the Sen 5+.

Basically, if you’re a low-end/ultra HD gamer and you’re not using a 4K display resolution, 400dpi may still be an option, especially if you’re still using a low 4:3 resolution display (like a CRT).

If you’re working at 1080p and your sensitivity is medium/low, 800dpi might be the solution…at least until you skip a few pixels.

If your sensitivity is high, the 3200 dpi resolution may be the best choice. But never go above 3500dpi, 400dpi is old, of course it still works decently, but it doesn’t make much sense in 2020.

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The reason 80% of pros still use 800dpi is because there is an old video from a Logitech engineer who says that anything higher than 800dpi is not possible unless you add “artificial pixels”, which causes more calculations. The sensor therefore makes it faster, not to mention more accurate (which was true in the old days, but no longer true with 90% of modern optical sensors).

Another reason is that most pros haven’t tried anything other than 800dpi and see no point in doing so, they’re playing with what they’ve been used to for years.

All these reasons + positional effects and the psychological effect of “I play worse at 1600+ dpi and I’m pretty good at the current 800dpi, why change?”

LG has never won an LG match against him, and it’s been a few months. Funny LG looking kid, he feels more retarded than serious’ :O.

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So first let me tell you whether I like the game or not. The answer is yes, I love it.

Please note that QL, although an excellent earthquake, is still a little improved version of Q3 + MODS, and the current Q3 CPMA is actually smoother than QL,

However, I prefer vq3/cq3/vql gameplay over CPM, as it’s more extreme, slightly slower, more accessible, and generally more tactical.

In terms of skill stacking, both vq3 (cq3/vql) and CPM require a higher skill level than sublevel. CPMs are still a little tricky, but as I get older (and when I started season 3 in 2001) I like playing more with guns, balance and vq3 pace (cq3/vql). It’s like a taste of music, some people like adhd style of music, while others prefer slower tempos with harder beats.

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All refer to the monster’s play style. It’s… the evolution of vq3, we call it vq3 in 2020 which means a lot. The range is shorter, the RF is slightly stronger (which is good considering the RF has already become the weapon of choice in many situations in QL, and is the most popular weapon in Quake), and the LG has a rate of fire, but it’s difficult to play defensively at its most effective. , and very high risk among RFA owner. A new idea/approach to railways is interesting and challenging. The rails are still very strong, high stakes/reward more joke games, but you need to think first if you want to get into a sticky situation, lots of tension etc, but Q3/QL rails still have higher weapon rewards, but more stable and predictable and usually “easy” for long periods of time.

Yes, I would consider the Satanic a slightly more annoying version of the QL/Q3 that people usually want from the 2018+ AFPS.

Graphics: Cartoon art design is needed in 2020, it does not look wild, it is intuitive for new players, it brings young players into the game a lot, it does not look like garbage after 5 years (cartoon gfx esports life gfx), the overall design is very simple, visually very easy to understand and more.

Smoothness: I didn’t think so when I thought about it, but a 125 score average combined with 250+ FPS, multi-threaded input, etc. it makes the game so accurate (90% of the time) that sometimes it feels like you’re somewhere. insect what. .. We seem to have been getting used to the 30s for years

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